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H Trial Deck 4: Malicious Demons

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H Trial Deck 4: Malicious Demons: 20 cards
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HTD02-0016 "Beast Mode", Hungry Claw War! Impact  search
HTD02-0006 Corpse Spirit, Draogul Monster  search
HTD02-0002 Dark Dragon, Demochill Monster  search
HTD02-0003 Evil Dragon, Gataraoroch Monster  search
HTD02-0015 Fiendish Blade, Urahonekui Item  search
HTD02-0001 Hundred Demons General, Gokumengaiou Monster  search
HTD02-0001r Hundred Demons General, Gokumengaiou Monster  RR  search
HTD02-0013r Hundred Demons Sorcery Yamitagae Spell  RR  search
HTD02-0010 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Ryubokushihai Spell  search
HTD02-0009 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Tennomimakari Spell  search
HTD02-0013 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Yamitagae Spell  search
HTD02-0011 Hundred Demons' Tome of Judgement Spell  search
HTD02-0014 Hungry Claw, Raiga Item  search
HTD02-0007 Living Mad Gazer Monster  search
HTD02-0008 Ogre Size Dragon Monster  search
HTD02-0017 Parade of Hundred Demons Flag  search
HTD02-0004 Poisonous Water Dragon, Zazamera Monster  search
HTD02-0012 Starved Yamigedo Spell  search
HTD02-0012r Starved Yamigedo Spell  RR  search
HTD02-0005 Thunder Summoner, Reiki Monster  search
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