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SPB01 Trance Re:union

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SPB01 Trance Re:union: 140 cards
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SPB01-054 Are you in High Spirits? Sandra Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-093 Arrow in the Moonlight, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
SPB01-S15 Arrow in the Moonlight, Aoi (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
SPB01-067 As Strong as Can Be, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-005 Barrier of Affection, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-010 Basking in the Sun, Aisha Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-050 Binding Prayer Beads, Mejiko Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-080 Bit Storm, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-070 Blade of Order, Luca Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-069 Boiling Fighting Spirit, Daiga Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-114 Bold Swing, Melchi Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-056 Brisk Waiter, Larva Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-032 Burning Grudge, Mejiko Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
SPB01-S06 Burning Grudge, Mejiko (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
SPB01-047 Calculated Slash, Salt Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-085 Call & Response, Sugar Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-090 Calm Tempest Paradox  PxC  search
SPB01-079 Captivating Sex Appeal, Enki Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-099 Certain Victory, Mana Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-084 Circling in the Sea, Fyrill Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-038 Cleaning Minister, Yukari Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-020 Contracting Grenade, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-086 Counterattack Gunfire, Teeb Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-120 Crescent Detonation Paradox  PxC  search
SPB01-058 Cursed Message Tactics  search
SPB01-087 Cyclone Punch! Tactics  search
SPB01-068 Daring and Resolute, Chloe Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-112 Deft Archery, Aoi Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-025 Diamond Soloist, Emerada Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-055 Digested Happiness, Huang-Huang Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-001 Dignified Heavenly Dragon of Electricity Formation, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  TR  search
SPB01-I01 Dignified Heavenly Dragon of Electricity Formation, Tamaki (∞TR) Member (Tranceunion)  ∞TR  search
SPB01-057 Dine and Dash Suspect Detention Tactics  search
SPB01-110 Drastic Flasher, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-009 Dreadful Sight, Tamaki Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-081 Drowsy-Looking, Ashley Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-035 Duel Collider, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-S001 Dynamic Ensemble, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  SCR  search
SPB01-088 Embarrassing Chance Meeting Tactics  search
SPB01-074 Enduring the Impact, Chloe Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-036 Evil Spirit on Both Hands, Mejiko Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-029 Facilitate Shower Paradox  PxR  search
SPB01-096 Ferocious Bull of Raging Billows, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-003 Flower Garden Blessing, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
SPB01-S03 Flower Garden Blessing, Nina (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
SPB01-046 For the Master, Larva Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-097 Forbidden Channeling, Mana Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-053 Frantic Chase, Mejiko Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-045 Full of Ambition, Yukari Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-023 Full of Determination, Liliana Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-082 Fully Enjoying Her Day Off, Chloe Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-007 Furioso Shout, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-048 Gluttonous, Quetzie Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-062 Golden Miracle, Chloe Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
SPB01-S10 Golden Miracle, Chloe (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
SPB01-013 Good Omen School of Fish, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-033 Graffiti Field, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
SPB01-S07 Graffiti Field, Yukari (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
SPB01-037 Grudge Rancher, Mejiko Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-071 Guiding Fallen Spirits, Valkyrie Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-065 Hammer of Punishment, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-024 Handed Down Treasure, "Divine Music" Otohime Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-049 Hatred Ray, Mejiko Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-017 Heart Pounding, Venus Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-034 Hidden Smile, Mejiko Member (Logicalist)  RR  search
SPB01-S08 Hidden Smile, Mejiko (SR) Member (Logicalist)  SR  search
SPB01-021 High Class Melody, Nina Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-091 High End Shooting, Mana Member (Tranceunion)  TR  search
