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H Extra Booster 3: Lord of Hundred Thunders

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H Extra Booster 3: Lord of Hundred Thunders: 69 cards
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HEB03-0035 Armorknight Naga Monster  search
HEB03-0014 Armorknight Serpent Monster  search
HEB03-0006 Armorknight Tiger "A" Monster  RR  search
HEB03-0023 Battle Hyena, Dolz Monster  search
HEB03-0028 Black Dragon, Befreien Monster  search
HEB03-0020 Call Dragon, Migidos Monster  search
HEB03-0009 Caster of Forbidden Techniques, Velgaren Monster  RR  search
HEB03-0034 Crush Execute Dragon, Zarrtelganger Monster  search
HEB03-SP2 Darkness Dragon World Flag  SP  search
HEB04-SP1 Darkness Dragon World Flag  SP  search
HEB03-0026 Demonic Beast, Afanc Monster  search
HEB03-0052 Destruction Demon, Razer Back Monster  search
HEB03-0063 Dungeon World Flag  Secret  search
HEB03-0049 Evil Deity Altar Spell  search
HEB03-0048 Evil Dryad Monster  search
HEB03-0010 Gate of Darkness Dragon Spell  RR  search
HEB03-0033 Gate of Dragon Spell  search
HEB03-0005 Gedo Shield Spell  RR  search
HEB03-0018 Giant Fiend Sword, Kuromuramasa Item  search
HEB03-0055 Great Demonic Sword, Klarente Item  search
HEB03-0029 Great Leader, Anson Monster  search
HEB03-0031 Guillotine Axe Dragon Monster  search
HEB03-0050 Hundred Demons Assault, Hundred Legion! Impact  search
HEB03-0015 Hundred Demons Destructive Power Raiga Spell  search
HEB03-0032 Hundred Demons Formation, Thunder Mine Stance Spell  search
H-EB03-S003EN Hundred Demons General, Braiden Monster  SP  search
HEB03-0003 Hundred Demons General, Braiden Monster  RRR  search
HEB03-0002 Hundred Demons General, Gishingyuki Monster  RRR  search
H-EB03-S001EN Hundred Demons General, Iyonorasetsuryu Monster  SP  search
HEB03-0001 Hundred Demons General, Iyonorasetsuryu Monster  RRR  search
HEB03-0025 Hundred Demons Mission Card "Aim for the Link!" Spell  search
HEB03-0047 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Banryufuto Spell  search
HEB03-0058 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Dark Target Spell  search
HEB03-0057 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Death Sacrifice Spell  search
HEB03-0038 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Do or Die Spell  search
HEB03-0044 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Hyakaryouran Spell  search
HEB03-0040 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Mad Dancing Spell  search
HEB03-0054 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Nemesis Thunder Spell  search
HEB03-0039 Hundred Demons Sorcery, No-Brainer Spell  search
HEB03-0021 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Rineryusho Spell  search
HEB03-0046 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Ryuzenshakuma Spell  search
HEB03-0043 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Yamimonoimi Spell  search
HEB03-0016 Hundred Demons Spear, Onikuzushi Item  search
HEB03-0022 Iron Cyclops Monster  search
HEB03-SP3 Katana World Flag  SP  search
HEB03-0017 King of General Knowledge, Furcas Monster  search
H-EB03-SE003 Legend World Flag  Secret  search
HEB03-0065 Legend World Flag  Secret  search
HEB03-0037 Mysterious Decarabia Monster  search
HEB03-0013 Nightmare Scream Dragon Monster  search
HEB03-0056 One Winged Hate Dragon, Left Slasher Monster  search
HEB03-0019 Phantom Dragon Emperor, Lucus Vision Monster  search
HEB03-0008 Poison Dragon Emperor, Misty Envy Monster  RR  search
HEB03-0024 Proto Golem, Jariim Monster  search
HEB03-0045 Red Dragon, Igneel Monster  search
HEB03-0004 Resurrected Evil Deity, Yamigedo Monster  RRR  search
HEB03-0061 Resurrected Evil Deity, Yamigedo Monster  BR  search
HEB03-0036 Rock Dragon, Galagoron Monster  search
HEB03-0030 Ruler of Terror Spell  search
HEB03-0027 Scorn of Gremlin Spell  search
HEB03-0042 Scorpion Armor, Kenrosai Monster  search
HEB03-0059 Steel Fist, Blacknuckle Item  search
HEB03-0011 Stranger Dilemma Monster  RR  search
HEB03-0012 There are no Places for You to Run! Impact  RR  search
HEB03-0007 User of Darkness, Dunstan Monster  RR  search
HEB03-0053 Water Spirit, Rusalka Monster  search
HEB03-0041 Wolf Masked Ninja, Benizumi Monster  search
HEB03-0051 World Snake, Jormungandr Monster  search
HEB03-0060 You've Finally Done it! Spell  search
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