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Starter Deck Vol.8

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Starter Deck Vol.8: 15 cards
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C14-006 Angry Diopside, Dio Megatherium Z/X  search
C14-002 Blooming Fragrant Spirit, Feuille Z/X  SR  search
C14-005 Crimson Fang, Ruby Howl Z/X  PR  search
C14-014 Eight Great Dragon Kings, Anavatapta Z/X  SR  search
C14-011 Fearless Tonfa, Shakuyaku Z/X  search
C14-013 Golden Happiness, Mullein Z/X  search
C14-008 Head of Arms Research Institute, Rustein Z/X  search
C14-003 Ingenious Schemer, Kuroda Kanbe Z/X  SR  search
C14-004 Mischievous Fairy, Pixie Z/X  search
C14-007 Phantom Floating Island, Aspidochelone Z/X  search
C14-015 Sage-san's Cooking Event  search
C14-001 Soma Kembuchi Player  SR  search
C14-010 Tempering Kick, Karin Z/X  UC  search
C14-009 Thunderclap Alligator, Amber Alligator Z/X  search
C14-012 Transforming Triple Staff, Yamabuki Z/X  search
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