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Booster 15: Activate! Super Regalia

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Booster 15: Activate! Super Regalia: 108 cards
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B15-040 299 Cait Sith Event  search
B15-044 Accountant, Alpine Z/X  search
B15-058 Adonai Melekh Event  search
B15-004 Akatsuki Jutten - Khaleed Kadab Z/X  SR  search
B15-084 Arboreal Moonring, Hiougi Z/X  search
B15-020 Arrow Concentration Event  UC  search
B15-013 Big Lion of Retribution, Ugallu Z/X  UC  search
B15-090 Big Tree of Steel, Ousaikaku Z/X  search
B15-002 Bladebreaker Craftsman, Sword Breaker Z/X  UC  search
B15-061 Bone Wolf Z/X  search
B15-043 Bras Epee the Arm Sword Z/X  search
B15-025 Camouflage Machine, Invisible Z/X  search
B15-007 Canine Princess, Scylla Z/X  search
B15-076 Collaps the Rampart Breaker Z/X  UC  search
B15-068 Confining Spike Cage Z/X  UC  search
B15-094 Cool-Headed Kimentou, Narukoyuri Z/X  search
B15-014 Crawling Boulder, Smoky Walrus Z/X  search
B15-052 Darkness Knight, Marshal Z/X  SR  search
B15-077 Dashing Annihilation, Bahnzug Z/X  search
B15-075 Devil of Blunder, Blundera Z/X  UC  search
B15-070 Devil of Deceit, Fraudo Z/X  search
B15-066 Devil of Mind's Eye, Oculum Z/X  UC  search
B15-047 Dialogue the Conversation Z/X  UC  search
B15-018 Dimension Crush Event  UC  search
B15-093 Eight Great Dragon Kings, Vasuki Z/X  SR  search
B15-096 Eight Precious Beauties - Absolute Queen, Mastic Z/X  SR  search
B15-078 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Deathbringer Sword, Maldicion Z/X  SR  search
B15-005 Elephant-Serpent of Calamity, Grootslang Z/X  search
B15-063 Emissary of Sloth, Faulpelz Z/X  SR  search
B15-056 Evilbane, Gangkhar Z/X  search
B15-048 Evilbane, Mulanje Z/X  search
B15-008 Fastidious Greenstone, Moldavite Racoon Z/X  search
B15-029 Flash Saucer, Ascella Z/X  search
B15-017 Flat-out Run Army Corps, Tank Heart Z/X  UC  search
B15-105 Four Insect Sovereigns - Rupture Blade King, Mantis Burg Z/X  Z/XR  search
B15-038 Fruits of the Thanks Event  search
B15-053 Fur Trader, Norwegian Z/X  UC  search
B15-011 Gatling Gun Engineer, Rapid Bullet Z/X  search
B15-086 Gem Collecting, Rue Z/X  UC  search
B15-006 Gigantic Ominous Bird, Rukh Z/X  UC  search
B15-106 Graceful Exquisite Voiced Bird, Karyobinga Z/X  CVR  search
B15-026 Gravel Crushing Machine, Runover Z/X  UC  search
B15-091 High-Speed Beastman, Were-Pronghorn Z/X  search
B15-045 Holy Beast, Aura Karkinos Z/X  search
B15-054 Holy Beast, Aura Ladon Z/X  UC  search
B15-049 Holy Beast, Aura Phaia Z/X  UC  search
B15-046 Holy Beast, Aura Taueret Z/X  UC  search
B15-059 Hope After the Rain Event  search
B15-074 Humming Charlotte Z/X  search
B15-097 Hundred Kan Horned Beetle, Phalaeno Atlas Z/X  search
B15-079 I Can't Lose! Event  UC  search
B15-016 Indomitable Fighting Spirit, Sanada Yukimura Z/X  search
B15-104 Inducement of Skating, Layback Z/X  Z/XR  search
B15-098 Intention of Yggdrasil Event  search
B15-009 Iron Cutting Craftsman, Clipper Z/X  search
B15-041 Kinkalow of the Hot Spring Inn Z/X  search
B15-042 Lawbringer, Kelud Z/X  search
B15-055 Lawbringer, Lirung Z/X  search
B15-089 Looking Through the Warehouse, Chervil Z/X  search
B15-024 Machine Blade, Izar Z/X  search
B15-100 Maximum Strong Smoothie Event  search
B15-081 Medicinal Beastman, Were-Pangolin Z/X  UC  search
B15-082 Naughty Hand Spear, Yabuhagi Z/X  search
B15-108 Nina Shitori Player  IGR  search
B15-033 Original XIII Type.VI "Mt13Ve" Z/X  SR  search
B15-073 Overkill Eve Z/X  search
B15-001 Overwhelming Authority, Seitaigou Z/X  search
B15-085 Painting Soapwort Z/X  UC  search
B15-028 Passionate Dance, Bragela Z/X  UC  search
B15-088 Peddling Beastman, Were-Donkey Z/X  UC  search
B15-080 Poem to the Road of Underworld Event  search
B15-050 Pro Player, Coodle Z/X  search
B15-015 Protective Goddess of Lighting and Flame, Athena Z/X  SR  search
B15-069 Purple Claw in the Mire, Schneiden Z/X  search
B15-037 Radome Launcher, Almach Z/X  UC  search
B15-062 Raiding Honeypot, Milzbrand Z/X  UC  search
B15-072 Returning Blow, Receive Z/X  search
B15-071 Revenant, Gloomy Ghast Z/X  search
B15-092 Revolving Shot Moth, SAM Hawk Moth Z/X  search
B15-034 Rhythmical Whistle, Moe Z/X  search
B15-087 Rich Beetle, Pieni Drone Z/X  search
B15-060 Samsara Flasher Event  search
B15-012 Scarlet Seabird, Creedite Gannet Z/X  search
B15-067 Serpent's Daughter, Melusine Z/X  search
B15-101 Six Birds of Extreme Graces, Karyobinga Z/X  Z/XR  search
B15-064 Solitus the Snow Z/X  search
B15-083 Spike Edged Cutting Insect, Agave Icon Z/X  UC  search
B15-039 Spinning Brush Event  search
B15-003 Suppression Queen, Catherine Z/X  search
B15-107 Sword Sniper, Rigel Z/X  CVR  search
B15-051 Telescola the Telescope Z/X  UC  search
B15-065 Tempering Death Gips Z/X  search
B15-010 Thunder Emperor, Ivan Z/X  search
B15-021 Tidal Sound, Marionena Z/X  UC  search
B15-022 Tornado Spinner, Naos Z/X  search
B15-032 Traditional Stringsound, Jimon Z/X  search
B15-023 Transformed Assault, Fluorine Z/X  search
B15-036 Transformed Road Traffic, Cerium Z/X  search
B15-095 Tusk Girl, Were-Mammoth Z/X  UC  search
B15-057 Twelve Apostles - Capricorn Hanael Z/X  SR  search
B15-019 Twin Flame Karmic Cannon Event  search
B15-035 Twin Star Regalix, Cyclotron Z/X  SR  search
B15-027 Warning Giant, Manganese Z/X  search
B15-031 Waste Collection Machine, Gathering Z/X  UC  search
B15-103 Whimsical King, Mike Z/X  Z/XR  search
B15-030 Whiplash Machine, Spanking Z/X  UC  search
B15-102 XI Flags, Welte Z/X  Z/XR  search
B15-099 You Shall Not Escape......! Event  search
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