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H Booster Set 4: Mikado Evolution

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H Booster Set 4: Mikado Evolution: 128 cards
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HBT04-0044 Antimatter Cloud Spell  search
HBT04-0016 Apocalypse Death Shield Spell  RR  search
HBT04-0066 Apparition Demon Knight, Lasty Monster  search
HBT04-0012 Armorknight Asura Monster  RR  search
HBT04-0057 Armorknight Battleborg Monster  search
HBT04-0004 Armorknight Demon "A" Monster  RRR  search
HBT04-0027 Armorknight Dragon "Earthshaker" Monster  search
HBT04-0086 Armorknight Fairy Monster  search
HBT04-0011 Armorknight Lion Drake Monster  RR  search
HBT04-0029 Armorknight Little Drake Monster  search
HBT04-0028 Armorknight Noise Bat Monster  search
HBT04-0047 Battle Deity Robo City, Void Fort Mumyo Monster  search
HBT04-0107 Battle Deity Robo Rifle, Varian Item  search
HBT04-0076 Battle Deity Robo, Gaolion Monster  search
HBT04-0105 Battle Deity Robo, Stone General Monster  search
HBT04-0040 Biggest Dragonarms, Sonic Blast Monster  search
HBT04-0095 Black Dragon G Monster  search
HBT04-0017 Blood-drain Sword, Bloody Fate Item  RR  search
HBT04-0050 Bloody Chainsaw Dragon Monster  search
HBT04-0085 Carapace Dragon, Algalos Monster  search
HBT04-0010 Chieftain Fist, Dragogeneral Item  RR  search
HBT04-0087 Clash Deity Dragon, Gaelcorga Ark Monster  search
HBT04-0122 Core Recycle Spell  search
HBT04-0073 Cosmic Evolution Spell  search
HBT04-0104 Cosmo Base, "G Attractor" Spell  search
HBT04-0045 Cosmo Saber, Eternal Anthem Item  search
HBT04-0075 Cosmo Saber, Lunar Zeele Item  search
HBT04-0081 Crimson Battler Cheering Squad, Good Luck Monster  search
HBT04-0049 Crimson Battler, Spike Nail Dragon Monster  search
HBT04-0031 Dangerous REIZI Spell  search
HBT04-0098 Dark Fog Spell  search
HBT04-0035 Death Ruler, Blixt Monster  search
HBT04-0091 Death Ruler, Eclipse Monster  search
HBT04-0062 Death Ruler, Vroukalakas Monster  search
HBT04-0038 DEATH Wave Rod, Sterben Item  search
HBT04-0060 Demon Slay Circle Spell  search
HBT04-0013 Demon Slay Come Forth Spell  RR  search
HBT04-0083 Dragon Chase Spell  search
HBT04-0002 Dragon Knight, Faust Monster  RRR  search
HBT04-0023 Dragon Knight, Martell Monster  search
HBT04-0079 Dragon Knight, Pedro Monster  search
HBT04-0026 Dragon Lance, Stronghorn Item  search
HBT04-0054 Dragon World Alliance Impact  search
HBT04-0112 Dragonarms, Radiant Scudo Monster  Secret  search
HBT04-0100 Dragonarms, Reconnaissance Monster  search
HBT04-0041 Dragonarms, Transportal Monster  search
HBT04-0051 Dragonic Climax Spell  search
HBT04-0082 Dragonic Fierce-fight Spell  search
HBT04-0084 Dragonic Maneuver Spell  search
HBT04-0024 Dragowisdom, Knowledge of the Fifth Omni Spell  search
HBT04-0115 Drink on the Soul, Empower from the Blood Spell  search
HBT04-0101 Dynamic Star, Meteor Fallen Monster  search
HBT04-0003 Eighth Omni Deity Lord, Grangadez Monster  RRR  search
HBT04-S002 Eighth Omni Deity Lord, Grangadez Monster  SP  search
HBT04-0106 Emergency Evade Spell  search
HBT04-0102 Energy of Universe Spell  search
HBT04-0121 Enshrouding All in Darkness, Gafner Monster  search
HBT04-0099 Execute Sword, Tragedy Item  search
HBT04-0043 Fate Information Spell  search
HBT04-0172 Fate Information Spell  RR  search
HBT04-0021 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Dark Arms Suu Monster  search
HBT04-0009 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Sound Speed Sen Monster  RR  search
HBT04-0022 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Toxin Tenki Monster  search
HBT04-0080 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Explosive Hammer Fuad Monster  search
