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Booster 18: Code:Dingir - Waker's Genesis

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Booster 18: Code:Dingir - Waker's Genesis: 107 cards
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B18-049 "Banquet" Dancer, Ocicat Z/X  UC  search
B18-010 "Severity" Demon, Otakemaru Z/X  UC  search
B18-074 "Steelhammer" Contempt, Contemptus Z/X  search
B18-055 Absolve the Sin, Serengeti Z/X  UC  search
B18-054 Angel of Earth, Terre Z/X  search
B18-050 Angel of Sea, Ocean Z/X  search
B18-006 Armory Liberator, Rustine Z/X  search
B18-090 Aroma-Bathing Lemon Balm Z/X  search
B18-052 Auspicious Beast of Justice, Kaichi Z/X  SR  search
B18-057 Awakened Dragon Angel, Malchidael the White Sheep Z/X Extra  SR  search
B18-018 Azure Blaze Winged Dragon, Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X Extra  search
B18-022 Beam Needle, Sadachbia Z/X  search
B18-064 Beast Claw of Regeneration, Wiedergabe Z/X  UC  search
B18-003 Beautiful Enamel, Glass Elephant Z/X  search
B18-008 Beauty of Uniquely Charms, Daikyou Z/X  UC  search
B18-020 Blazing Claw of the Rock Dragon Event  UC  search
B18-037 Blue Dragon Songstress, Melchior Z/X Extra  search
B18-089 Blue Shining Bug, Yaguruma Oseibou Z/X  search
B18-014 Charging Brave General, Hannibal Z/X  UC  search
B18-098 Cherry Blossom Wings of Green Dragon, Sagara Z/X Extra  SR  search
B18-094 Chief Butler of Sakurakoji House, Eudi the Black Rose Z/X  SR  search
B18-051 Clear Sky Dragon Knight, Turkish Z/X  UC  search
B18-001 Commander of Divine Soldiers, Scipio Z/X  search
B18-007 Curve-Blade Craftsman, Shamshir Z/X  search
B18-068 Demonic Hare of Proof, March Z/X  search
B18-041 Demonic Spirit, Aura Baphomet Z/X  search
B18-069 Devil of Divine Will, Providentia Z/X  UC  search
B18-082 Divine Heal Beastman, Were-Gomafuazarashi Z/X  search
B18-011 Dragon Bow Craftsman, Bolt Thrower Z/X  search
B18-032 Dragoneye, Fomalhaut Z/X  search
B18-063 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Skyslayer Darksword, Maldicion Z/X  search
B18-072 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Vorpal Sting Z/X  SR  search
B18-097 Enlightened Birdman, Were-Crow Z/X Extra  search
B18-047 Evilbane, Kirat Z/X  search
B18-104 Fallen Angel of Resentment, Satan Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
B18-004 Flameflower Snake, Lamia Z/X  search
B18-084 Flamesword, Hououboku Z/X  search
B18-088 Frolicking in Autumn Leaves, Were-Dhole Z/X  search
B18-099 Gathering of the Eight Dragons Event  UC  search
B18-061 Gloomy June Z/X  search
B18-077 God-Envying Dragoncause, Invidia Z/X Extra  search
B18-106 God-Envying Dragoncause, Invidia Z/X Extra  CVR  search
B18-078 God-Piercing Silver Claw, Sieger Z/X Extra  SR  search
B18-017 Godslayer Knight-King, Arthur Z/X Extra  SR  search
B18-016 Great Sage Below Heaven, Bull King Z/X  UC  search
B18-025 Happiness Machine, Brainwash Z/X  search
B18-096 High Ninja of Quiet Wood, Otogirisou Z/X  UC  search
B18-065 Hopping Jiangshi Z/X  search
B18-024 Icedeep Elegy, Celine Z/X  search
