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X Special Series 3: 5 WORLD BUILD MASTERS

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X Special Series 3: 5 WORLD BUILD MASTERS: 49 cards
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X-SS03-0040 A Dragon's Will Spell  search
X-SS03-0014 Absolute Girl Monastery​, Mary Sue Monster  search
X-SS03-0026 Apex of Flashstep, Tsukikage Monster  search
X-SS03-0004 Bal Dragon of Roaring Fist Monster  search
X-SS03-0047 Bringer of Spring Breeze, Sylph Monster  search
X-SS03-0035 CHAOS Valvaros Monster  search
X-SS04-0045 Chaotic Pain Spell  search
X-SS03-0012 Charisma Demon Lord Teacher, Asmodai Monster  search
X-SS03-0046 Conciliation Omni Lord, Count Dawn Monster  search
X-SS03-0013 Dancer of Shadowform, Silhouette Joe Monster  search
X-SS03-0006 Dragodeflect Spell  search
X-SS03-0003 Drum Bunker Dragon XIV Monster  search
X-SS03-0050 Eluned's Ring Spell  search
X-SS03-0090 Eluned's Ring. Spell  search
X-SS03-0027 Evil Ocular Arts, Yamigitsune Monster  search
X-SS03-0037 Fullblast Omni Lord, Burn Nova Monster  search
X-SS03-0028 Futon, Tengu Cold Wintry Wind​ Spell  search
X-SS03-0025 Godly-speed Drawn Blade, Mikazuki Munechika Monster  search
X-SS03-0049 Great Spell, Bifrost of Heaven and Earth​ Spell  search
X-SS03-0036 Ground Dragon, Zelzarl Monster  search
X-SS03-0029 Hairpin Blade, Hoozuki Item  search
X-SS03-0039 Invincible Bond, Ricky & Raging Spirits Monster  search
X-SS03-0016 Licht "SD" & Dunkelheit "SD" Monster  search
X-SS03-0060 Loyalty Spell  search
X-SS03-0038 Martial Arts Imperial Dragon Emperor, Duel Sieger Monster  search
X-SS03-0061 Neo Buddy Sword Item  search
X-SS03-0002 Omni Lord Elder, Tenbu Monster  search
45 Overturn Black Death Dragon, Abygale Monster  RR  search
X-BT03-0006 Overturn Ninja, Tsukikage Monster  RRR  search
X-SS03-0001 Raging Storm Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz Monster  search
X-SS03-0045 Resurrected Demon Wolf, Fenrir Monster  search
X-SS03-0015 Rock Demon Lord Teacher, Rucifiel Monster  search
44 Saint Holy Sword Dragon Monster  RR  search
X-SS03-0034 Searing Iron Armor Chief, Duel Jaeger Monster  search
X-SS03-0017 Sephirot's Lectures Spell  search
X-SS03-0048 Shine Blade, Joker Monster  search
X-SS03-0018 Solomon's Wall Spell  search
X-SS03-0051 Sword of the King, Sequence Item  search
X-BT03-0044 The Sinking Ruins Spell  search
X-BT03-0097 Thunder Emperor Dragon, Barlbatzz Monster  RRR  search
X-TD03-0017EN Thunder Emperor's Fangs Flag  search
X-SS03-0005 Thunder Preacher, Inazumack Monster  search
X-SS03-0059 Time Sale Spell  search
X-SS03-0056 Travel Around the World, Chibi Panda & Batzz "SD" Monster  search
X-SS03-0058 Traveling Around the World, Abygale "SD" Monster  search
X-SS03-0057 Traveling Around the World, Athora "SD" Monster  search
X-SS03-0007 Treasure Dragon Sword, Dragotreasure Item  search
X-SS03-0024 Tumultuous​ Omni Lord, Ziun Monster  search
X-SS03-0023 White Mask Tyrant, Kid Ibuki Monster  search
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