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Starter Deck Vol.10

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Starter Deck Vol.10: 16 cards
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C17-016 Autumn Leaves Viewing Event  search
C17-013 Beastman Were-Hedgehog Z/X  search
C17-003 Conductor of Sword Tricks, Crepus Z/X  SR  search
C17-007 Crushing Tombstone Z/X  search
C17-002 Dead-Urging "Flicker", Ereshkigal Z/X Extra  SR  search
C17-006 Devil of Charm, Charmera Z/X  PR  search
C17-008 Devilish Ghost, Leanan Sidhe Z/X  UC  search
C17-004 Divine Spear of the Pure Land, Anavatapta Z/X  SR  search
C17-015 Giant Horn Beastman, Were-Aurochs Z/X  UC  search
C17-011 Jet-Black Fallen Boundary Event  search
C17-014 Merry Dandelion Z/X  search
C17-012 Refined Hirauchi Hairpin, Hanamomo Z/X  search
C17-009 Snow Hut Expert, Cookie Z/X  search
C17-005 Supervoltage Plug, Elekiller Z/X  UC  search
C17-010 Sword Maiden of Midnight, Crepus Z/X  SR  search
C17-001 Yamato Tennoji Player  SR  search
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