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X Character Pack 1: Extreme!! 100 Yen Dragon

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X Character Pack 1: Extreme!! 100 Yen Dragon: 84 cards
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X-CP01-0026 A Faint Memory, Batzz Monster  search
X-CP01-0014 A Hero's Spirit, Jackknife "Spirit" Monster  RR  search
X-CP01-0084 A Heroes Spirit, Jackknife "Spirit" Monster  RR  search
X-CP01-0046 Aloof Jaggy Monster  search
X-CP01-0025 Alps Dragon Knight Lord, Geronimo Monster  search
X-CP01-0022 Arc Dragon Odachi Item  RR  search
X-CP01-0038 Arc Dragon Pistol Item  search
X-CP01-0001 Armordeity, Energia Monster  RRR  search
X-CP01-0009 Bal Dragon, "Double Balverize Blade!" Impact Monster  RRR  search
X-CP01-0006 Batzz "SD" Monster  RRR  search
X-CP01-0071 Bearer of Sins, Batzz Monster  Secret  search
X-CP01-BR01 Bearer of Sins, Batzz Monster  BR  search
X-CP01-0021 Blade Dragon Shield Spell  RR  search
X-CP01-0061 Buddy C'mon! Spell  search
X-CP01-0062 Buddy Together! Spell  search
X-CP01-0034 Burning Dragon Jr. Monster  search
X-CP01-0076 Burning Dragon Jr. Monster  Secret  search
X-CP01-0043 Cannonball Squad Monster  search
X-CP01-0033 Cavalry Dragon, Rocinante Monster  search
X-CP01-0029 Chained Strikes Warlock, Rabukh Monster  RR  search
X-CP01-0055 Combat Medic, Stripe Monster  search
X-CP01-0068 Convertible Dragon Lance, Gearzlance Item  search
X-CP01-0005 Crimson Battler, Bal Dragon Monster  RRR  search
X-CP01-0049 Crimson Battler, Gunzarm Dragon Monster  search
X-CP01-0030 Crimson Battler, Rock Bunker Dragon Monster  search
X-CP01-0040 Crimson Fist, Dragoplus Item  search
X-CP01-0078 Crimson Fist, Dragoplus Item  Secret  search
X-CP01-0020 Demon Lord's Roaring Dragon Blast Spell  RR  search
X-CP01-0066 Dragobond Spell  search
X-CP01-0070 Dragon Cavalry Arts, Spirit Aura! Impact  search
X-CP01-0045 Dragon Knight Directive, Bertrand Monster  search
X-CP01-0032 Dragon Knight Great Emperor, Maximilian Monster  search
X-CP01-0059 Dragon Knight of Mind's Eye, Galileo Monster  search
X-CP01-0048 Dragon Knight of Mirror, Carrasco Monster  search
X-CP01-0019 Dragonic Charge, "Plus" Spell  RR  search
X-CP01-0008 Dragosucceed Spell  RRR  search
X-CP01-0010 Drum Bunker, "Drill Ram Buster Break!" Impact Monster  RRR  search
X-CP01-0042 Eliminator Warlock, Paydos Monster  search
X-CP01-0031 Famed Military Deviser, Fanning Monster  search
X-CP01-0072 Famed Military Deviser, Fanning Monster  Secret  search
X-CP01-0063 Fire Dragon Shield Spell  search
X-CP01-0041 Fist Dragon of Torrid Flames, Olganorls Monster  search
X-CP01-0050 Giant Arm Man, Bulbus Monster  search
X-CP01-0013 Golden Dragon Knight King, Tutankhamun Monster  RR  search
X-CP01-0002 Head of Explosive Dragon Family, Vumvorl Monster  RRR  search
X-CP01-0012 Ice Dragon Race Czar, Icicle Monster  RR  search
X-CP01-0007 In the Name of Thunder Empire! Spell  RRR  search
X-CP01-0051 Lightkeeper Dragon Monster  search
X-CP01-0027 Orsogoneon of Ten-Heads Chopper Monster  search
X-CP01-0077 Paramount Neo Dragon, Drum the Maximum Future Monster  Secret  search
X-CP01-BR03 Paramount Neo Dragon, Drum the Maximum Future Monster  BR  search
X-CP01-0011 Rapid Master, Crescente Monster  RR  search
X-CP01-0054 Recce, Fan-Fan Monster  search
X-CP01-0044 Recovery Warlock, Tohal Monster  search
X-CP01-0016 Rumored Ruiner, Manicrack Monster  RR  search
X-CP01-0036 Sand Dragon Shield Spell  search
X-CP01-0079 Sand Dragon Shield Spell  Secret  search
83 Second Coming of Demon Lord, Batzz Monster  RRR  search
X-CP01-0074 Style of Impact, Bal Dragon Monster  Secret  search
X-CP01-BR02 Style of Impact, Bal Dragon Monster  BR  search
X-CP01-0028 Sun Deity's Fragment, Bal Burn Monster  search
X-CP01-0075 Sun Deity's Fragment, Bal Burn Monster  Secret  search
X-CP01-0017 Sun Deity's Fragment, Bal Flamme Monster  RR  search
X-CP01-0018 Sun Deity's Fragment, Bal Glow Monster  RR  search
X-CP01-0064 Sun Dragon Shield Spell  search
X-CP01-0023 Super Armordragon, Galvanic Horn Dragon Monster  search
X-CP01-0057 Support Warlock, Yaida Monster  search
X-CP01-0058 Surprise Spike Monster  search
X-CP01-0052 Systemic Commander Dragon Monster  search
X-CP01-0053 Tactician, Sanjao Monster  search
X-CP01-0024 Third Crimson Chieftain, Heedless Agni Monster  search
X-CP01-0039 Thunder Knights Banner Item  search
X-CP01-0047 Thunder Knights, Broadsword "Withshield" Monster  search
X-CP01-0056 Thunder Knights, Dragoarcher Monster  search
X-CP01-0069 Thunder Orb Item  search
X-CP01-0065 Thunder X Doll Spell  search
X-CP01-0037 Thunder X Flash Spell  search
X-CP01-0073 Thunder X Flash Spell  Secret  search
X-CP01-0035 Tiny Flame Dragon, Linear Monster  search
X-CP01-0015 Undying Dragon Knight Duke, Vlad Dracula Monster  RR  search
X-CP01-0003 Unyielding Rampage Dragon, Batzz Monster  RRR  search
X-CP01-0067 Vanguard Retreat Spell  search
X-CP01-0004 Veteran Thunder Knights Leader, Kommandeur Fahne Monster  RRR  search
X-CP01-0060 Winning with Wits Spell  search
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