B18-076 In Charge of Production, Skeletal Maker Z/X  UC  search
B18-044 Inciting Toyger Z/X  search
B18-102 Infinite Union, KHD-8000 Z/X  Z/XR  search
B18-013 Instant Shoot, Quick Draw Z/X  search
B18-073 Jet-Black Clawed Wings, Sieger & Almotaher Z/X  UC  search
B18-046 Lawbringer, Cho Oyu Z/X  UC  search
B18-048 Lightburst Scatterer, Meili Shan Z/X  search
B18-027 Lightning Tonfa, Merak Z/X  search
B18-062 Longing Recollection, Memoria Z/X  search
B18-093 Maid Team of Sakurakoji House, Poppy the Timid Z/X  UC  search
B18-091 Mimicry Bug, Crypto Animalia Z/X  search
B18-034 Mirage Machine, Solaris Z/X  UC  search
B18-038 Mode <Awaken> Type.XI Z/X Extra  SR  search
B18-043 Motets the Encouragement Z/X  search
B18-092 Ominous "Phantasm", Were-Black-Cat Z/X  UC  search
B18-031 Oscillation Machine, Quake Z/X  search
B18-009 Pastoral Spirit, Faun Z/X  search
B18-021 Player of the Remaining Summer, Sugarsca Z/X  UC  search
B18-087 Protecting Comrades, Were-Squirrel Z/X  search
B18-015 Purple Gem of Unity, Rhodolite Hyena Z/X  UC  search
B18-080 Quickening of Abolition Event  search
B18-100 Quickening of Branches Event  search
B18-040 Quickening of Machines Event  search
B18-019 Quickening of Rebirth Event  search
B18-060 Quickening of Spirit Event  search
B18-081 Rainbow Light Canopy, Brown Cicada Z/X  search
B18-056 Ras Dashen's Follower, Karakoram Z/X  search
B18-002 Refuge Eye Agate, Eye Agate Wagtail Z/X  search
B18-066 Ripping Lack Z/X  search
B18-035 Romantic Melody Princess, Schubart Z/X  SR  search
B18-079 Round Table of the Deadly Sins Event  UC  search
B18-039 Secret System Event  UC  search
B18-103 Seraph of Judgment, Uriel Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
B18-026 Silence Snipe, Theta Z/X  search
B18-012 Six Birds of Extreme Graces, Kokibi the Enticement Z/X  SR  search
B18-071 Skeleton Cavalryman, Questing Knight Z/X  search
B18-070 Soulpour Arrow, Pfeil Z/X  search
B18-045 Special Duty Angel, Admiration Z/X  search
B18-042 Spirit of Sanctuary, Phosflamme Z/X  search
B18-028 Stage of Divine Dance, Phenyl Z/X  UC  search
B18-053 Stonegaze Lizard Eye, Basilisk Z/X  UC  search
B18-067 Submerging Cucking Z/X  search
B18-023 Suppressing Machine, Suppression Z/X  search
B18-085 Three Thousand Years of Sleep, Udonge Z/X  search
B18-083 Toadstool Ant Soldier, Tengu Fire Ant Z/X  UC  search
B18-029 Tracking Machine, Stalker Z/X  search
B18-030 Transformed Transmission, Triglass Z/X  UC  search
B18-033 Transformed White Summit, Trimerica Z/X  search
B18-075 True History's Strongest Horse, Merry-Go-Round Z/X  UC  search
B18-059 Twelve Punish Event  UC  search
B18-058 Twin Dragon Swords of Holy Purge, Sagarmatha Z/X Extra  search
B18-086 Twin Fangs of Green Dragon, Rindo Z/X  search
B18-107 Twin Fangs of Green Dragon, Rindo Z/X  CVR  search
B18-036 Ultimate Commander, Mega Meitnerium Z/X  UC  search
B18-005 Warbreak's Gunroar, Cannon Shell Z/X  search
B18-105 Watcher of Sacred Tree, Purity Z/X  Z/XR  search
B18-095 Watching Mountain-Ash Z/X  UC  search
B18-101 Worldsearing Sword, Laevateinn Z/X  Z/XR  search
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