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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Vol. 2 Booster Pack

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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Vol. 2 Booster Pack: 171 cards
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TRAP-2 "Act of Violence" Black Assassin Character  SR  search
APO-S53-T05 "Advance" Berserker of Red Character  TD  search
APO-S53-073 "Before the Final Battle" Black Rider Character  search
APO-S53-091 "Bridal Chest" Black Berserker Character  search
APO-S53-011 "By the Command Seal" Ruler Character  search
APO-S53-004 "Distant Promise" Ruler Character  search
FS-S36-011 "Divine Construct" Saber / “神造兵装”セイバー Character  search
APO-S53-008 "Evil Dragon" Fafnir Character  search
APO-S53-064 "Extended Hand" Black Rider Character  RR  search
APO-S53-071 "Final Battle" Black Archer Character  search
APO-S53-027 "Full of Self-Confidence" Red Saber Character  search
FS-S36-008 "Gate of Babylon" Gilgamesh / “王の財宝”ギルガメッシュ Character  search
FS-S36-008S "Gate of Babylon" Gilgamesh / “王の財宝”ギルガメッシュ Character  SR  search
APO-S53-T08 "Great Holy Grail War" Saber of Red Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T06 "Guardian" Archer of Red Character  TD  search
FS-S36-058 "Ideal Existence" Archer / “理想の存在”アーチャー Character  search
APO-S53-006R "Judge" Ruler Character  search
APO-S53-072 "Kazikli Bey" Black Lancer Character  search
APO-S53-066 "Killing Time" Black Assassin Character  RR  search
APO-S53-035 "Knights of the Round" Red Saber Character  search
APO-S53-007 "La Pucelle" Ruler Character  search
APO-S53-028 "Last Flash" Red Saber Character  SP  search
APO-S53-T11 "Lord of the Land" Lancer of Black Character  TD  search
APO-S53-002 "Luminosite Eternelle" Ruler Character  SP  search
FS-S36-012 "Pure White Dress" Saber / “純白のドレス”セイバー Character  search
APO-S53-001 "Saint" Ruler Character  RR  search
APO-S53-063 "Scattering with the Flowers" Black Berserker Character  SP  search
APO-S53-029 "Secret of Pedigree" Red Saber Character  search
APO-S53-021 "Self Within the Mirror" Ruler Character  search
APO-S53-T02 "Shadow Maneuvers" Shirou Kotomine & Assassin of Red Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T01 "Summoning" Kairi Shishigou Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T04 "Summoning" Saber of Red Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T07 "Taunt" Rider of Red Character  TD  search
APO-S53-017 "To the Hanging Gardens" Ruler Character  search
TRAP-1 "True Name Release" Black Rider Character  SR  search
APO-S53-T13 "True Name" Black Rider Character  TD  search
APO-S53-080 "Very Satisfied" Black Berserker Character  search
APO-S53-T18 "Volition" Saber of Black Character  TD  search
APO-S53-003 "Welcome prayer" Zeke/“受け継ぐ祈り”ジーク Character  RR  search
FS-S36-096 Berserker's Will / バーサーカーの意志 Event  search
