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X Ultimate Booster 1: Buddy Quest Monsters ~Adventurer VS Demon Lord~

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X Ultimate Booster 1: Buddy Quest Monsters ~Adventurer VS Demon Lord~: 80 cards
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X-UB01-0039 Abominable Ritual Spell  search
X-UB01-0016 Apprentice Sister, Hanako Monster  RR  search
X-UB01-0045 Archbishop, Genma Monster  search
X-UB01-0063 Archiac Weapon Pilot, Dash Monster  search
X-UB01-0048 Armored Demon Lord, Cerberus Monster  search
X-UB01-0035 Armored Knights Leader, Genesis Monster  search
X-UB01-0058 Battle Master, Ban Monster  search
X-UB01-0026 Bird Demon Lord, Bladewing Phoenix Monster  search
X-UB01-0028 Black Winged Demon Lord, Abygale Monster  search
X-UB01-0006 Bonus Quest Spell  RRR  search
X-UB01-0036 Brave of the Sun, Yota Monster  search
X-UB01-0034 Chivalrous Thief of Justice, Mukuro Monster  search
X-UB01-0011 Dark Black Knight, Gaito Monster  RR  search
X-UB01-SS002 Dark Black Knight, Gaito Monster  SP  search
X-UB01-0055 Death Dragon Demon Lord, Deathgaze Monster  search
X-UB01-0056 Death Summoner, Kageura Monster  search
X-UB01-0019 Demon Lord Castle in the Sky, Satsuki Palace Spell  RR  search
X-UB01-0024 Demon Lord Chief, Duel Jaeger Monster  search
X-UB01-0027 Demon Lord of Apocalypse, Gratos Monster  search
X-UB01-0050 Demon Lord of Rebellion, Rebellious Monster  search
X-UB01-0008 Demon Lord of the Hundred Demons, Yamigedo Monster  RR  search
X-UB01-0023 Demon Lord of the Sun, Bal Dragon Monster  search
X-UB01-0070 Demon Lord's Dungeon Spell  search
X-UB01-0060 Demon Lord's Pet Cat, Cait Sith Monster  search
X-UB01-0041 Demon Lord, Gagnar "Second Form: Ironhand" Monster  search
X-UB01-0038 Demon Lords' Invasion Spell  search
X-UB01-0015 Dispatcher from Assassin Circle, Sakate Monster  RR  search
X-UB01-0067 Divine Protection of Shalsana Spell  search
X-UB01-S004 Dragon World Flag  SP  search
X-UB01-0037 Drunkard Mentor, El Quixote Monster  search
X-UB01-S006 Dungeon World Flag  SP  search
X-UB01-0062 Empress, Queen Ageha Monster  search
X-UB01-0014 Fist Fighter of Blistering Kicks, Kanata Monster  RR  search
X-UB01-0059 Former Province Baron, Shido Monster  search
X-UB01-0012 Friends of the Braves, Baku & Kuguru Monster  RR  search
X-UB01-0022 Ghoul Deity Demon Lord, Ibuki Monster  search
X-UB01-0057 Gossip Burglar, Paruko Monster  search
X-UB01-0001 Great Demon Lord of Thunderstorm, Batzz Monster  RRR  search
X-UB01-BR01 Great Demon Lord of Thunderstorm, Batzz Monster  BR  search
X-UB01-S001 Great Demon Lord of Thunderstorm, Batzz Monster  SP  search
X-UB01-0040 Growles Wand Item  search
X-UB01-0053 Guild Guider, Tsurugi & Stella Monster  search
X-UB01-0046 Hellhound Lord, Bolzoye Cobalt Lord Monster  search
X-UB01-0021 Ice Dragon Demon Lord, Miserea Monster  search
X-UB01-0030 Immortal Sword Sage, Shosetsu Monster  search
X-UB01-0002 Interstellar Great Demon Lord, Jackknife Monster  RRR  search
X-UB01-0043 King Gummy Slime Monster  search
X-UB01-0020 Magic Sword, Etherstorm Item  RR  search
X-UB01-0044 Martial Arts Demon Lord, Duel Sieger Monster  search
X-UB01-0017 Masked Swordsman, Kiri Monster  RR  search
X-UB01-0052 Master Clown, Dark Fox Monster  search
X-UB01-0049 Master Monk, Suzumi Monster  search
X-UB01-0013 Merchant of Darkness, Jin Monster  RR  search
X-UB01-0018 Mission Card "Adventurer Guild, Aibo Academy" Spell  RR  search
X-UB01-0069 Mission Card "Form A Party" Spell  search
X-UB01-0068 Mission Card "Looking for Group!" Spell  search
X-UB01-0066 Pillar of Fire Spell  search
X-UB01-0054 Princes from the East, Zanya & Akatsuki Monster  search
X-UB01-0005 Princess of the Azure Skies, Ku Monster  RRR  search
X-UB01-0003 Protector of Fate, Tasuku Monster  RRR  search
X-UB01-S002 Protector of Fate, Tasuku Monster  SP  search
X-UB01-SS001 Protector of Fate, Tasuku Monster  SP  search
X-UB01-0009 Purgatory Demon Lord, Demios Monster  RR  search
X-UB01-0033 Purgatory Demonic Swordsman Monster  search
X-UB01-0007 Quintessence Crystal Demon Lord, Athora Monster  RR  search
X-UB01-0032 Revenger, Ikazuchi Monster  search
X-UB01-0047 Shadow Wielder, Wataru Monster  search
X-UB01-S005 Star Dragon World Flag  SP  search
X-UB01-0065 Summon Trap Spell  search
X-UB01-0064 Suspicious Craftman, Gara Monster  search
X-UB01-0004 The Tempestuous Brave, Gao Monster  RRR  search
X-UB01-BR02 The Tempestuous Brave, Gao Monster  BR  search
X-UB01-S003 The Tempestuous Brave, Gao Monster  SP  search
X-UB01-0031 Three Knights of Konoe, Nano-Guardians Monster  search
X-UB01-0042 Traveling Mage Duo, Tetsuya & Asmodai Monster  search
X-UB01-0029 Tutor of the Four Deities, Suzaku Monster  search
X-UB01-0051 Vagabond, Munechika Monster  search
X-UB01-0061 Vampire, Shura Monster  search
X-UB01-0025 Vortex Demon Lord, Drum Monster  search
X-UB01-0010 Windmill Knight, Noboru Monster  RR  search
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