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D Trial Deck 1: Dragon Emperor of the Colossal Ocean

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D Trial Deck 1: Dragon Emperor of the Colossal Ocean: 19 cards
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D-TD01-0019 Ancient World Flag  search
D-TD01-0008 Apprentice Underling, Rookie Ichi Monster  search
D-TD01-0018 Big Catch Kigan, Ocean Cleaving Twin Dragon Wave! Impact  search
D-TD01-0004 Chief of Armors, Under the Ken Monster  search
D-TD01-0006 Chief of Wind, Messenger Jin Monster  search
D-TD01-0002 Colossal Ocean Chief, Duel Jaeger Monster  search
D-TD01-0011 Dragon Dreams Spell  search
D-TD01-0010 Dragon Emperor Legend Spell  search
D-TD01-0012 Dragon Thunder Spell  search
D-TD01-0009 Dragon Within the Ocean Spell  search
D-TD01-0001 Great Ocean Deity Duel Jaeger, "Seazarion" Monster  search
D-TD01-0005 Ice Dragon Emperor, Glacies Monster  search
D-TD01-0003 Iron Fist Chief, Strong Go Monster  search
D-TD01-0017 Ocean Boy's Anchor, Ripple Item  search
D-TD01-0014 Ocean Emperor Style, Whirlpool Seal Spell  search
D-TD01-0013 Rise & Fall of Dragons Spell  search
D-TD01-0015 Strength of a Thousand Dragons Spell  search
D-TD01-0016 Trying a Dragon's Best Spell  search
D-TD01-0007 Underling, Knuckler Dan Monster  search
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