APO-S53-059 Clarent Climax  CR  search
FS-S36-068 Conclusion to the Fight / 戦いの終わり Event  search
FS-S36-047 Daily Visits / 毎日のお見舞い Climax  CC  search
FS-S36-097 Encounter and Bond / 出会いと絆 Climax  CR  search
FS-S36-095 Encounter on a Rainy Day / 雨の日の出会い Event  search
APO-S53-096U Entrusted Shield Event  search
APO-S53-069 Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia Character  search
APO-S53-015 Gilles De Rais Character  search
FS-S36-099 Granted Wish / 叶っていた望み Climax  CC  search
APO-S53-T19 Holy Smile Climax  TD  search
FS-S36-027 Idealism's End / 理想の末路 Event  search
APO-S53-041 Kairi Shishigou Character  search
FS-S36-045 Last Farewell / 最後の別れ Event  search
FS-S36-070 Last Words / 最後の言葉 Climax  CR  search
APO-S53-018 Leticia Character  search
APO-S53-025 Lightning tree/磔刑の雷樹 Climax  CC  search
APO-S53-098 Lightning tree/磔刑の雷樹 Climax  CR  search
APO-S53-023 Luminosite Eternelle Climax  search
APO-S53-097 Master's Command Climax  CR  search
FS-S36-071 Mischievous Smile / いたずらな微笑み Climax  CC  search
FS-S36-098 Official Contract / 正式契約 Climax  CC  search
APO-S53-102 Puchi Red Saber Character  PR  search
APO-S53-061 Red Thunder Climax  CC  search
FS-S36-044 Shaken / 動揺 Event  search
FS-S36-026 Signal to Counterattack / 反撃の狼煙 Event  search
APO-S53-T20 Strasse Gehen Climax  TD  search
APO-S53-T09 Summoning Rite Event  TD  search
FS-S36-100 Swallow Reversal / 燕返し Climax  CC  search
APO-S53-024 Talking Across the Mirror Climax  CC  search
APO-S53-057 Two Tobaccos Event  search
FS-S36-028 Unlimited Blade Works / “無限の剣製” Climax  CR  search
FS-S36-028S Unlimited Blade Works / “無限の剣製” Climax  SR  search
FS-S36-017 “A Battle of Legend” Gilgamesh / “神話の対決”ギルガメッシュ Character  search
FS-S36-080 “A Battle of Legend” Illya / “神話の対決”イリヤ Character  search
FS-S36-087 “A Short Rest” Illya / “束の間の休息”イリヤ Character  search
FS-S36-092 “A Visitor” Illya / “来客の訪れ”イリヤ Character  search
FS-S36-038 “Battle Continues” Lancer / “戦闘続行”ランサー Character  search
FS-S36-031 “Battle Mode” Rider / “戦闘モード”ライダー Character  RR  search
FS-S36-031R “Battle Mode” Rider / “戦闘モード”ライダー Character  RRR  search
FS-S36-056 “Beautiful and Smart Honor Student” Rin / “才色兼備の優等生”凛 Character  search
FS-S36-067 “Caladbolg Ⅱ” / “偽・螺旋剣” Event  search
FS-S36-054 “Caladbolg Ⅱ” Archer / “偽・螺旋剣”アーチャー Character  search
FS-S36-065 “Center Breakthrough” Rin / “正面突破”凛 Character  search
FS-S36-024 “Challenging a King” Gilgamesh / “王への挑戦”ギルガメッシュ Character  search
FS-S36-033 “Cold and Ruthless” Rider / “冷酷かつ非情”ライダー Character  search
FS-S36-060 “Complex Emotions” Rin / “複雑な想い”凛 Character  search
FS-S36-040 “Complex Emotions” Sakura / “複雑な想い”桜 Character  search
FS-S36-079 “Confronting a King” Illya / “王との対峙”イリヤ Character  search
FS-S36-005 “Contract Concluded” Saber / “契約完了”セイバー Character  search
FS-S36-053 “Counterattack Barrage” Archer / “反撃の嵐”アーチャー Character  search
FS-S36-021 “Dauntless Heart” Shirou / “くじけぬ心”士郎 Character  search
