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D Trial Deck 3: Hollow Black Dragon

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D Trial Deck 3: Hollow Black Dragon: 18 cards
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D-TD03-0017 Abygale "Lost Horizon!" Impact Monster  search
D-TD03-0011 Abyss Symphony Spell  search
D-TD03-0003 Black Assailant, Gothgorobi Monster  search
D-TD03-0004 Black Companion, Bephegol Monster  search
D-TD03-0005 Black Cradle, Crablus Monster  search
D-TD03-0014 Black Dragon Shield Spell  search
D-TD03-0016 Black Dragonblade, Evil Fearless Item  search
D-TD03-0007 Black Gloom, Bal-Zam Monster  search
D-TD03-0002 Black Platedragon, Pantagra Monster  search
D-TD03-0008 Black Rampage, Fanagl Monster  search
D-TD03-0006 Black Shock, Nogudeth Monster  search
D-TD03-0009 Black Star, Cius Monster  search
D-TD03-0013 Dark Spirit Spell  search
D-TD03-0018 Darkness Dragon World (card) Flag  search
D-TD03-0012 Death Break Spell  search
D-TD03-0015 Sickle of Revenge, Avenger Item  search
D-TD03-0001 Twin Blade Black Dragon, Zalcandira Monster  search
D-TD03-0010 Void Slasher Spell  search
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