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Starter Deck Vol.9

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Starter Deck Vol.9: 16 cards
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C16-007 Absconding Maine Coon Z/X  search
C16-001 Asuka Tennoji Player  SR  search
C16-012 Chattering Cathy Z/X  search
C16-016 Devilish Ghost, Leanan Sidhe Z/X  UC  search
C16-015 Eerie Dentist, Dental Doctor Z/X  search
C16-002 Endless Glory "Creation", Lulu Z/X Extra  SR  search
C16-005 Evilbane, Passu Sar Z/X  search
C16-010 Fierte the Pride Z/X  SR  search
C16-014 Going Violent, Janet Z/X  UC  search
C16-008 Holy Beast, Aura Remora Z/X  search
C16-009 Incorruptible Feelings, Fierte Z/X  SR  search
C16-003 Protector of Holy Prayer, Fierte Z/X  SR  search
C16-004 Pure White Bud, Solitus Z/X  SR  search
C16-011 Pure White Wings Event  search
C16-013 Rookie Sales, Catherine Z/X  UC  search
C16-006 Scoop Chasing Munchkin Z/X  search
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