FS-S36-036 “Deadly Strike” Lancer / “必殺必中の一撃”ランサー Character  search
FS-S36-032 “Dedicated Junior” Sakura / “献身的な後輩”桜 Character  search
FS-S36-016 “Defeat's End” Gilgamesh / “敗北の末路”ギルガメッシュ Character  search
FS-S36-057 “Dual-wielding” Archer / “二刀使い”アーチャー Character  search
FS-S36-057S “Dual-wielding” Archer / “二刀使い”アーチャー Character  SR  search
FS-S36-062 “End of Fight” Archer / “戦いの果て”アーチャー Character  search
FS-S36-019 “Endless Blades” Gilgamesh / “無限の剣”ギルガメッシュ Character  search
FS-S36-030 “Excalibur” / “約束された勝利の剣” Climax  CC  search
FS-S36-002 “Excalibur” Saber / “約束された勝利の剣”セイバー Character  RR  search
FS-S36-002SP “Excalibur” Saber / “約束された勝利の剣”セイバー Character  SP  search
FS-S36-089 “Fictional Heroic Spirit” Assassin / “架空の英霊”アサシン Character  search
FS-S36-055 “Fire Support” Archer / “援護射撃”アーチャー Character  search
FS-S36-091 “Fulfilling the Wish” Soichiro Kuzuki / “望みを果たす”葛木 宗一郎 Character  search
FS-S36-063 “Full Power Pitch” Rin / “全力投球”凛 Character  search
FS-S36-015 “Furious Punch” Shirou / “怒りの拳”士郎 Character  search
FS-S36-082 “Further Attack” Soichiro Kuzuki / “さらなる攻撃”葛木 宗一郎 Character  search
FS-S36-061 “Further Pursuit” Archer / “さらなる追撃”アーチャー Character  search
FS-S36-046 “Gae Bolg” / “刺し穿つ死棘の槍” Climax  CC  search
FS-S36-034 “Gae Bolg” Lancer / “刺し穿つ死棘の槍”ランサー Character  search
FS-S36-034S “Gae Bolg” Lancer / “刺し穿つ死棘の槍”ランサー Character  SR  search
FS-S36-035 “Gae・Bolg” Lancer / “突き穿つ死翔の槍”ランサー Character  search
FS-S36-029 “Gate of Babylon” / “王の財宝” Climax  CC  search
FS-S36-083 “Great Magic” Caster / “大魔術”キャスター Character  search
FS-S36-018 “Greatest Natural Enemy” Gilgamesh / “最大の天敵”ギルガメッシュ Character  search
FS-S36-020 “Highest Class Noble Phantasm” Gilgamesh / “最上級の宝具”ギルガメッシュ Character  search
FS-S36-049 “Idealism's Despair” Archer / “理想の絶望”アーチャー Character  RR  search
FS-S36-049SP “Idealism's Despair” Archer / “理想の絶望”アーチャー Character  SP  search
FS-S36-066 “In the Conflict” Archer / “葛藤の中”アーチャー Character  search
FS-S36-043 “Invading the Base” Shinji / “拠点侵入”慎二 Character  search
FS-S36-048 “Invitation to London” Rin / “ロンドンへの誘い”凛 Character  RR  search
FS-S36-048SP “Invitation to London” Rin / “ロンドンへの誘い”凛 Character  SP  search
FS-S36-059 “Jewel Magic” Rin / “宝石魔術”凛 Character  search
FS-S36-006 “King's Self-esteem” Gilgamesh / “王の自尊心”ギルガメッシュ Character  search
FS-S36-050 “Lord and Retainer” Rin & Archer / “主と従者”凛&アーチャー Character  RR  search
FS-S36-050R “Lord and Retainer” Rin & Archer / “主と従者”凛&アーチャー Character  RRR  search
FS-S36-074 “Mage from the Age of Myths” Caster / “神代の魔術師”キャスター Character  search
FS-S36-075 “Mage of Tragedy” Caster / “悲劇の魔術師”キャスター Character  search
FS-S36-084 “Magic Duel” Caster / “魔術戦”キャスター Character  search
APO-S53-005 “Master qualifications” Zeke/“マスターの資格”ジーク Character  search
FS-S36-090 “Middle of the Final Test” Illya / “最終試験の途中”イリヤ Character  search
FS-S36-023 “Neat and Tidy Appearance” Saber / “清楚な佇まい”セイバー Character  search
