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OCG Promos - Year 14

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OCG Promos - Year 14: 30 cards
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P57-Y14 Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon Creature  Very Rare  search
P34-Y14 Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon (Winner) Creature  Promotional  search
P72-Y14 Bolshack Lupia Creature  Promotional  search
P25-Y14 Commanduo, Order Dragon Elemental Creature  Rare  search
P70-Y14 Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution Evolution Creature  Legend Rare  search
P13-Y14 Dokan, Revolution Dragon Creature  Super Rare  search
P67-Y14 Duel Shock Dragon Creature  Super Rare  search
P51-Y14 Euru=Bucca, Antique Dragon Ruins Spell  Rare  search
P37-Y14 Forbidden ~Moment of Awakening~ / Forbidden Dokindam Forbidden Creature  Promotional  search
P14-Y14 Gabble, Super Eureka Evolution Creature  Promotional  search
P4-Y14 Gaiginga, Fighting Revolution Creature  Promotional  search
P36 Gaimusou, Angry Hero Creature  No Rarity  search
P38-Y14 Glenmalt, Dragon Edge Creature  Promotional  search
P53-Y14 Imen=Bugo, Dragon Edge Creature  No Rarity  search
P6-Y14 Iron Fist of Revolution Spell  Rare  search
P52-Y14 Kaiser "Blade Demon", Zenith of "Certain Victory" Creature  Victory Rare  search
12-25-2013 Katta's Crew Is Coming To Town Spell  No Rarity  search
P46-Y14 Liberation of the End Spell  Common  search
P48-Y14 Marmo, Forbidden C Creature  Rare  search
P71-Y14 Mendelssohn Spell  No Rarity  search
P60-Y14 Miracle Stop Spell  Rare  search
P74-Y14 Perfect Offense Spell  Common  search
P65-Y14 Red Rose, Crimson Dragon Elemental Creature  Common  search
P45-Y14 Red-End, Super Lightning Sonic Evolution Creature  Promotional  search
P17-Y14 Sniper Mosquito Creature  Common  search
P39-Y14 Sutenyanko Creature  Uncommon  search
P55-Y14 The End of X Spell  Rare  search
P35-Y14 The Mach, Lightning Sonic Creature  Rare  search
P59-Y14 Topgear, Start Dash Creature  Common  search
P69-Y14 Treasure Map Spell  Rare  search
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