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D Climax Booster: Dragon Fighters

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D Climax Booster: Dragon Fighters: 136 cards
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D-CBT-0115 Abygale "SD" Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0016 Aettir "SD" Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0097 Armor Talisman: COUNTER ATTACK Spell  search
D-CBT-0010 Armorknight Buster Cerberus "A" Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0077 Armorknight, Werewolf Monster  search
D-CBT-0086 Arrival of Raging Spirits! Spell  search
D-CBT-0026 Art of Explosive Hades Fall Spell  search
D-CBT-0032 Astraeus,"Birthday of Wind and Stars" Impact Monster  search
D-CBT-0047 Binds of a Despot Spell  search
D-CBT-0116 Black Cloth Blade Spell  Secret  search
D-CBT-0114 Black Death Dragon of Retaliation, Abygale Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0113 Black Great Canyon, Disgorge Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0063 Black Mausoleum Ruins, Sepultura Monster  search
D-CBO2-0107 Black Sky Sun Dragon, Azi Dahaka "Daeva" Monster  BR  search
D-CBT-00107x Black Sky Sun Dragon, Azi Dahaka "Daeva" Monster  BR  search
D-CBT-0123 Black Sky Sun Dragon, Azi Dahaka "Daeva" Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0124 Black Sky Sun Dragon, Azi Dahaka "Daeva" Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0083 Blue Secret Katana, Zetsu Item  search
D-CBT-0058 Caprico Life! Noboru Monster  search
D-CBT-0035 Captain Answer, "THE Another Lesson!" Impact Monster  search
D-CBT-0030 Champion Lord, "Bravery of the Chief!" Impact Monster  search
D-CBT-0042 Chaos Blade, Joker Monster  search
D-CBT-0055 Chief of Adversity, Revenger Shou Monster  search
D-CBT-0054 Chief of Roar, Howling Kiba Monster  search
D-CBT-0090 Columba Fact Monster  search
D-CBT-0012 Companion Katana of Magatsu, Yamigitsune Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0039 Composite Black Dragon, Bahamut Death Tallica Monster  search
D-CBT-0040 Composite Zombie Dragon, Gallows Karn Monster  search
D-CBT-0074 Crismson Battler, Splendor Needle Monster  search
D-CBT-0096 Cursed Demon Idol Item  search
D-CBT-SP2 Darkness Dragon World Flag  SP  search
D-CBT-0033 Dead Carrier Spell  search
D-CBT-0095 DEATH Favor! Spell  search
D-CBT-0067 Death Grip Spell  search
D-CBT-0001 Deity Fire Cavalry Dragon, Romedius Monster  RRR  search
D-CBT-0079 Demon Slay Bloodwind Wall Spell  search
D-CBT-0005 Demonic Battle Demon, Zetta Monster  RRR  search
D-CBT-0104 Dragon Force, "Style of Impact" Item  BR  search
D-CBT-0112 Dragon Force, "Style of Impact" Item  Secret  search
D-CBT-0106 Dragon Force, "Style of Justice" Item  BR  search
D-CBT-0106X Dragon Force, "Style of Justice" Item  BR  search
D-CBT-0122 Dragon Force, "Style of Justice" Item  Secret  search
D-CBT-0105 Dragon Force, "Style of Retaliation" Item  BR  search
D-CBT-0117 Dragon Force, "Style of Retaliation" Item  Secret  search
D-CBT-0045 Dragon Life Spear, Royal Lance Item  search
D-CBT-0108 Dragon of the Shining Sun, Bal Dragon Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-SP1 Dragon World Flag  SP  search
D-CBT-SP4 Dragon Zwei Flag  SP  search
D-CBT-0119 Dragonarms, Siltfighter Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0038 Dragoneraser, Octojammer Monster  search
D-CBT-0071 Dragoneraser, Spare Monster  search
D-CBT-0003 Earth Tremor Black Dragon, Soulvaag Monster  RRR  search
D-CBT-0102 Eliminator, Shugar Monster  search
D-CBT-0043 Explosion Claw, Raikou Item  search
D-CBT-0021 Fifth Omni Super Cavalry Dragon, Phoenix Bow Meglax Monster  search
D-CBT-0100 Flame Demon, Mega Ecliksys Impact Monster  search
D-CBT-0009 Flaredevice Dragon Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0118 Full Liberate Jackknife Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0066 Gate Guider, D'te Monster  search
D-CBT-0020 Ghostly Spirit Yamigedo, "Hundred Demons Thunder Mine" Impact Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0059 Golden Treasurebox Spell  search
D-CBT-0017 Great Pirate, Captain Kaido Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0051 Great Spell, Amanosuzu Chance! Spell  search
D-CBT-0014 Great Spell, Collapse of Valhalla Spell  RR  search
D-CBT-0062 Gymir's Staff Item  search
D-CBT-0110 Heat Wave Spell  Secret  search
D-CBT-0092 Hero's Base, Camelot Castle Spell  search
