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Starter Deck - Dragon Maiden

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Starter Deck - Dragon Maiden: 17 cards
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C18-011 Accountant, Alpine Z/X  search
C18-001 Dragon Miko Player  SR  search
C18-013 Evilbane, Kirat Z/X  search
C18-016 G1 Grand Prix Queen, K2 Z/X  PR  search
C18-007 Icedeep Elegy, Celine Z/X  search
C18-015 Lightburst Scatterer, Meili Shan Z/X  search
C18-010 Original XIII Type.VI "Mt13Ve" Z/X  SR  search
C18-008 Oscillation Machine, Quake Z/X  search
C18-006 Plague Machine, Pox Z/X  UC  search
C18-017 Quickening of Spirit Event  search
C18-012 RencontrĂ©e the Interceptor Z/X  PR  search
C18-005 Ruin-Sky Dragon, Last Theorem Z/X Extra  SR  search
C18-009 Starpath Dragon, Sling Driver Z/X  search
C18-002 True Dragon of Earth, Theogonius Z/X  SR  search
C18-003 True Dragon of Fire, Astveria Z/X  SR  search
C18-004 True Dragon of Sea, Reductonum Z/X Extra  SR  search
C18-014 Won't Miss Flower Viewing, Mike Z/X  PR  search
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