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Super 17 Saga

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Super 17 Saga: 165 cards
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Prev06 Accelerated Agility Drill Drill  search
53 Aerial Elusion Event  search
1 Android 17 Lv. 1 Main Personality  search
55 Android 17 the Redesigned Lv. 2 Main Personality  search
54 Android 17 – Empowered Lv. 3 Main Personality  search
2 Android 18 Lv. 1 Ally Personality  search
56 Android 18 the Vengeful Ally Personality  search
57 Android 18 the Wife Lv. 2 Ally Personality  search
3 Android 20 Lv. 1 Main Personality  search
59 Android 20 the Genius Lv. 2 Main Personality  search
58 Android 20 – Android Leader Lv. 3 Main Personality  search
105 Android Rocket Crush Physical Combat  search
4 Badge of Rescuers Setup  search
5 Black Command Event  search
6 Black Deadly Crush Physical Combat  search
106 Black Fallback Event  search
60 Black Flinch Event  search
8 Black Frieza's Destructo Disk Energy Combat  search
9 Black Frieza's Firece Detonation Energy Combat  search
10 Black Frieza's Left Chop Physical Combat  search
107 Black Good-Bye Setup  search
108 Black Gripe Setup  search
11 Black Guard Event  search
109 Black Hidden Drill Drill  search
12 Black Ki Surge Energy Combat  search
110 Black Morbid Cuisine Drill Drill  search
13 Black Shattering Knee Physical Combat  search
111 Black Tickle Drill Drill  search
14 Black Vengeful Impact Physical Combat  search
7 Black Domination Setup  search
61 Blue Agile Evasion Energy Combat  search
62 Blue Android 18’s Abuse Setup  search
112 Blue Android 18’s Grieving Setup  search
63 Blue Android 18’s Last Stand Energy Combat  search
15 Blue Announcement Event  search
16 Blue Arm Breaker Physical Combat  search
17 Blue Charged Outburst Energy Combat  search
113 Blue Defensive Posture Setup  search
18 Blue Descent Physical Combat  search
64 Blue Forearm Stoppage Physical Combat  search
65 Blue Imprisonment Drill Drill  search
114 Blue Restriction Setup  search
115 Blue Safeguard Event  search
116 Blue Scattershot Drill Drill  search
117 Blue Searching Setup  search
118 Blue Soul Alignment Drill  search
19 Blue Steady Barrage Energy Combat  search
66 Bulla the Interested Lv. 2 Ally Personality  search
67 Bulma the Scientist Lv. 2 Ally Personality  search
20 Cell Main Personality  search
68 Cell – Overloaded Lv. 3 Main Personality  search
69 Cell – Resident of HFIL Lv. 2 Main Personality  search
70 Chi-Chi the Defender Lv. 2 Ally Personality  search
119 Chi-Chi’s Broom Bustle Physical Combat  search
120 City Rampage Event  search
P3 Dashing Drill Drill  search
21 Death of a Soul Mate Event  search
71 Dende – Guardian Lv. 1 Ally Personality  search
22 Dinner Date Setup  search
23 Double Strike Physical Combat  search
151 Dr. Myuu the Evil Engineer Lv. 5 Main Personality  search
Prev05 Electric Leg Catch Physical Combat  search
P6 Erratic Energy Drill Drill  search
121 Final Breath Setup  search
122 Flight Drill Drill  search
24 Frieza Main Personality  search
73 Frieza the Maniacal Lv. 2 Main Personality  search
72 Frieza – Resurrected Lv. 3 Main Personality  search
74 General Rilldo the Assaulter Lv. 1 Main Personality  search
75 Goku the Heroic Fighter Lv. 4 Ally Personality  search
P5 Goku the Martial Artist Lv. 1 Ally Personality  search
77 Goku’s Realization Setup  search
123 Goku’s Sacrificial Restraint Physical Combat  search
78 Goten – Super Saiyan Lv. 2 Ally Personality  search
P4 Hair Grab Physical Combat  search
25 Hercule's Crescent Punch Physical Combat  search
Prev03 Hostage Event  search
79 Majuub – Papayaman Lv. 1 Ally Personality  search
152 Mark of the Dragon Event  search
80 Maron Lv. 1 Ally Personality  search
26 Mass Travel Setup  search
124 Massive Destruction Event  search
27 Nightmares Setup  search