SPB01-I13 High End Shooting, Mana (∞TR) Member (Tranceunion)  ∞TR  search
SPB01-077 Immersed in the Scene, Ashley Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-083 Imperturbable, Jade Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-111 Instantaneous Quick Wit, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-102 Intervening Backup, Mana Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-019 Invitation to Dreams, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-109 Killer Laser, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-113 Learning by Imitation, Mana Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-015 Letter from Kyoto, Tamaki Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-064 Library of Heaps, Ashley Member (Logicalist)  RR  search
SPB01-S12 Library of Heaps, Ashley (SR) Member (Logicalist)  SR  search
SPB01-103 Little Heart, Mana Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-100 Live Ammunition Exercise, Mana Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-S004 Longbow in the Moonlight, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  SCR  search
SPB01-002 Lovely Spiral, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
SPB01-S02 Lovely Spiral, Tamaki (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
SPB01-098 Mach Boost, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-072 March of Spirits and Goblins, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-060 Marvel Explode Paradox  PxC  search
SPB01-004 Meet Expectations, Nina Member (Logicalist)  RR  search
SPB01-S04 Meet Expectations, Nina (SR) Member (Logicalist)  SR  search
SPB01-089 Mighty Fierce Paradox  PxR  search
SPB01-044 Miracle Drug Witch, Mejiko Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-028 Moment of Anxiety Tactics  search
SPB01-119 Monumental Mythology Paradox  PxR  search
SPB01-040 Mow Down the Enemy Camp, Aryol Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-117 Multiple Shadow Clones Technique Tactics  search
SPB01-101 Mysterious Moonlight, Artemis Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-107 Ninjutsu in the Shadows, Mei Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-116 Novel Idea, Artemis Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-106 Offering a Sword, Sei Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-059 Ominous Rampage Paradox  PxR  search
SPB01-012 Passionate Encore, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-051 Persistent Pursuit, Mejiko Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-105 Picking Flowers, Lotta Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-076 Powered Cannon, Chloe Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-011 Pride of the Dragon Family, Xiaolin Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-006 Purring Whirlwind Foot, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-092 Radiance of Soul, Mana Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
SPB01-S14 Radiance of Soul, Mana (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
SPB01-063 Rainbow Melody, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
SPB01-S11 Rainbow Melody, Ashley (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
SPB01-104 Ready to Sortie, Aoi Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-008 Repulsor Beat, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-S003 Reserved Fighting, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  SCR  search
SPB01-052 Reunion of Delight, Yukari Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-031 Riot Meteor, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  TR  search
SPB01-I05 Riot Meteor, Yukari (∞TR) Member (Tranceunion)  ∞TR  search
SPB01-075 Rocket Elbow, Chloe Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-095 Rumbling of the Earth, Mana Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-078 Searching for Traces, Chloe Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-043 Seize Enemy Planes, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-016 Seize the Voiceless Sound, Emerada Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-039 Skilled Tao Art, Huang-Huang Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-073 Sparkle Round, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-061 Special Tiger Crush, Chloe Member (Tranceunion)  TR  search
SPB01-I09 Special Tiger Crush, Chloe (∞TR) Member (Tranceunion)  ∞TR  search
SPB01-118 Spoiled Child Foreigner Tactics  search
SPB01-094 Steeped in the Setting Sun, Aoi Member (Logicalist)  RR  search
SPB01-S16 Steeped in the Setting Sun, Aoi (SR) Member (Logicalist)  SR  search
SPB01-022 The Etiquette of a Maiden, Tamaki Member (Logicalist)  search
SPB01-026 Total Care, Cure Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-S002 Trampling Barrage, Mejiko Member (Tranceunion)  SCR  search
SPB01-027 True Value of the Electric Dragon Tactics  search
SPB01-108 Twist Shot, Arve Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-030 Unafraid Melody Paradox  PxC  search
SPB01-041 Viper Fall, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-066 Vortex of Calamity, Chloe Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-018 Wand of Raining Thunder, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-115 Wilderness Duel, Pino Member (Foreigner)  search
SPB01-042 Winds of Reversal, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  search
SPB01-014 Winter Visit, Nina Member (Logicalist)  search
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