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X Special Series 2: Radiant Evolution VS Purgatory Knights Conviction

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X Special Series 2: Radiant Evolution VS Purgatory Knights Conviction: 48 cards
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X-SS02-0022 Barracal Barret Spell  search
X-SS02-0007 Biggest Dragonarms, Sonic Blast Monster  search
X-SS02-0041 Black Dragon Shield Spell  search
X-SS02-0043 Crush that Body, and Sustain Mine Spell  search
X-SS02-0047 Darkness Dragon World Flag  search
X-SS02-0048 Darkness Dragon World Flag  search
X-SS02-0045 Distortion Punisher!! Impact  search
X-SS02-0014 Dragonarms, Charger Monster  search
X-SS02-0017 Dragonarms, Garbel Anchor Monster  search
X-SS02-0015 Dragonarms, Radiant Alma Monster  search
X-SS02-0004 Dragonarms, Radiant Fuel Monster  search
X-SS02-0013 Dragonarms, Radiant Scudo Monster  search
X-SS02-0011 Dragonarms, Vogel Monster  search
X-SS02-0020 Earth Barrier Spell  search
X-SS02-0031 Genocide Punisher!! Impact  search
X-SS02-0008 Great Dragonarms, The Main Force Monster  search
X-SS02-0001 Hero Dragon, Jackknife Monster  search
X-SS02-0042 Life Dwells in the Flames of Hades Too Spell  search
X-SS02-0021 Proto Barrier Spell  search
X-SS02-0046 Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword "Chaos Execution!" Impact Monster  search
X-SS02-0033 Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword "Inferno" Monster  search
X-SS02-0035 Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword Dragon Monster  search
X-SS02-0039 Purgatory Knights, Angry Hand Dragon Monster  search
X-SS02-0032 Purgatory Knights, Death Sickle "Calvary" Monster  search
X-SS02-0027 Purgatory Knights, Demons Rapier Dragon Monster  search
X-SS02-0037 Purgatory Knights, Eraser Hand Dragon Monster  search
X-SS02-0038 Purgatory Knights, Eval Grebe Dragon Monster  search
X-SS02-0040 Purgatory Knights, Forever Spell  search
X-SS02-0034 Purgatory Knights, Gairahm Lance Dragon Monster  search
X-SS02-0028 Purgatory Knights, Needle Claw Dragon Monster  search
X-SS02-0036 Purgatory Knights, Venom Spike Dragon Monster  search
X-SS02-0044 Purgatory Sword, Fatal Item  search
X-SS02-0002 Radiant Dragoner, Jackknife "Sol Aster" Monster  RRR  search
X-SS02-0009 Radiant Guardian, Jackknife "Aster" Monster  search
X-SS02-0024 Radiant Punisher!! Impact  search
X-SS02-0023 Radiant Saber, Providence Item  search
X-SS02-0006 Radiant Star, Linkage Item  search
X-SS02-0025 Star Dragon World (card) Flag  search
X-SS02-0003 Star Dragoner, Jackknife "SD" Monster  search
X-SS02-0016 Star Dragoner, Luminous Blue Monster  search
X-SS02-0010 Star Guardian, Jackknife Monster  search
X-SS02-0018 Star Jack Boost Spell  search
X-SS02-0005 Star Jack Docking Spell  search
X-SS02-0019 Star Jack Repair Spell  search
X-SS02-0030 Sword of Purgatory Knights Leader , Demios Sword Item  search
X-SS02-0026 The Foundation of Purgatory Knights, Lord Demios Monster  search
X-SS02-0012 V Gradation, Quantum Ruler Monster  search
X-SS02-0029 We Traverse the Blood-soaked Demonic Path Spell  search
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