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D Booster Set 4: Shine! Super Sun Dragon!!

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D Booster Set 4: Shine! Super Sun Dragon!!: 132 cards
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D-BT04-0004 Abygale, "Last Death Violence!" Impact Monster  RRR  search
D-BT04-0004s Abygale, "Last Death Violence!" Impact Monster  SP  search
D-BT04-0072 Armor Talisman: 10000 D+ Spell  search
D-BT04-0044 Armor Talisman: ELEMENT RETURN Spell  search
D-BT04-0045 Armor Talisman: GAUGE&DRAW Spell  search
D-BT04-0018 Armor Talisman: VOID HOLE Spell  RR  search
D-BT04-0118 Armored Battle Demon, Zetta Impact Monster  Secret  search
D-BT04-0035 Awakened Black Death Dragon, Abygale Monster  search
D-BT04-0111 Awakened Black Death Dragon, Abygale Monster  BR  search
D-BT04-0021 Baan Gong Dragon Monster  search
D-BT04-0083 Bal Reviver! Spell  search
D-BT04-0104 Battle Poet, Reporting Monster  search
D-BT04-0104D Battle Poet, Reporting Monster  search
D-BT04-0104R Battle Poet, Reporting Monster  search
D-BT04-0080 Benefit Spell  search
D-BT04-0078 Betrayer Spell  search
D-BT04-0105 Bigmachine Sledgehammer! Impact  search
D-BT04-0092 Bind Trap Spell  search
D-BT04-0037 Black Bard Ballad Spell  search
D-BT04-0037D Black Bard Ballad Spell  search
D-BT04-0037X Black Bard Ballad Spell  search
D-BT04-0014 Black Blast, Death Napalm Monster  RR  search
D-BT04-0062 Black Downpour, Zicron Monster  search
D-BT04-0097 Black Dragon Poet, Destrange Monster  search
D-BT04-0098 Black Life, Nord Monster  search
D-BT04-0075 Black Sage, Bem Monster  search
D-BT04-0015 Black Wind Blade, Devos Monster  RR  search
D-BT04-0066 Blast, "Soldier Form" Monster  search
D-BT04-0081 Blazing Horn Dragon Monster  search
D-BT04-0071 Body of Steel Spell  search
D-BT04-0101 Caardian, "Mode Lethal" Monster  search
D-BT04-0038 Cage of Nightmares Spell  search
D-BT04-0064 Claws of Black Death, Galefang Item  search
D-BT04-0076 Dangerous Bed of Damage Spell  search
D-BT04-0059 Dangerous Fuse Spell  search
D-BT04-0117 Darkness Demon, Aionio Meran Impact Monster  Secret  search
D-BT04-0065 Death Napalm "Grind Core" Impact Monster  search
D-BT04-0093 Dig a Hole Spell  search
D-BT04-0090 Divine Protection of Shalsana Spell  search
D-BT04-0049 Double Loss Spell  search
D-BT04-0003 Dragon Force (Darkness Dragon World) Item  RRR  search
D-BT04-0003s Dragon Force (Darkness Dragon World) Item  SP  search
D-BT04-0022 Dragon Knight, Kaishuu Monster  search
D-BT04-0051 Dragon Knight, Magellan Monster  search
D-BT04-0053 Dragon Scale Spell  search
D-BT04-0053X Dragon Scale Spell  search
D-BT04-0086 Dragonblade, Dragopendulum Item  search
D-BT04-0054 Dragonic Fortune Spell  search
D-BT04-0055 Dragonic Loop Spell  search
D-BT04-0013 El Quixote "Golden Age" Impact Monster  RR  search
D-BT04-0100 Enemy Wall Spell  search
D-BT04-0032 Engraved Stigmata Dragon, Stigmata Monster  search
D-BT04-0048 Fake Replica Weapon, Gemclone Impact Monster  search
D-BT04-0112 Fake Replica Weapon, Gemclone Impact Monster  BR  search
D-BT04-0082 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Psychokinesis Kai Monster  search
D-BT04-0009 Fifth Omni Super Cavalry Dragon, Aurora Spiral Alliot Monster  RR  search
D-BT04-0106 Flame Demon, Effesteo Impact Monster  search
D-BT04-0001 Flarefang Dragon "SD" Monster  RRR  search
D-BT04-0046 Force Element Master, Zetta Impact Monster  search
D-BT04-0068 Gaigrander 03 Monster  search
D-BT04-0006 Gemclone "Fake Healer" Impact Monster  RRR  search
D-BT04-0047 Gemclone "Wall Replica" Impact Monster  search
D-BT04-0115 Gemclone, "Origin Breaker!" Impact Monster  Secret  search
D-BT04-0040 Gigadroid Biggest Monster  search
