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Kid Buu

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Kid Buu: 128 cards
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1 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 1 Non-Combat  search
2 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 2 Non-Combat  search
3 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 3 Non-Combat  search
32 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 4 Non-Combat  search
33 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 5 Non-Combat  search
93 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 6 Non-Combat  search
94 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 7 Non-Combat  search
34 Android 18, The Mom None  search
35 Black Bicycle Kick Physical Combat  search
36 Black Buffer Block Physical Combat  search
95 Black Chaos Detonation Energy Combat  search
96 Black Disarray Drill Non-Combat  search
97 Black Drop Kick Physical Combat  search
4 Black Exertion Energy Combat  search
5 Black Groveling Drill Non-Combat  search
37 Black Impressive Slap Physical Combat  search
6 Black Magic Combat  search
7 Black Parry Physical Combat  search
98 Black Swerve Physical Combat  search
38 Black Swivel Attack Physical Combat  search
39 Blue Alliance Energy Combat  search
8 Blue Biting Drill Non-Combat  search
41 Blue Dakaio Blast Energy Combat  search
40 Blue Deviation Drill Non-Combat  search
9 Blue Double Blast Energy Combat  search
42 Blue Face Crunch Physical Combat  search
43 Blue Impulse Energy Combat  search
10 Blue Ki Build Up Non-Combat  search
99 Blue Reverse Physical Combat  search
11 Blue Sledgehammer Physical Combat  search
12 Blue Stretch Kick Non-Combat  search
44 Blue Villains Drill Non-Combat  search
45 Bulma, the Wife None  search
46 CHARGE! Physical Combat  search
47 Chi-Chi, The Grandmother None  search
48 Earth's Demise Combat  search
124 Earth's Spirit Bomb Energy Combat  search
49 Energy Lob Energy Combat  search
13 Fierce Left Kick Physical Combat  search
100 Fond Memories Non-Combat  search
101 Gohan, The Bookwork None  search
102 Goku Sensei None  search
50 Goku's Setup Strike Energy Combat  search
51 Goku's Supreme Kamehameha Energy Combat  search
103 Hercule's Dream Sequence Non-Combat  search
14 Hercule's Realization Non-Combat  search
52 Hercule, the Everlasting World Champion None  search
15 Heroic Energy Detonation Energy Combat  search
120 Intense Observation Drill Non-Combat  search
16 Ki Catalyst Combat  search
107 Kid Buu's Prepped Crash Energy Combat  search
105 Kid Buu, Majin Buu None  search
106 Kid Buu, Majin Buu None  search
55 Kid Buu, Majin Buu None  search
104 King Kai, Earth's Mentor None  search
54 Krillin's Destructo Disk Energy Combat  search
57 Majin Buu's Backstabbing Kick Physical Combat  search
P1 Majin Buu's Wail Energy Combat  search
56 Majin Buu, Kid Buu None  search
58 Majin Dabura, the Redeemed None  search
17 Majin Hair Pull Physical Combat  search
59 Massacre of the Billions and Millions of Bountiful Mini Bitty Maleciously Baneful Majin Buus Combat  search
60 Masterful Moves Combat  search
18 Namekian Remedy Drill Non-Combat  search
19 Orange Arm Break Physical Combat  search
61 Orange Carnage Physical Combat  search
20 Orange Discharge Drill Non-Combat  search
62 Orange Gutter Swipe Physical Combat  search
21 Orange Hand-Clasp Drill Non-Combat  search
108 Orange Head Mash Physical Combat  search
109 Orange Intense Power Energy Combat  search
110 Orange Ki Assailment Energy Combat  search
111 Orange Massacre Physical Combat  search
63 Orange Might Energy Combat  search
64 Orange Obliteration Energy Combat  search
65 Orange Vegeta's Assault Physical Combat  search
22 Overwhelmed Combat  search
23 Pan's High Slap Physical Combat  search
66 Pan, Granddaughter of Goku None  search
125 Piccolo Sensei None  search
67 Poof! Combat  search
P7 Porunga's Approval Non-Combat  search
68 Power Headbutt Physical Combat  search
69 Provoke Drill Non-Combat  search
70 Quick Teleportation Drill Non-Combat  search
71 Recoome's Vogue Drill Non-Combat  search
72 Red Aerial Force Physical Combat  search
73 Red Annihilation Physical Combat  search
112 Red Axe Heel Kick Physical Combat  search
24 Red Bullrush Drill Non-Combat  search
74 Red Clap Physical Combat  search
75 Red Elbow Drop Physical Combat  search
113 Red Hunger Drill Non-Combat  search
25 Red Kaio-Ken Drill Non-Combat  search
114 Red Left Bolt Energy Combat  search
76 Red Power Slam Combat  search
26 Red Puppy Slap Physical Combat  search
77 Red Sword Cleave Physical Combat  search
78 Red Thunder Clap Physical Combat  search
115 Red Voltage Missile Energy Combat  search
116 Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam Physical Combat  search
27 Saiyan Agression Drill Non-Combat  search
117 Saiyan Beef Physical Combat  search
79 Saiyan Brace Energy Combat  search
80 Saiyan Brace Energy Combat  search
28 Saiyan Dashing Kick Physical Combat  search
81 Saiyan Energy Bullet Energy Combat  search
118 Saiyan Handstand Physical Combat  search
82 Saiyan Jeering Drill Non-Combat  search
119 Saiyan Lurch Physical Combat  search
29 Saiyan Stop Physical Combat  search
83 Saiyan Youth Bruise Energy Combat  search
30 Stupendous Strike Physical Combat  search
P5 Sudden Impact Combat  search
31 The Help of Earth Non-Combat  search
53 Trunks, Teenager None  search
84 Ultimate Defense Physical Combat  search
85 Ultra Uppercut Physical Combat  search
86 Uub None  search
121 Uub, Enraged None  search
87 Uub, the Quick Learner None  search
88 Vegeta's Temper Non-Combat  search
122 Vegeta, Settled Down None  search
89 Videl, the Heroic None  search
123 Vile Energy Combat  search
90 Welcome Home Drill Non-Combat  search
91 Yajirobe, Retired None  search
92 Yamcha, the Single None  search
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