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Extra Pack 5: Big Duel in the Blue Waters

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Extra Pack 5: Big Duel in the Blue Waters: 32 cards
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E05-011 Ambush Machine, Ambush Z/X  search
E05-016 Angel's Holiday, Lien Z/X  SR  search
E05-004 Clear Stream Spinner, Undine Z/X  search
E05-023 Combat Corpse Ogre, Assault Corpse Z/X  search
E05-008 Conductor, Amadius Z/X  search
E05-024 Dancing Skeleton, Skeletal Dancer Z/X  search
E05-031 Devil of Mind, Animus Z/X  Z/XR  search
E05-032 Dragon Miko Player  IGR  search
E05-009 Duel Machine, Duel Z/X  search
E05-013 Evilbane, Nilkantha Z/X  search
E05-017 Evilbane, Twin Peaks Z/X  search
E05-001 Flower of Warring States, Mori Ranmaru Z/X  search
E05-002 Goddess of Strategy, Athena Z/X  search
E05-014 Holy Beast, Aura Heqet Z/X  search
E05-015 Holy Beast, Aura Remora Z/X  search
E05-029 Honest Nodachi, Hanazuou Z/X  search
E05-018 Ice Cream Selling Nebelung Z/X  search
E05-005 Large Fireworks Technician, Hoka Z/X  search
E05-012 Marine Mode "Type.X" Z/X  SR  search
E05-030 Midsummer's Bud, Basil Z/X  SR  search
E05-003 Peridot Star Z/X  search
E05-027 Poppy Butterfly, Helena Morpho Z/X  search
E05-007 Radical Melody, Esther Z/X  search
E05-028 Rapid-Fire Matchlock, Miyama Kirishima Z/X  search
E05-019 Ruler of Beach Hut, Gula Z/X  SR  search
E05-022 Shaving Sherbet Z/X  search
E05-026 Stealth Birdman, Were-Crow Z/X  search
E05-020 Sting from Blind Spot, Stich Z/X  search
E05-006 Summer's Red Swimsuit, Himiko Z/X  SR  search
E05-025 Sweet Tooth Birdman, Were-Finch Z/X  search
E05-010 Transformed Amusement, Copernicium Z/X  search
E05-021 Vivid Performance, Current Z/X  search
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