FS-S36-022 “New Contract” Saber / “新たなる契約”セイバー Character  search
FS-S36-010 “Non-intersecting Ideals” Shirou & Archer / “交わらぬ理想”士郎&アーチャー Character  search
FS-S36-093 “Priest of Fuyuki Church” Kirei / “冬木教会の神父”綺礼 Character  search
FS-S36-037 “Quiet Personality” Sakura / “穏やかな性格”桜 Character  search
FS-S36-076 “Relationship of Trust” Illya & Berserker / “信頼の関係”イリヤ&バーサーカー Character  search
FS-S36-076R “Relationship of Trust” Illya & Berserker / “信頼の関係”イリヤ&バーサーカー Character  RRR  search
FS-S36-086 “Repeated Pursuit” Soichiro Kuzuki / “繰り出す追撃”葛木 宗一郎 Character  search
FS-S36-094 “Reverberation of Defeat” Assassin / “敗北の余韻”アサシン Character  search
FS-S36-069 “Rho Aias” / “熾天覆う七つの円環” Climax  CR  search
FS-S36-069S “Rho Aias” / “熾天覆う七つの円環” Climax  SR  search
FS-S36-039 “Self-defense Class” Luvia / “護身術の授業”ルヴィア Character  search
FS-S36-009 “Serious Assault” Shirou / “本気の強襲”士郎 Character  search
FS-S36-073 “Signal to Commence Battle” Illya / “開戦の狼煙”イリヤ Character  search
FS-S36-073S “Signal to Commence Battle” Illya / “開戦の狼煙”イリヤ Character  SR  search
FS-S36-072 “Snow Fairy” Illya / “雪の妖精”イリヤ Character  RR  search
FS-S36-072SP “Snow Fairy” Illya / “雪の妖精”イリヤ Character  SP  search
FS-S36-077 “Strong Bond” Illya / “強固な絆”イリヤ Character  search
FS-S36-081 “Strong Will” Berserker / “強靭な意思”バーサーカー Character  search
FS-S36-078 “Strongest Warrior” Berserker / “最強の戦士”バーサーカー Character  search
FS-S36-088 “Sturdy Servant” Berserker / “屈強なサーヴァント”バーサーカー Character  search
FS-S36-052 “Successor of Tohsaka” Rin / “遠坂の継承者”凛 Character  search
FS-S36-004 “Summoning with a Command Seal” Shirou / “令呪による召喚”士郎 Character  search
FS-S36-004S “Summoning with a Command Seal” Shirou / “令呪による召喚”士郎 Character  SR  search
FS-S36-051 “Super First-rate Mage” Rin / “超一級の魔術師”凛 Character  search
FS-S36-051R “Super First-rate Mage” Rin / “超一級の魔術師”凛 Character  RRR  search
FS-S36-085 “Swallow Reversal” Assassin / “燕返し”アサシン Character  search
FS-S36-064 “Time to Part Ways” Rin / “別れの時”凛 Character  search
FS-S36-013 “Top Servant” Saber / “最優のサーヴァント”セイバー Character  search
FS-S36-007 “Tough Strength” Saber / “屈強な力”セイバー Character  search
FS-S36-007S “Tough Strength” Saber / “屈強な力”セイバー Character  SR  search
FS-S36-001 “Trace On” Shirou / “投影開始”士郎 Character  RR  search
FS-S36-001R “Trace On” Shirou / “投影開始”士郎 Character  RRR  search
FS-S36-025 “Ultimate Slash” Saber / “究極の斬撃”セイバー Character  search
FS-S36-041 “Uneasiness in the Heart” Sakura / “不安が心をよぎる”桜 Character  search
FS-S36-042 “United Battlefront” Lancer / “共同戦線”ランサー Character  search
FS-S36-003 “Unlimited Blade Works” Shirou / “無限の剣製”士郎 Character  RR  search
FS-S36-003R “Unlimited Blade Works” Shirou / “無限の剣製”士郎 Character  RRR  search
FS-S36-014 “Using a Command Seal” Shirou / “令呪の使用”士郎 Character  search
APO-S53-070 “唸り”黒のバーサーカー/"Growling" black Berserker Character  search
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