D-BT04-0016 Gigadroid Gigantes Monster  RR  search
D-BT04-0060 Glacious Defense Wall Spell  search
D-BT04-0034 Gloomy Black Dragon Snake, Bal-zam Monster  search
D-BT04-0023 Glow Dragon Jr. Monster  search
D-BT04-0041 Grand Calibur, Alvarossterria Monster  search
D-BT04-0119 Hero World (card) Flag  Secret  search
D-BT04-0061 Hidden Crossbow Spell  search
D-BT04-0007 Jet Black Grim Reaper, Gaito Monster  RRR  search
D-BT04-0019 Judgement of the Cold-blooded King, Miserea Monster  RR  search
D-BT04-0113 Judgement of the Cold-blooded King, Miserea Monster  BR  search
D-BT04-0033 Knight Brigade Leader of the Apocalypse, Gratos Monster  search
D-BT04-0067 Lapeledge, "Soldier Form" Monster  search
D-BT04-0010 Lavapick Dragon Monster  RR  search
D-BT04-0116 Light Demon, Excephon Pose Impact Monster  Secret  search
D-BT04-0070 Megadroid Huge Monster  search
D-BT04-0011 Mera Blade Dragon "SD" Monster  RR  search
D-BT04-0050 Mission Card of Judgment "Great Spell, Apocalypse" Spell  search
D-BT04-0077 Mission Complete "Great Spell Apocalypse Day" Spell  search
D-BT04-0084 Monopolize Sun Spell  search
D-BT04-0109 Mud Demon, Bobaross Impact Monster  search
D-BT04-0108 Mud Demon, Eyetopicon Impact Monster  search
D-BT04-0063 Obituary Spell  search
D-BT04-0063D Obituary Spell  search
D-BT04-0063X Obituary Spell  search
D-BT04-0089 Obstinacy Drink, Bunny Call Spell  search
D-BT04-0029 Ozon A Monster  search
D-BT04-0030 Ozon B Monster  search
D-BT04-0087 Ozon C Monster  search
D-BT04-0026 Ozon Z Monster  search
D-BT04-0005 Party Supression Type Uniform, Blazer Frill Monster  RRR  search
D-BT04-0058 Perforating Trickster, Pitt Monster  search
D-BT04-0052 Powered Dragon Jr. Monster  search
D-BT04-0091 Quiescence of Cassiade Spell  search
D-BT04-0002 Remote Trickster, Lone Remote Monster  RRR  search
D-BT04-0079 Remove Spell  search
D-BT04-0043 Rescue Dragon, Mach Braver Monster  search
D-BT04-0102 Rescue Dragon, Wave Slicer Monster  search
D-BT04-0088 Reset Button Spell  search
D-BT04-0017 Ride-Changer Vice Captain, Quick Connect mk-Ⅱ Monster  RR  search
D-BT04-0069 Ride-Changer, Blast Monster  search
D-BT04-0103 Ride-Changer, Lapeledge Monster  search
D-BT04-0094 Rolling Punch Spell  search
D-BT04-0099 Soul Steal Spell  search
D-BT04-0039 Soul Sucking Blade, Suctiwon Item  search
D-BT04-0096 Staff of the Calm King, Rod of Miserea Item  search
D-BT04-0110 Steel Hammer of Justice! Spell  search
D-BT04-0085 Sun Deity's Aura Spell  search
D-BT04-0056 Sun Fist, Bal Knuckle Charge Item  search
D-BT04-0020 Sun in the Darkness Spell  RR  search
D-BT04-0024 Sun Mirror Spell  search
D-BT04-0025 Sun Stone, Bal Flame Item  search
D-BT04-0057 Sun Sword, Cloud Slasher Item  search
D-BT04-0008 Super Sun Dragon, Balle Soleil Monster  RRR  search
D-BT04-0114 Super Sun Dragon, Balle Soleil Monster  BR  search
D-BT04-Secret Super Sun Dragon, Balle Soleil Monster  Secret  search
D-BT04-0028 Tempting Trickster, Iyan Monster  search
D-BT04-0012 Thunder Beast Spear, Bestia Item  RR  search
D-BT04-S002 Thunder Beast Spear, Bestia Item  SP  search
D-BT04-0095 Trap Maker Item  search
D-BT04-0036 Treacherous Subject, Belzergald Monster  search
D-BT04-0027 Triumphal Knight, El Quixote Monster  search
D-BT04-0042 Uniform Warrior, Police Frill Monster  search
D-BT04-0042D Uniform Warrior, Police Frill Monster  search
D-BT04-0107 Water Demon, Hyudraules Impact Monster  search
D-BT04-0073 Wind Demon, Caymon Impact Monster  search
D-BT04-0074 Wind Demon, Cololoon Impact Monster  search
D-BT04-0031 Wind Scaled Spear, Eskamal Item  search
D-BT04-S001 Wind Scaled Spear, Eskamal Item  SP  search
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