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H Extra Booster 2: Shadow VS Hero

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H Extra Booster 2: Shadow VS Hero: 73 cards
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HEB02-0039 "Sacrifice", Iron Moon Slash Monster  search
HEB02-0066 Ancient World Flag  Secret  search
HEB02-0056 Arduous Training Spell  search
HEB02-0052 Be Glad That You Can be of Use to Me Spell  search
HEB02-0043 Beast Deity, Tigerthrust Monster  search
HEB02-0022 Bird Deity, Sabird Monster  search
HEB02-0025 Body of Steel Spell  search
HEB02-0033 Brave Energy Full Drive! Impact  search
HEB02-0036 Buster Bone Armor Monster  search
HEB02-0031 But He is of the Lowest Rank Spell  search
HEB02-0002 Captain Answer Final Mode Monster  RRR  search
HEB02-0023 Combatant, Nebatt Monster  search
HEB02-0013 Combitrooper, Dziem Monster  search
HEB02-0035 Corrupted One, Erational Monster  search
HEB02-0020 Cyber Police, Commander Gale Monster  search
HEB02-0044 Cyber Police, Heroic Blader Monster  search
HEB02-0040 Cyber Police, Stealth Hunter Monster  search
HEB02-0010 Darkness Fist, Gwen Monster  RR  search
HEB02-0063 Dead or Alive! Impact  search
HEB02-0011 Evil Esthetics Spell  RR  search
HEB02-0008 Fiery Inspector, Prominence Burst Monster  RR  search
HEB02-0008s Fiery Inspector, Prominence Burst Monster  SP  search
HEB02-0026 Fighting for the Sake of Others Spell  search
HEB02-0028 First Darkhero Hideout Spell  search
HEB02-0059 For Such an Attack to... Spell  search
HEB02-0009 Gaigrander 01 Monster  RR  search
HEB02-0007 Gaigrander 02 Monster  RR  search
HEB02-0038 Gaigrander, "Analyze Form" Monster  search
HEB02-0037 Gaigrander, "Finish Form" Monster  search
HEB02-0014 Grand Calibur, Zeldline Monster  search
HEB02-0021 Grand RuLer, Silbarrier Monster  search
HEB02-0001 Great Sword Deity, Kaizerion Monster  RRR  search
HEB02-0067 Hero World Flag  Secret  search
HEB02-0068 Hero World Flag  Secret  search
HEB02-0053 I Have No Business with the Likes of You! Spell  search
HEB02-0054 I Leave...the Rest to You Spell  search
HEB02-0058 I Won't Let that Happen! Spell  search
HEB02-0027 I'm Finished with You Spell  search
HEB02-0030 I've Come Back to Take You Down! Spell  search
HEB02-0032 Infinity Death Crest! Impact  search
HEB02-0060 It Doesn't Work!! Spell  search
HEB02-0055 It's Here, the NEW Suit! Spell  search
HEB02-0046 Judgement, Hollow Strydarm Monster  search
HEB02-0057 Long-Range Cannon Spell  search
HEB02-0065 Magic World Flag  Secret  search
HEB02-0024 Momentary Flash Spell  search
HEB02-0051 Ocean Deity, Slashark Monster  search
HEB02-0041 Radio Control Machine, Boldam Breaker Monster  search
HEB02-0048 Radio Control Machine, Makishi Rider Monster  search
HEB02-0005 Rescue Dragon Leader, Immortal Spirit Monster  RR  search
HEB02-0005s Rescue Dragon Leader, Immortal Spirit Monster  SP  search
HEB02-0047 Rescue Dragon, Doctor Aid Monster  search
HEB02-0016 Rescue Dragon, Dragschoebel Monster  search
HEB02-0045 Rescue Dragon, Erase Flare Monster  search
HEB02-0006 Rescue Dragon, Forcearms Monster  RR  search
H-EB02-S003 Rescue Dragon, Justice Drum Monster  SP  search
HEB02-0004 Rescue Dragon, Justice Drum Monster  RRR  search
HEB02-0064 Rescue Dragon, Justice Drum Monster  BR  search
HEB02-0050 Rescue Dragon, Nightstalker Monster  search
HEB02-0018 Rescue Dragon, Northern Bard Monster  search
HEB02-0019 Rescue Dragon, Projet Gunner Monster  search
HEB02-0017 Rescue Dragon, Transmission Monster  search
HEB02-0003 Shadow Hero, Schwarz Monster  RRR  search
HEB02-0003s Shadow Hero, Schwarz Monster  SP  search
HEB02-0061 Shadow Requiem Item  search
HEB02-0012 Sneak Judgement Item  RR  search
HEB02-0069 Star Dragon World Flag  Secret  search
HEB02-0034 Steel Beast Battle Robo, Gaidenor Monster  search
HEB02-0029 Super Headquarters, Brave Fort Spell  search
HEB02-0062 Superior Justice Driver! Impact  search
HEB02-0042 The Scar Monster  search
HEB02-0049 Thief Cat Monster  search
HEB02-0015 Violet Valor, Lord Crow Monster  search
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