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XY BREAKthrough Promos

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XY BREAKthrough Promos: 9 cards
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101-162 Flabébé (Mirror Holo Pokémon League Zoroark BREAK Season) Fairy  Common  search
102-162 Floette (Mirror Holo Pokémon League) Fairy  Uncommon  search
103-162 Florges (Mirror Holo Pokémon League) Fairy  Rare  search
60-162 Gengar (Theme Deck exclusive) Psychic  Promo  search
54-162 Magnezone (Theme Deck exclusive) Lightning  Promo  search
112-162 Noivern (Theme Deck exclusive) Dragon  Promo  search
49-162 Raichu (Theme Deck exclusive) Lightning  Promo  search
20 Typhlosion (Cosmos Holo 2 Pack Blister) Fire  Promo  search
91-162 Zoroark (Theme Deck exclusive) Darkness  Promo  search
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