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Extra Pack 6: Valkyrie Engage

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Extra Pack 6: Valkyrie Engage: 21 cards
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E06-004 Bitter Chocolate, Gandiva Z/X  SR  search
E06-014 Crimson Eyes in the Snow, Platzwinde Z/X  search
E06-013 Delivering Desire, Opti Z/X  search
E06-008 Excited Sound, Ludwig Z/X  SR  search
E06-009 Fevrier the February Z/X  search
E06-019 Filled with Feelings, Sagara Z/X  SR  search
E06-015 First Chocolate, Banshee Z/X  SR  search
E06-012 Grateful Feelings, Ringtail Z/X  search
E06-021 HAPPY VALENTINE!! Event  Z/XR  search
E06-011 Hidden Intention, K2 Z/X  SR  search
E06-003 High Class Crystal, Amethyst Rabbit Z/X  search
E06-010 Holy Beast, Aura Fomoire Z/X  search
E06-016 Kamakura Expert, Cookie Z/X  search
E06-020 Lovely Colored Insect, Lady Rose Z/X  search
E06-017 Mochi Lover ♥ Chamomile Z/X  search
E06-001 Pixie of Exploding Heart Z/X  search
E06-018 Seductive Were-Zebra Z/X  search
E06-006 Snow Shooter, Bellatrix Z/X  search
E06-002 Solar Deity Who Waits for the Sunrise, Amaterasu Z/X  search
E06-005 Suction Machine, Absorb Z/X  search
E06-007 Transformed Sweets Palace, Seaborgium Z/X  search
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