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X Supply Set: Kyoya Forever

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X Supply Set: Kyoya Forever: 10 cards
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X-SP01-0002 Black Dragon's Priest, Gremlin Monster  search
X-SP01-0007 Chief of Security, Shido Monster  search
X-SP01-0003 Death Dragon Knight, Davide Monster  search
X-SP01-0001 Demon Lord of Demise, Kyoya Monster  search
X-SP01-0008 Demon Lord's Arm, Sofia Monster  search
X-SP01-0006 Demon Lord's Fang, Rouga Monster  search
X-SP01-0004 Demon Lord's Puppet, Terumi Monster  search
X-SP01-0010 Dungeon World (card) Flag  search
X-SP01-0009 Purgatory Demonic Swordsman's Armor Item  search
X-SP01-0005 Self-Proclaimed Healing Alchemist, Kabala Monster  search
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