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Defenders of Equestria

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Defenders of Equestria: 149 cards
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89 A Changeling Can Change Event  Uncommon  search
90 A Petite Sneeze Event  Uncommon  search
91 A Wrinkle in Time Event  Rare  search
59 Angel Wings, Friendly Fan Friend  Rare  search
57 Apple Bloom, Fastest Friend  Uncommon  search
67 Applejack & Pinkie Pie, On the Ball Friend  Rare  search
135 Applejack, Captain of the Seven Seas Friend  Ultra Rare  search
1r Applejack, Captain of the Seven Seas (Defenders of Equestria Royal Rare) Friend  Royal Rare  search
14 Applejack, Holiday Spirit Friend  Common  search
2 Applejack, Tooled Up Mane Character  Common  search
15 Appleloosa Buckball Team, Hail Marey Friend  Uncommon  search
25 Baby Flurry Heart, Newborn Nightmare Friend  Super Rare  search
109 Behind Enemy Lines Resource  Rare  search
92 Belly Flop Event  Common  search
26 Berry Punch & Orange Swirl, Drinking Buddies Friend  Common  search
17 Big Mac & Applejack, Big Mouths Friend  Super Rare  search
16 Big Mac, Sir McBiggun Friend  Common  search
48 Bon Bon, Caroller Friend  Common  search
110 Buckball Championship Resource  Common  search
115 Changeling Barricade, You Shall Not Pass Troublemaker  Rare  search
87 Changeling Citizens, Feel the Love Friend  Common  search
116 Changeling Mimics, Unreasonable Facsimiles Troublemaker  Rare  search
142 Changeling Throne Resource  Ultra Rare  search
73 Cheerilee, Cheerileeder Friend  Rare  search
93 Cipactli Attack Event  Uncommon  search
65 Cloudchaser & Flitter, Two on the Team Friend  Uncommon  search
41 Coloratura, Simply Rara Friend  Super Rare  search
T1 Colorless Changeling Token Friend  Promo  search
122 Concerning Cutie Mark Problem  Common  search
111 Conning the Con Pony Resource  Common  search
69 Coriander Cumin, Limited Menu Friend  Rare  search
94 Daring Dive Event  Common  search
79 Defenders of Equestria, Hive Heroes Friend  Uncommon  search
133 Defenders of Spiketopia, Magic and Might Friend  Ultra Rare  search
42 Discord, Captain Wuzz Friend  Common  search
pf2 Discord, Captain Wuzz Friend  Promo Foil  search
136 Discord, Standing Up Friend  Ultra Rare  search
27 DJ Pon-3, Caroller Friend  Common  search
18 Double Diamond, Second in Command Friend  Common  search
117 Dr. Caballeron, Turnabout is Foul Play Troublemaker  Common  search
34 Dr. Hooves, Caroller Friend  Common  search
123 Eight Cart Pileup Problem  Common  search
134 Ember, Up to the Challenge Friend  Ultra Rare  search
19 Filly Guides, House to House Friend  Common  search
95 Find the Purpose in Your Life Event  Uncommon  search
88 Flim & Flam, Shams Friend  Common  search
49 Fluttershy, Flutterholly Friend  Common  search
6 Fluttershy, Nurturing Nature Mane Character  Common  search
96 Friends Are Always There Event  Uncommon  search
pf7 Friends Are Always There Event  Promo  search
124 Friendship Overboard Problem  Common  search
97 Funny Business Event  Common  search
28 Gabby, Lending a Claw Friend  Super Rare  search
118 Garble, Kind of a Jerk Troublemaker  Common  search
43 Gladmane, Pro Con Friend  Uncommon  search
20 Golden Harvest, Caroller Friend  Common  search
125 Grand Opening Problem  Common  search
68 Granny Smith, Out of Bounds Friend  Uncommon  search
112 Heart of the Sea Resource  Common  search
74 Hooffields & McColts, Uneasy Truce Friend  Uncommon  search
126 In the Temple of Chicomoztoc Problem  Common  search
127 Infilitrating the Hive Problem  Common  search
98 It's Gonna Work Event  Uncommon  search
pf1 It's Gonna Work Event  Promo Foil  search
99 Join the Herd Event  Common  search
21 Limestone Pie, All Work and No Play Friend  Rare  search
100 Luna's Future Event  Uncommon  search
Pf10 Luna's Future Event  Promo  search
7 Lyra, Caroller Friend  Common  search
22 Maud Pie, Counteroffer Friend  Super Rare  search
83 Mayor Mare, Emergency Session Friend  Uncommon  search
29 Merry Mare, Tis Better to Give Friend  Common  search
51 Mr. and Mrs. Shy, Permissive Parents Friend  Rare  search
70 Mr. Stripes, Pushy Pony Friend  Uncommon  search
101 Mysterious Disappearance Event  Common  search
