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H Booster Set 2: Galaxy Burst

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H Booster Set 2: Galaxy Burst: 125 cards
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HBT02-0030 4000 Festival! Spell  search
HBT02-0037 Absolute Sword, Azure Cascade Formation Impact  search
HBT02-0096 Algis Gard Spell  search
HBT02-0085 Almighty, Dokakusai Monster  search
HBT02-0068 Annoying Ways of the Troll Spell  search
HBT02-0001 Armordeity, Dynamis Monster  RRR  search
HBT02-0099 Azul, Tesslamagna Monster  search
HBT02-0044 Barracal Barret Spell  search
HBT02-0075 Battle Deity Robo, Azul Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0047 Battle Deity Robo, GIZAI Emperor Monster  search
HBT02-0104 Battle Deity Robo, Missile Dog Monster  search
HBT02-0076 Battle Deity Robo, Search Whale Monster  search
HBT02-0103 Battle Deity Robo, Spear Kart Monster  search
HBT02-0067 Book of Illusions, Mabinogion Spell  search
HBT02-0071 Brun Deus, Akision Monster  search
HBT02-0120EN Buddy Buddy BAAAAAN!! Spell  search
HBT02-0041 Cait Sith in Boots Monster  search
HBT02-0092 Carved Stallion of Dreams, Dalahast Monster  search
HBT02-0088 Ceremony of Exorcism Spell  search
HBT02-0087 Composed, Kageitachi Monster  search
HBT02-0006 Cosmic Storm, Greisen ZK Monster  RRR  search
HBT02-0080 Crimson Battler, Burn Guts Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0023 Crimson Battler, Double Katar Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0116EN Crimson Battler, Heavy-impact Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0024 Crimson Battler, Power Stamp Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0115EN Crimson Battler, Rock Bunker Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0048 Cut Whip Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0062 Dashing in the Moonlight, Red Cap Monster  search
HBT02-0066 Death Summoning Tears of the Banshee Spell  search
HBT02-0014 Deity of the Death and Sun, Bloody King Monster  RR  search
HBT02-0056 Demon Kid, Hiunmaru Monster  search
HBT02-0089 Demon Way, Fool's Festival Spell  search
HBT02-0061 Demon Way, Oborogenbu Spell  search
HBT02-0094 Demonic Beast of Gem, Vouivre Monster  search
HBT02-0032 Demonic Descend Ninja, Zeon Monster  search
HBT02-0035 Demonic Way of Hundred Demons, Akishoki Spell  search
HBT02-0107 Disturb Spell  search
HBT02-0016 Divine Spear, Gungnir Item  RR  search
HBT02-0027 Dragon Knight, Cromwell Monster  search
HBT02-0028 Dragon Knight, Lenus Monster  search
HBT02-0025 Dragon Knight, Lincoln Monster  search
HBT02-0082 Dragon Knight, Ranmaru Monster  search
HBT02-0018 Dragonarms Factory Spell  RR  search
HBT02-0072 Dragonarms, Artiliger Monster  search
HBT02-0043 Dragonarms, Elgar Cannon Monster  search
HBT02-0102 Dragonarms, Winchisker Monster  search
HBT02-0017 Dragonic Armored Ship, Marshal Fortress Monster  RR  search
HBT02-0117EN Dragonic Assault Spell  search
HBT02-0052 Dragonic Loop Spell  search
HBT02-0083 Dragonic Teamwork Spell  search
HBT02-0045 Earth Barrier Spell  search
HBT02-0090 Elite Sword, Dojigiri Item  search
HBT02-0105 End of War Spell  search
HBT02-0122EN Evil Dragon, Nidhogg Monster  search
HBT02-0004 Fairy King, Oberon Monster  RRR  search
HBT02-0063 Fairy Knight, Daoine Shee Monster  search
HBT02-0106 Fall Back Spell  search
HBT02-0022 Fatal Arms Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0119EN Fire Stone Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0002 First Omni Beast Lord, Ziun Monster  RRR  search
HBT02-0002s First Omni Beast Lord, Ziun Monster  SP  search
HBT02-0051 Fist of the Red Battler Spell  search