HBT04-0053 Fifth Omni Dragon Sword, Emperor Fang Item  search
HBT04-0052 Fifth Omni Great Dragon Shield Spell  search
HBT04-0001 Fifth Omni Super Dragon Lord, Kaizer Drum Monster  RRR  search
HBT04-0108 Fifth Omni Super Dragon Lord, Kaizer Drum Monster  BR  search
HBT04-S001 Fifth Omni Super Dragon Lord, Kaizer Drum Monster  SP  search
HBT04-0034 Final Gate Guider, Giudecca Monster  search
H-BT04-S03 First Knight of the Apocalypse, Gratos Monster  SP  search
HBT04-0006 First Knight of the Apocalypse, Gratos Monster  RRR  search
HBT04-S003 First Knight of the Apocalypse, Gratos Monster  SP  search
HBT04-0018 Fourth Dimension, Mobius Monster  RR  search
HBT04-0065 Fourth Knight of the Apocalypse, Thanatos Monster  search
HBT04-0068 Gap of Blood, Phantom Dust Impact  search
HBT04-0093 Gate Guider, Andino Monster  search
HBT04-0094 Gate Guider, De Lomeer Monster  search
HBT04-0096 Gate Guider, Gainare Monster  search
HBT04-0036 Gate Guider, Gallows "Gestus" Monster  search
HBT04-0092 Gate Guider, Limbo Monster  search
HBT04-0067 Great River of Hades, Archelon Spell  search
HBT04-0048 Heavy Canon Cavalry Dragon, Big Guns Monster  search
HBT04-0039 Hell Gate Walter! Impact  search
HBT04-0097 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Bad Trap Spell  search
HBT04-0089 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Manbutsu Bakusai Spell  search
HBT04-0015 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Soul Drain Spell  RR  search
HBT04-0061 Hundred Demons Spear, Aratogame Item  search
HBT04-0037 Inferno Shield Spell  search
HBT04-0014 Jinxed Landfill, Curse Count Monster  RR  search
HBT04-0071 Jupiter One, Iorctos Monster  search
HBT04-0069 Jupiter Two, Eumercular Monster  search
HBT04-0118 Line Legion, Safer Tear Monster  search
HBT04-0074 Mars Barrier Spell  search
HBT04-0005 Messenger of Despair, Metameria Monster  RRR  search
HBT04-0077 Operation Hound Spell  search
HBT04-0119 Purgatory Knights, Chain Sword Dragon Monster  search
HBT04-0120 Purgatory Knights, Viking Axe Dragon Monster  search
HBT04-0109 Radiant Guardian, Jackknife "Aster" Monster  Secret  search
HBT04-0110 Radiant Guardian, Jackknife "Aster" Monster  Secret  search
HBT04-0020 Radiant Saber, Providence Item  RR  search
HBT04-0113 Radiant Saber, Providence Item  Secret  search
HBT04-0046 Radiant Stream! Impact  search
HBT04-0058 Raging Chained Strikes Spell  search
HBT04-0116 Red Shift, Spectrums Monster  search
HBT04-0090 Return to Hades Spell  search
HBT04-0055 Reverberation Dragon, Gin Gon Gan Monster  search
HBT04-0030 Ritual of Deity Lord Descend Spell  search
HBT04-0064 Second Knight of the Apocalypse, Voremos Monster  search
HBT04-0103 Soularms Spell  search
HBT04-0008 Specter of Darkness Wasteland, O-Yamigedo Monster  RRR  search
HBT04-S004 Specter of Darkness Wasteland, O-Yamigedo Monster  SP  search
HBT04-0042 Sphere Cemetary, Star Remnant Monster  search
HBT04-0114 Star Dragon World Flag  Secret  search
HBT04-0056 Steel-armed Dragon, Iron Caesar Monster  search
HBT04-0059 Super Strength Replenishment Spell  search
HBT04-0032 Supreme Ji, Asura Demon Slay Item  search
HBT04-0072 Swingby Smash Spell  search
HBT04-0078 Sword Cemetery Dragon Monster  search
HBT04-0007 The Genesic, Omega Big Bang Monster  RRR  search
HBT04-0063 Third Knight of the Apocalypse, Aberrucia Monster  search
HBT04-0025 Thunder Break Stance Spell  search
HBT04-0033 True Ultimate Battle Skill, GIGA Demon Slay Impact  search
HBT04-0070 Ultra Violet, Black Specter Monster  search
HBT04-0117 Undying Skull, Sol Darion Monster  search
HBT04-0019 V Gradation, Quantum Ruler Monster  RR  search
HBT04-0111 V Gradation, Quantum Ruler Monster  Secret  search
HBT04-0088 Violent Dragon, Geolga Monster  search
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