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HTD01 Bloom Logic

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HTD01 Bloom Logic: 23 cards
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HTD01-G002 1st Year Class S Classroom Gate  TD  search
HTD01-014 Bath after a Long Time♪ Tactics  TD  search
HTD01-015 Celebrate Rose Paradox  TD  search
HTD01-011 Childhood Promise, Rosa Member (Foreigner)  TD  search
HTD01-016 Cutie Striker Paradox  TD  search
HTD01-004 Earnestness of Thorns, Lion Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HTD01-009 Entering Late, Lion Member (Logicalist)  TD  search
HTD01-007 Exciting Encounter, Lion Member (Logicalist)  TD  search
HTD01-001 Flower Garden Princess, Lion Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HTD01-S01 Flower Garden Princess, Lion (SP) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HTD01-012 Flower Lips, Rosa Member (Foreigner)  TD  search
HTD01-010 Fluffy, Waffle Member (Foreigner)  TD  search
HTD01-013 Gate Access Tactics  TD  search
HTD01-003 High Speed Dash, Lion Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HTD01-017 Liones Yelistratova Paradox  TD  search
HTD01-002 Naive Twin Fangs, Lion Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HTD01-G001 Pillari Academy (Noon) Gate  TD  search
HTD01-G005 Pillari Academy Covenant Facility Gate  TD  search
HTD01-G004 Pillari Academy Terrace Gate  TD  search
HTD01-005 Reunion Trance, Lion Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HTD01-G003 Shirakaba Dorm Outdoor Bath Gate  TD  search
HTD01-006 Successful Trance!? Lion Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HTD01-008 Unexpected Accident, Lion Member (Logicalist)  TD  search
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