125 Orange Amazing Rescue Event  search
126 Orange Android 17’s Electric Shot Energy Combat  search
28 Orange Android 17’s Palm Blast Energy Combat  search
127 Orange Android 17’s Personal Touch Energy Combat  search
81 Orange Blinding Drill Drill  search
29 Orange Coalition Energy Combat  search
128 Orange Conference Drill Drill  search
129 Orange Dual Aura Drill Drill  search
82 Orange Infernal Efflux Setup  search
30 Orange Instant Transmission Setup  search
130 Orange Juke Event  search
83 Orange Lifting Barrage Physical Combat  search
31 Orange Power Transfer Setup  search
131 Orange Power Transmission Drill Drill  search
84 Orange Proximity Drill Drill  search
85 Orange Risky Attack Energy Combat  search
32 Orange Wish Event  search
86 Outrage Drill Drill  search
87 Pan – Juvenile Saiyan Lv. 1 Ally Personality  search
P2 Pan’s Stomach Puncture Physical Combat  search
33 Piccolo Ally Personality  search
88 Piccolo – Earth’s Guardian Lv. 2 Ally Personality  search
89 Piccolo – Synced Lv. 3 Ally Personality  search
132 Piccolo’s Destruction Drill Drill  search
Prev01 Preview 1 Goku’s Cosmic Ball Energy Combat  search
Prev04 Preview 5 Electric Leg Catch Main Personality  search
90 Red Cell’s Evil Plans Event  search
34 Red Cell’s Rush Down Physical Combat  search
35 Red Cell’s Sneaky Attack Energy Combat  search
133 Red Cell’s Tail Trap Physical Combat  search
91 Red Colossal Drill Drill  search
36 Red Cracked Balls Event  search
134 Red Disc Toss Energy Combat  search
92 Red Essence Eruption Drill Drill  search
37 Red Face Snap Physical Combat  search
135 Red Gatling Gun Physical Combat  search
38 Red Holdup Physical Combat  search
136 Red Illusion Event  search
39 Red Invasion Event  search
137 Red Old Friends Setup  search
40 Red Remorse Setup  search
138 Red Ring-Out Physical Combat  search
41 Red Special Beam Cannon Energy Combat  search
43 Saiyan Brawn Physical Combat  search
93 Saiyan Electric Aura Drill Drill  search
44 Saiyan Energy Palm Energy Combat  search
45 Saiyan Energy Rush Setup  search
139 Saiyan Excitement Event  search
46 Saiyan Finisher Physical Combat  search
47 Saiyan Flying Reflection Energy Combat  search
94 Saiyan Gut Hammer Physical Combat  search
48 Saiyan Leverage Physical Combat  search
49 Saiyan Running Blast Energy Combat  search
140 Saiyan Soul Explosion Energy Combat  search
141 Saiyan Spear Physical Combat  search
142 Saiyan Squeeze Event  search
50 Saiyan Summoning Event  search
143 Saiyan Vegeta’s Anger Release Physical Combat  search
144 Saiyan Vegeta’s Combination Jab Physical Combat  search
145 Saiyan Vegeta’s Spinning Strike Physical Combat  search
51 Shocked Event  search
Prev02 Soul Recharge Setup  search
95 Super Android 17 Lv. 1 Main Personality  search
146 Super Android 17 the Completed Lv. 4 Main Personality  search
153 Super Android 17 the Indestructible Lv. 5 Main Personality  search
96 Super Android 17 the Mighty Lv. 3 Main Personality  search
97 Super Android 17 the Wicked Lv. 2 Main Personality  search
147 Super Android 17’s Absorption Energy Combat  search
148 Super Android 17’s Aerial Defense Energy Combat  search
149 Super Android 17’s Bear Crash Physical Combat  search
98 Super Android 17’s Dark Ki Energy Combat  search
99 Super Android 17’s Overwhelming Assault Energy Combat  search
P1 Super Android 17’s Straight Shot Energy Combat  search
76 Traffic Jam Setup  search
100 Trunks – Battle Worn Lv. 2 Ally Personality  search
154 Trunks’ Reconstruction Setup  search
52 Vegeta the Saiyan Lv. 1 Ally Personality  search
101 Vegeta – Combat Ready Lv. 2 Ally Personality  search
102 Vegeta – Saiyan Enraged Lv. 3 Ally Personality  search
103 Videl – Super Hero Lv. 2 Ally Personality  search
104 Villainous Carnage Energy Combat  search
150 Zarbon’s Devastation Physical Combat  search
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