HBT02-0121EN Flame Giant, Surtr Monster  search
H-BT02-0010 Ghoul Deity, Gojinmaru Monster  RR  search
HBT02-0097 Giant Star, Leitning Monster  search
HBT02-0109 Great Fiend, Yamigedo Monster  Secret  search
HBT02-0110 Great Fiend, Yamigedo Monster  Secret  search
HBT02-0095 Great Spell, Weiterstadt Spell  search
HBT02-0034 Hidden Sword Ninja, Sekitetsu Monster  search
HBT02-0009 Jackknife "Anzestor" Monster  RR  search
HBT02-0086 Japanese Blade Ninja, Hachimonji Monster  search
HBT02-0033 Kalavinka, Uguisukomachi Monster  search
HBT02-0079 Kris Knife Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0012 Lightning Speed, Tsukiusagi Monster  RR  search
HBT02-0064 Loyal Unicorn Monster  search
HBT02-0084 Martial Bones Fist, Dragosquare Item  search
HBT02-0098 Mother Space, Oortcloud Monster  search
HBT02-0003 Nanomachine Ninja, Byakuya Monster  RRR  search
HBT02-0065 Night Witch, Clear Monster  search
HBT02-0060 Ninja Arts, Mat Flipping Technique Spell  search
HBT02-0015 Odd Bird, Harpy Monster  RR  search
HBT02-0036 Odd Ritual, Skull Festival Spell  search
HBT02-0055 One-Eyed Ninja, Refu Monster  search
HBT02-0077 Operation Restraint Spell  search
HBT02-0054 Outlander, Bokunryu Monster  search
HBT02-0114 Parade of Hundred Demons Flag  Secret  search
HBT02-0070 Photon Crown, Geocorona Monster  search
HBT02-0074 Photon Saber, Filament Item  search
HBT02-0040 Purplish Green Dragon, Peluda Monster  search
HBT02-0046 Radiant Punisher!! Impact  search
HBT02-0057 Rampage, Chizomegumo Monster  search
HBT02-0093 Red Dragon, Welsh Monster  search
HBT02-0059 Reinforced Formation of Hundred Demons Spell  search
HBT02-0112 Reinforced Formation of Hundred Demons Spell  Secret  search
HBT02-0031 Ring of Crimson Spell  search
HBT02-0005 Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn Monster  RRR  search
HBT02-0005s Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn Monster  SP  search
HBT02-0100 Shooting Star, Balmeteor Monster  search
HBT02-0007 Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Variable Cord Monster  RRR  search
HBT02-0007s Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Variable Cord Monster  SP  search
HBT02-0111 Soaring Flame, Lindwurm Monster  Secret  search
HBT02-0101 Star Cruiser, Orbital Monster  search
HBT02-0008 Star Guardian, Jackknife Monster  RRR  search
HBT02-0108 Star Guardian, Jackknife Monster  BR  search
HBT02-0073 Star Saber, Asteroid Item  search
HBT02-0019 Sudden Wormhole Spell  RR  search
HBT02-0021 Super Armordragon, Gran Railgun Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0058 Sword Skill, Sen no Sen Spell  search
HBT02-0081 Systemic Dagger, "Black Edge" Monster  search
HBT02-0118EN Tempest Sword, Makiarashi Item  search
HBT02-0069 The Godjenesis! Impact  search
HBT02-0020 Thunder Claw, Narukami Item  RR  search
HBT02-0113 Thunder Claw, Narukami Item  Secret  search
HBT02-0029 Thunder Knights, Silverchain Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0050 Thunder Knights, Slide Wing Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0049 Thunder Knights, Spike Shoulder Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0078 Thunder Knights, Sword Bunker Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0053 Thunderclap, Goraiko Monster  search
HBT02-0026 Trap Master Dragon Monster  search
HBT02-0039 Valkyrie, Brilliant Brynhildr Monster  search
HBT02-0042 Vert Deus, Matrix Monster  search
HBT02-0013 Water Slash Sword, Murasame Item  RR  search
HBT02-0091 White Dragon, Gwiber Monster  search
HBT02-0038 Wolfman, Gutz Monster  search
HBT02-0011 Yumi Ninja, Suiha Monster  RR  search
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