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LBT01 We're Luck&Logic Club!

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LBT01 We're Luck&Logic Club!: 96 cards
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LBT01-G002 Ado Sukinanoka Gate  SCR  search
LBT01-075 Ado Sukinanoka & Raibu Rojikudo Gate  search
LBT01-035 Are There Any Bad Kids Tactics  search
LBT01-033 Asking for a Card, Ado Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-013 Asking for a Card, Unne Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-048 Black Cat Familiar, Raibu Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-062 Blue Sky, Ronri Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-024 Boom!! Ado Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-030 Bright Red Nose, Ado Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-084 Chaos Gate  search
LBT01-074 Close Friends! Gate  search
LBT01-008 Cornered, Unne/Ronri Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-054 Cosplaying Day Paradox  PxR  search
LBT01-041 Critical Moment, Raibu/Unne Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-022 Deeply Moved! Ado/Unne/Ronri Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-077 Endo-san Gate  search
LBT01-011 Eye Beams, Unne Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-014 Fate's Winner, Unne Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-037 Final Boom Paradox  PxC  search
LBT01-060 Flawless Tactics, Ronri Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-042 Gifts from Santa, Raibu/Ado Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-020 Heart's Resolution, Ado/Unne/Ronri/Raibu Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
LBT01-S04 Heart's Resolution, Ado/Unne/Ronri/Raibu (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
LBT01-064 Hey! Boom! Ronri/Ado Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-070 Hustle Muscle! Tactics  search
LBT01-031 I'll Buy This Card! Ado/Unne Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-025 Introducing Herself, Ado Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-071 It Became a Mess Tactics  search
LBT01-057 It's Always There, Ronri/Unne Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
LBT01-S09 It's Always There, Ronri/Unne (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
LBT01-085 Japan's Top Card Gamer Gate  search
LBT01-051 Little Devil, Endo-san Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-007 Little Witch, Unne Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-073 Lonely Code Paradox  PxC  search
LBT01-055 Looks Pretty Nasty Paradox  PxC  search
LBT01-003 Luck & Logic in the Car, Unne/Ado/Raibu Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-006 Luck & Logic is the Universe, Unne Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-017 Luck of Luck Paradox  PxR  search
LBT01-G001 Luck&Logic Club Gate  SCR  search
LBT01-016 Luxurious Lunchbox Tactics  search
LBT01-050 Manager of Lucken, Endo-san Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-063 Merry Christmas, Ronri/Unne Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-026 More Important Thing, Ado/Ronri Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-028 My Favorite Card! Ado Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-010 Mysterious Dance, Unne Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-053 Mysterious Special Training Tactics  search
LBT01-043 New Club Member, Raibu Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-069 New Determination, Ronri Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-021 Nice to Meet You, Ado/Raibu Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
LBT01-S05 Nice to Meet You, Ado/Raibu (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
LBT01-068 Not Relying on Luck, Ronri Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-061 Our Logic, Ronri Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-040 Overtrance! Ado/Unne/Ronri/Raibu/Endo-san Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-065 President of the Luck&Logic Club, Ronri Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-023 Pumpkin~ Ado Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-012 Red Seashell, Unne Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-078 Ronri Fukai Gate  search
LBT01-005 Rule Explanation, Unne Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-049 Running on the Sandy Beach, Raibu Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-027 Runrun Pose, Ado/Unne/Ronri Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-052 Serious Blow Tactics  search
LBT01-047 Serious Match, Raibu Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-072 Sexy Pair Paradox  PxR  search
LBT01-018 Shake It up Baby! Paradox  PxC  search
LBT01-058 Smug Face, Ronri/Unne Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-067 Spring Cleaning, Ronri Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-002 Sudden Visitor, Unne/Ronri Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
LBT01-S02 Sudden Visitor, Unne/Ronri (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
LBT01-044 Summer Luck & Logic Festival, Raibu/Ado Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-059 Summer Luck & Logic, Ronri/Raibu Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-079 Surprised Ado-chan Gate  search
LBT01-032 Takoyaki Stand, Ado Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-009 Trance!? Unne/Ronri Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-015 Trio Fight! Tactics  search
LBT01-046 Unlosable Fight, Raibu Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-076 Unne Sonosaki Gate  search
LBT01-081 Useful Bone Gate  search
LBT01-083 Vast Universe Gate  search
LBT01-004 Victory with Three, Unne/Ado/Ronri Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-080 Wandering Desert Gate  search
LBT01-029 Watching a Fight, Ado Member (Super Logicalist)  search
LBT01-036 We're Luck&Logic Club Paradox  PxR  search
LBT01-I19 We're Luck&Logic Club! Ado Member (Tranceunion)  TR  search
LBT01-019 We're Luck&Logic Club! Ado (∞TR) Member (Tranceunion)  ∞TR  search
LBT01-039 We're Luck&Logic Club! Endo-san Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
LBT01-S07 We're Luck&Logic Club! Endo-san (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
LBT01-038 We're Luck&Logic Club! Raibu Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
LBT01-S06 We're Luck&Logic Club! Raibu (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
LBT01-056 We're Luck&Logic Club! Ronri Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
LBT01-S08 We're Luck&Logic Club! Ronri (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
LBT01-001 We're Luck&Logic Club! Unne Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
LBT01-S01 We're Luck&Logic Club! Unne (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
LBT01-045 Winning Prize, Endo-san Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-066 Wolf Girl, Ronri Member (Tranceunion)  search
LBT01-082 Worker Gate  search
LBT01-034 Worn-Out Tactics  search
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