102 Natural 20 Event  Common  search
8 Night Glider, Swooper Duper Friend  Common  search
44 Octavia, Caroller Friend  Common  search
71 Orchard Blossom, A Whole New You Friend  Rare  search
30 Party Favor, Sunset Festival Director Friend  Uncommon  search
80 Petunia Paleo, Excavator Friend  Rare  search
75 Pinkie Pie & Twilight Sparkle, All Under Control Friend  Rare  search
3 Pinkie Pie, Cruise Director Mane Character  Common  search
31 Pinkie Pie, Holiday Spirit Friend  Common  search
103 Pinkie's Present Event  Uncommon  search
45 Plaid Stripes, Spoony Friend  Rare  search
23 Pow, Loyal Henchpony Friend  Rare  search
52 Princess Celestia, Raptor Raiser Friend  Super Rare  search
35 Princess Luna, Holiday Spirit Friend  Super Rare  search
36 Princess Twilight Sparkle, Cutie Mark Researcher Friend  Common  search
4 Princess Twilight Sparkle, Professor Sparkle Mane Character  Common  search
61 Professor Flintheart, Potions Master Friend  Rare  search
119 Queen Chrysalis, Vicious Vengeance Troublemaker  Rare  search
62 Quibble Pants, Nonbeliever Friend  Uncommon  search
58 Rainbow Dash & Applejack, Two Cool Friend  Rare  search
66 Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy, Words of Encouragement Friend  Rare  search
9 Rainbow Dash, Snowdash Friend  Common  search
pf6 Rainbow Dash, Snowdash Friend  Promo  search
1 Rainbow Dash, Wonderbolt Mane Character  Common  search
76 Rainbowshine, Gift Giver Friend  Uncommon  search
85 Rarity & Fluttershy, Critter Recruiters Friend  Uncommon  search
5 Rarity, Fashion Mogul Mane Character  Common  search
46 Rarity, Merry Friend  Common  search
32 Ravers, Glowsticks Optional Friend  Rare  search
77 Saffron Masala, Another Satisfied Customer Friend  Rare  search
63 Scootaloo, Most Creative Friend  Uncommon  search
141 Scrapbook Project Resource  Ultra Rare  search
128 Seeking the Scepter Problem  Common  search
10 Shining Armor, Bedraggled Dad Friend  Common  search
104 Similo Duplexis Event  Rare  search
120 Skeleton Soldiers, Necromancy is Magic Troublemaker  Common  search
11 Sky Stinger, Leadership Material Friend  Rare  search
24 Snails, Not Thinking About It Friend  Common  search
82 Spike, Garbunkle Friend  Uncommon  search
60 Spitfire, Drilling It In Friend  Uncommon  search
37 Starlight Glimmer, Snowfall Frost Friend  Common  search
137 Starlight Glimmer, Taking Charge Friend  Ultra Rare  search
33 Sugar Belle, Muffin Mayhem Friend  Rare  search
84 Sunburst, Royal Foalsitter Friend  Rare  search
140 Sunset Festival Event  Ultra Rare  search
38 Sunset Shimmer, Clever Calculator Friend  Rare  search
105 Sweep Sweep Sweep Event  Common  search
72 Sweetie Belle, Most Traditional Friend  Uncommon  search
106 Taking Care of Business Event  Common  search
78 Tender Taps, Sharing the Stage Friend  Uncommon  search
50 The Flying Prairinos, Pink Prairie Dog Pyramid Friend  Common  search
121 The Squizard, Scourge of Spiketopia Troublemaker  Common  search
53 Thorax, Earning His Wings Friend  Common  search
132 Thorax, The Changed Changeling Mane Character  Ultra Rare  search
129 Thrash the Throne Problem  Common  search
130 Too Many Fluttershys Problem  Common  search
12 Torch, Greater Wyrm Friend  Super Rare  search
131 Tough Call Problem  Common  search
107 Tough Love Event  Uncommon  search
54 Trapeze Star, Acrobatic Magic Friend  Common  search
86 Tree Hugger, Seeking Balance Friend  Rare  search
139 Tri-Horned Bunyip, Elusive Myth Friend  Ultra Rare  search
113 Trixie's Equestrian Apology Tour Resource  Common  search
138 Trixie, Above Average Friend  Ultra Rare  search
39 Trixie, Smoke and Mirrors Friend  Super Rare  search
108 Turning Point Event  Common  search
81 Twilight Sparkle & Rarity, Exposed! Friend  Rare  search
55 Vapor Trail, Wind Beneath Your Wings Friend  Uncommon  search
13 Wild Fire, Hot Tempered Friend  Uncommon  search
114 Wonderbolts Runway Resource  Rare  search
40 Zecora, Brewing a Plan Friend  Uncommon  search
56 Zephyr Breeze, Quitter Friend  Super Rare  search
47 Zesty Gourmand, Backseat Diner Friend  Super Rare  search
64 Zomponies, Terrifying Infestation Friend  Rare  search
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