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Extra Pack 7: Code:Dingir - Dragonic Order

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Extra Pack 7: Code:Dingir - Dragonic Order: 56 cards
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E07-005 Adjudicator of the Dragon Judge, Astraea Z/X  search
E07-039 Awakening of Original Sin, Animus Z/X  SR  search
E07-021 Azure-Piercing Gyromech, Helical Fort Z/X Extra  DR  search
E07-015 Beam Nunchaku, Rastaban Z/X  search
E07-054 Bloom-Raising Cherry Blossom, Noble Grove Z/X Extra  DR  search
E07-044 Breath of the Black Dragon Z/X  UC  search
E07-022 Breath of the Blue Dragon Z/X  UC  search
E07-055 Breath of the Green Dragon Event  UC  search
E07-011 Breath of the Red Dragon Z/X  UC  search
E07-033 Breath of the White Dragon Z/X  search
E07-036 Chaos of Reason, Alice Z/X  UC  search
E07-034 Corrosive Scalebeast, Massstab Z/X  search
E07-025 Dance in the Blue Sky, Ciel Z/X  search
E07-010 Daybreak-Announcing Flamespear, Lord Crimson Z/X Extra  DR  search
E07-023 Dragblade, Hiruzen Z/X  UC  search
E07-007 Dragon Gun Craftsman, Cannon Z/X  UC  search
E07-028 Dragon Knight's Follower, Chausie Z/X  UC  search
E07-004 Dragon-Tiger Burning Eyes, Tiger's Eye Z/X  search
E07-009 Dragonflame Sword King, Cardinal Blade Z/X  search
E07-053 Dragonflower Luxuriant King, Ivy Wing Z/X  search
E07-042 Dragonhell Blade Queen, Destiny Bane Z/X  search
E07-020 Dragonsea Gun Queen, Drive Pinion Z/X  search
E07-030 Dragonsky Heaven Queen, Holy Sky Z/X  search
E07-040 Dragonsliding Stunt, Current Z/X  UC  search
E07-051 Eight Precious Beauties - Mischief Queen, Laurel Z/X  SR  search
E07-035 Fangseed Bud, Becky Z/X  search
E07-045 Fate Escort, Were-Cat Z/X  search
E07-026 Flamma the Dragonflame Z/X  search
E07-047 Flying Seedwings, Dandelion Z/X  search
E07-052 Fuso Dragon, Axis Leaf Z/X  search
E07-032 Genesis-Guiding Lumenblade, Innocent Star Z/X Extra  DR  search
E07-002 Genie of Fiery Sand, Marid Z/X  search
E07-027 Guardian of the Dragon Water, Aura Genbu Z/X  UC  search
E07-029 Holyflame Dragon, Purifire Z/X  search
E07-003 Howling Thunder Beast, Black Dog Z/X  UC  search
E07-008 Inheritor Dragon, Blaze Knight Z/X  search
E07-001 Koga Kunoichi, Mochizuki Chiyome Z/X  search
E07-006 Limitless Weapon, Armed Z/X  SR  search
E07-038 Mark of Dethronement, Entthronen Z/X  search
E07-012 Mechdragon Regeneration, Technetium Z/X  UC  search
E07-050 Miraculous Fang, Ginryusou Z/X  UC  search
E07-031 Morningstar Black Knight, Alpamayo Z/X  SR  search
E07-024 Nativity Holy Beast, Aura Tonakai Z/X  search
E07-048 Painless Phantom Grass, Papilio Marquee Z/X  UC  search
E07-013 Penetrating Vanguard, Invisible Z/X  search
E07-041 Purgatory Dragon, Furgatorie Z/X  search
E07-017 Reciter of the Dragon Voice, Menotti Z/X  UC  search
E07-019 Reconstructor, Polaris Z/X  SR  search
E07-056 Ruin-Sky Dragon, Last Theorem Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
E07-043 Ruination-Inviting Swordjail, Realm Razer Z/X  DR  search
E07-016 Scalechant Elegy, Hanson Z/X  search
E07-037 Scratching Cat Spirit, Ghost Cat Z/X  search
E07-049 Spiritual Power Dragonfly, Leaf Gunbai Z/X  search
E07-018 Starpath Dragon, Sling Driver Z/X  search
E07-014 Transformed Roaring Dragon, Toshogu Z/X  search
E07-046 Vajra of Reverse Scale, Mokuren Z/X  search
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