D-CBT-0048 Invoke Impetuous Deity, Hibakara Item  search
D-CBT-0098 It's Here, the NEW Suit! Spell  search
D-CBT-0103 Legblade, Avenge Item  search
D-CBT-0121 Liberate Shoot Spell  Secret  search
D-CBT-0085 Lightning Tail Bruder Monster  search
D-CBT-0034 Lost Memory Masked Vantage, Mid Knight Monster  search
D-CBT-0052 Luck Determined Outcome, Byakuya "SD" Monster  search
D-CBT-0025 Luck Determined Outcome, Tsukikage "SD" Monster  search
D-CBT-0049 Magical Artillery Soldier, Canooner Monster  search
D-CBT-0089 Magical Beast Tamer Flute, G'boy Item  search
D-CBT-0019 Meteorarms, Dragsolar Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0027 Mikazuki Munechika, "Forbidden Art Blade Deity Descends!" Impact Monster  search
D-CBT-0008 Mysterious Fortune Teller, Sofia Monster  RRR  search
D-CBT-0023 Nice one! Spell  search
D-CBT-0041 Noble Magician, Suzuha Monster  search
D-CBT-0060 Ophiuchus Starsentinel, Orphiuco Monster  search
D-CBT-0087 Ozon B's Cat Monster  search
D-CBT-0081 Passion Fighter, Beleth Monster  search
D-CBT-0011 Passion Trainer, Asmodai Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0002 Pinnacle of Martial Arts, Duel Jaeger "God Vortoise" Monster  RRR  search
D-CBT-0028 Pinnacle of Martial Arts, Duel Sieger "God Eclipse" Monster  search
D-CBT-0120 Proto Barrier Spell  Secret  search
D-CBT-0018 Purgatory Knights, Jackknife Dragon Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0029 Reflection Dragon Moon Spell  search
D-CBT-0064 Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Agaarok Monster  search
D-CBT-0044 Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Badegg Monster  search
D-CBT-0065 Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Bazolii Monster  search
D-CBT-0125 Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Fiellder Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0128 Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Horned Serpent Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0127 Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Jovnozuk Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0101 Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Worldporter Monster  search
D-CBT-0075 Rhompire Dragon Monster  search
D-CBT-0099 Ride-Changer Headquarters, -Maintenance Dock- Spell  search
D-CBT-0069 Ride-Changer Scouting Team, Seekerz Monster  search
D-CBT-0088 Rolling Stone Spell  search
D-CBT-0024 Rucifiel, "Rewind Clock!" Impact Monster  search
D-CBT-0094 Scar Face Spell  search
D-CBT-0053 Secret Sword, Dragon Vanquish Formation Impact  search
D-CBT-0109 Shake Hands Dragon Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0050 Silhouette Elfin Monster  search
D-CBT-0057 Son of the Demon Lord, Delis Highlow Monster  search
D-CBT-0015 Spawn of the Demonic Dragon, Booze Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0126 Spawn of the Demonic Dragon, Haarid Monster  Secret  search
D-CBT-0093 Spawn of the Demonic Dragon, Rust Monster  search
D-CBT-0007 Star Deity Combined Dragon, Zodiac "es" Monster  RRR  search
D-CBT-SP3 Star Dragon World Flag  SP  search
D-CBT-0004 Star Dragoner, Astrobeacon Monster  RRR  search
D-CBT-0013 Steel Rending Wings, Bladewing Phoenix Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0082 Strength Beckoner, Kotenso Monster  search
D-CBT-0037 Stronger Teagle:01 Monster  search
D-CBT-0006 Successor of the Omni Lord, Mukuro Monster  RRR  search
D-CBT-0111 Sun Dragon Shield Spell  Secret  search
D-CBT-0072 Synthetic Enemy, Deathgaze With a Hit Monster  search
D-CBT-0091 Taurus Starsentinel, Tauro Monster  search
D-CBT-0061 Tevas Gard Spell  search
D-CBT-0073 Throwing Dragon, Nagerucorga Monster  search
D-CBT-0078 Tyrant Statue Monster  search
D-CBT-0078a Tyrant Statue Monster  search
D-CBT-0046 Tyrant Virus Monster  search
D-CBT-0056 Underling, Battery Den Monster  search
D-CBT-0084 Underling, Nocurve Sei Monster  search
D-CBT-0068 Uniform Warrior, Hakuran Frill Monster  search
D-CBT-0022 Unlocked Eye, Helle Gepard Monster  search
D-CBT-0136 Unlocked Eye, Helle Gepard Monster  RR  search
D-CBT-0080 Violent Axe, Bind Cutter Slash Item  search
D-CBT-0036 Water Demon, Katarakutes Impact Monster  search
D-CBT-0076 Weep Dragon Jr. Monster  search
D-CBT-0031 Wind Frolicker, Sylph Monster  search
D-CBT-0070 Wind Ghost, Aeril Impact Monster  search
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