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Booster 16: Code:Dingir - Encounter with Dynamis

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Booster 16: Code:Dingir - Encounter with Dynamis: 107 cards
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B16-040 Abubu-Kabula Event  search
B16-092 Antidote Specialist, Germander Z/X  search
B16-047 Architect, Colorpoint Z/X  search
B16-011 Armour Craftsman, Iyozane Z/X  UC  search
B16-084 Army Wasp Soldier, Assault Force Z/X  search
B16-042 Astronomer, Spangled Z/X  UC  search
B16-026 Battle Hero, Lapse Z/X  UC  search
B16-085 Beastman, Were-Dik-dik Z/X  search
B16-094 Beastman, Were-Wallaby Z/X  UC  search
B16-032 Beat Echo, Verena Z/X  search
B16-057 Beca the Beast Cane Z/X  UC  search
B16-105 Becoming "Affection", Ishtar Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
B16-059 Blowing "Nobility", Sud Z/X Extra  search
B16-008 Bludgeon Craftsman, Pinkbeat Z/X  search
B16-065 Bone Lizard Z/X  search
B16-005 Brave Horn of Assault, Eikthyrnir Z/X  search
B16-013 Charging Jasper, Mookaite Hog Z/X  search
B16-072 Chewing True Fang Z/X  UC  search
B16-067 Crushing Tombstone Z/X  search
B16-098 Dancing Cattleya Z/X  UC  search
B16-104 Deathcaller "Dark Ruin", Ereshkigal Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
B16-071 Declaration of Death, Erzeugen Z/X  search
B16-061 Devil of Buffoonery, Fossor Z/X  search
B16-078 Devil of Embroidery, Plumari Z/X  UC  search
B16-064 Devil of Seal, Sigillum Z/X  search
B16-075 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Grief Roar Z/X  SR  search
B16-070 Emissary of Envy, Eifersucht Z/X  SR  search
B16-014 Engine Craftsman, Angela Z/X  UC  search
B16-009 Envious White Crystal, Prehnite Crane Z/X  search
B16-044 Evilbane, Emix Z/X  search
B16-022 Excavator Machine, Drilling Z/X  search
B16-035 Expand Shooter, Alnilam Z/X  search
B16-091 Feeding Passion Z/X  search
B16-017 Fire Ring of Unrivaled Might, Alexander Z/X  SR  search
B16-081 Fortune Gadfly, Strawgad Z/X  search
B16-088 Giant Horn Beastman, Were-Aurochs Z/X  UC  search
B16-100 Gig-Ki-Hegal Event  search
B16-101 Glaring "Celestial Path", Nergal Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
B16-021 Gnawing Machine, Gravebite Z/X  UC  search
B16-010 Goddess of Court Dance, Ame-no-Uzume Z/X  search
B16-063 Going Violent, Janet Z/X  UC  search
B16-030 Graceful Performer, Pirell Z/X  UC  search
B16-099 Grandeur "Fertility", Ninurta Z/X Extra  search
B16-069 Groom Wild Cutting, Candy Z/X  search
B16-062 Grudge Call Z/X  UC  search
B16-018 Harbinger Fanged Beast, Wepwawet Z/X  UC  search
B16-095 Heavenly Beast Shinobi, Were-Jaguar Z/X  SR  search
B16-055 Holy Beast, Aura Arasarausu Z/X  search
B16-049 Holy Beast, Aura Grane Z/X  search
B16-058 Holy Beast, Aura Ketos Z/X  search
B16-051 Holy Beast, Aura Nemeala Z/X  UC  search
B16-020 Il-Immaru Event  search
B16-060 Il-Lak-Saar Event  UC  search
B16-028 Incendiary Machine, Burndown Z/X  UC  search
B16-038 Irregular X, Erase Z/X  SR  search
B16-087 Japanese Pieris Beetle, Andro Tiger Z/X  search
B16-041 K2's Subordinate, Roraima Z/X  UC  search
B16-006 Karyobinga's Friend, Gumyōshichō Z/X  UC  search
B16-097 Lady of Nature Sounds, Ayame Z/X  SR  search
B16-001 Launcher Craftsman, Rocketta Z/X  search
B16-056 Lawbringer, Rakaposhi Z/X  search
B16-050 Lawbringer, Robson Z/X  search
B16-080 Lugal-Idpa Event  search
B16-033 Mach Crasher, Nunki Z/X  search
B16-068 Manifested Malice, Geschoss Z/X  search
B16-077 Masked Mammy the Masked Queen Z/X  UC  search
B16-023 Melancholic Ballad, Lily Z/X  search
B16-052 Nine Lives, Maine Coon Z/X  SR  search
B16-036 Nomadic Union Z/X  search
B16-039 Overflowing "Primeval Sea", Nammu Z/X Extra  search
B16-004 Overlord's Trusted Friend, Bucephalus Z/X  search
B16-029 Panzer Formula, Dschubba Z/X  search
B16-043 Part-Time Job Fierte Z/X  search
B16-106 Part-Time Job Fierte Z/X  CVR  search
B16-054 Pass Judgment, Aura Anubis Z/X  search
B16-074 Pattern of Fear, Fallschirm Z/X  search
B16-093 Picture Book Author, Bergamot Z/X  UC  search
B16-086 Poison Chain Scorpionfly, Colchi Mecopt Z/X  search
B16-076 Privateer Footsteps, Torpedo Z/X  search
B16-053 Prouesse the Prowess Z/X  search
B16-024 Rainbow Euphony, Rignard Z/X  search
B16-002 Reclusive Scarlet Gem, Zincite Hermit Z/X  search
B16-082 Refined Hirauchi Hairpin, Hanamomo Z/X  search
B16-089 Researching Myrtle Z/X  search
B16-045 Scouting Oriental Z/X  UC  search
B16-090 Self-Possessed Whip, Iigiri Z/X  search
B16-102 Serene "Authority", Marduk Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
B16-019 Shining "Luck", Inanna Z/X Extra  search
B16-066 Silver Knight of the Night Sky, Almotaher Z/X  search
B16-107 Silver Knight of the Night Sky, Almotaher Z/X  CVR  search
B16-007 Six Birds of Extreme Graces, Kinnara Z/X  SR  search
B16-031 Slashing Machine, Blader Z/X  search
B16-046 Sokoke the Peddler Z/X  search
B16-103 Solemn "Decision", Anu Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
B16-025 Space Shuttle Union, Einsteinium Z/X  search
B16-079 Spreading "Malignant", Ahhazu Z/X Extra  search
B16-096 Stabshear Horned Insect, Judaicus Arum Z/X  search
B16-012 Subjugation King, Hildebrand Z/X  UC  search
B16-016 Superheavy Green Boulder, Beryl Styraco Z/X  search
B16-027 Three Seasons Union, Niobium Z/X  UC  search
B16-003 Thundering Earth-Splitting Attack, Chouhi Z/X  UC  search
B16-073 Tormenting Army Knife Z/X  UC  search
B16-037 Transformed Mausoleum, Bromine Z/X  UC  search
B16-048 Twelve Apostles - Pisces Barchiel Z/X  SR  search
B16-015 War Horn Craftsman, Heavy Horn Z/X  search
B16-083 Wind Cutting Blowgun, Kibushi Z/X  UC  search
B16-034 XI Flags, Cespati Z/X  SR  search
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