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Fighters Collection 2017

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Fighters Collection 2017: 78 cards
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G-FC04-075 Air Element, Ractome Cray Elemental  RR  search
G-FC04-010 Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Mandala Ryuou Murakumo  GR  search
G-FC04-034 Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Shirahagino Murakumo  RRR  search
G-FC04-057 Artillery Dragon, Flint Ankylo Tachikaze  RR  search
G-FC04-033 Barrage Giant Cannon, Bullish Primer Tachikaze  RRR  search
G-FC04-067 Bernard the Ghostie Granblue  RR  search
G-FC04-051 Black Medic, Eleleth Angel Feather  RR  search
G-FC04-027 Black Seraph, Eleleth Angel Feather  RRR  search
G-FC04-003 Black Seraph, Vellator Terminal Angel Feather  GR  search
G-FC04-044 Blessed Sparkle, Sandy Bermuda Triangle  RRR  search
G-FC04-021 Blue Swirl Marshal Dragon, Last Twister Dragon Aqua Force  GR  search
G-FC04-016 Casket of Absolute Zero, Rutland Betray Dark Irregulars  GR  search
G-FC04-072 Cherry & Blossom Neo Nectar  RR  search
G-FC04-002 Chief Deity of the Heavens, Amaterasu Oracle Think Tank  GR  search
G-FC04-011 Conquering Supreme Dragon, Closer Dragon Narukami  GR  search
G-FC04-004 Dark Knight, Irgahn Vert Shadow Paladin  GR  search
G-FC04-038 Darkness that Lights Up Demise, Lacus Carina Link Joker  RRR  search
G-FC04-009 Destruction Tyrant, Volcantyranno Tachikaze  GR  search
G-FC04-043 Diabolist of Solicitation, Negronora Granblue  RRR  search
G-FC04-013 Dimensional Robo Overall Command, Ultimate Daiking Dimension Police  GR  search
G-FC03-001 Divine Knight of Condensed Light, Olbius Avalon Royal Paladin  GR  search
G-FC04-053 Elixia Liberator Gold Paladin  RR  search
G-FC04-060 Extreme Battler, Gunseal Nova Grappler  RR  search
G-FC04-012 Fang Dragon King Fist, Driger Nova Grappler  GR  search
G-FC04-020 Festal Finale, Final Priscilla Bermuda Triangle  GR  search
G-FC04-024 Flower Princess of Candor, Lindroos Premier Neo Nectar  GR  search
G-FC04-048 Flower Princess of Cherry, Kosterina Neo Nectar  RRR  search
G-FC04-014 Genesis Machine Deity, Altwilder Link Joker  GR  search
G-FC04-014EN Genesis Machine Deity, Altwilder EN Link Joker  GR  search
G-FC04-006 Goddess of Settlement, Pallas Athena Genesis  GR  search
G-FC04-005 Golden Knight of Links, Celtis Winner Gold Paladin  GR  search
G-FC04-056 Good Luck Smile, Zashikihime Nubatama  RR  search
G-FC04-070 Gourmet Battler, Relish Girl Megacolony  RR  search
G-FC04-045 Guard Leader of Sky and Water, Ihoannes Aqua Force  RRR  search
G-FC04-068 Happy Roots, Sandy Bermuda Triangle  RR  search
G-FC04-074 Heat Element, Merindol Cray Elemental  RR  search
G-FC04-025 Holy Beast, Divine Maskkgal Royal Paladin  RRR  search
G-FC04-023 Immortality Professor, Sahasrara Veera Great Nature  GR  search
G-FC04-018 Interdimensional Dragon, Beyond Order Dragon Gear Chronicle  GR  search
G-FC04-032 Jinx Stealth Fiend, Zashikihime Nubatama  RRR  search
G-FC04-041 Kinesis Megatrick, Coulthard Pale Moon  RRR  search
G-FC04-039 King of Interference, Terrible Linus Spike Brothers  RRR  search
G-FC04-062 Light that Lights Up Demise, Carina Link Joker  RR  search
G-FC04-050 Lozenge Magus Fine Oracle Think Tank  RR  search
G-FC04-049 Maskkgal Royal Paladin  RR  search
G-FC04-064 Medical Specialist, Vincent Dark Irregulars  RR  search
G-FC04-040 Medical Studies of Extinction, Vincent Dark Irregulars  RRR  search
G-FC04-059 Meditate Dracokid Narukami  RR  search
G-FC04-036 Meteokaiser, Gundreed Nova Grappler  RRR  search
G-FC04-037 Oceanic Conversion, Atlantis Dolphin Dimension Police  RRR  search
G-FC04-069 Officer Cadet, Ihoannes Aqua Force  RR  search
G-FC04-026 Persevering One, Lozenge Magus Apex Oracle Think Tank  RRR  search
G-FC04-055 Positive Dracokid Kagerō  RR  search
G-FC04-065 Psycho Magician, Coulthard Pale Moon  RR  search
G-FC04-071 Refugee Spangled Great Nature  RR  search
G-FC04-063 Reserver Linus Spike Brothers  RR  search
G-FC04-008 Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Rokushikirakan Nubatama  GR  search
G-FC04-061 Saving Dolphin Dimension Police  RR  search
G-FC04-017 Scream Dragon Master, Droll Kimberly Pale Moon  GR  search
G-FC04-058 Secretive Stealth Rogue, Hagino Murakumo  RR  search
G-FC04-046 Seven Stars Mutant Deity, Relish Lady Megacolony  RRR  search
G-FC04-047 Sheltered Heiress, Spangled Great Nature  RRR  search
G-FC04-035 Sky Guardian Supreme Dragon, Impede Dragon Narukami  RRR  search
G-FC04-073 Snow Element, Valancher Cray Elemental  RR  search
G-FC04-022 Suppression Mutant Deity, Tyrantis Megacolony  GR  search
G-FC04-031 Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Advance Guard Dragon Kagerō  RRR  search
G-FC04-007 Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Blazing Burst Dragon Kagerō  GR  search
G-FC04-015 Temerarious Cataclysmic Rogue, Hellhard Eight Spike Brothers  GR  search
G-FC04-066 Time Etching Maiden, Uluru Gear Chronicle  RR  search
G-FC04-066EN Time Etching Maiden, Uluru English Gear Chronicle  RR  search
G-FC04-042 Time Maiden of Eternity, Uluru Gear Chronicle  RRR  search
G-FC04-042EN Time Maiden of Eternity, Uluru English Gear Chronicle  RRR  search
G-FC04-029 True Liberator of Healing, Ellise Gold Paladin  RRR  search
G-FC04-019 Unfading Ship, Immortal Galleon Granblue  GR  search
G-FC04-054 Witch of Great Talent, Laurier Genesis  RR  search
G-FC04-052 Witch of Heresy, Jeliddo Shadow Paladin  RR  search
G-FC04-030 Witch Queen of Accomplishment, Laurier Genesis  RRR  search
G-FC04-028 Witch Queen of Iniquity, Jeliddo Shadow Paladin  RRR  search
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