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HTD02 Angel Logic

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HTD02 Angel Logic: 26 cards
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HTD02-002 Awe-Inspiring Knight, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HTD02-006 Battle's Beginning, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HTD02-003 Brilliant Circle Dance, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HTD02-005 Confronting, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HTD02-009 Exemplar Answer, Nina Member (Logicalist)  TD  search
HEB02-044 Fist of Victory, Mana Member (Tranceunion)  search
HTD02-016 Genesic Fante Paradox  TD  search
HTD02-001 Heaven's Arrow, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HTD02-S01 Heaven's Arrow, Nina (SP) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HTD02-011 I'll Shoot! Amor Member (Foreigner)  TD  search
HTD02-008 Just Our Secret, Nina Member (Logicalist)  TD  search
HTD02-014 Magical Power of Hairballs Tactics  TD  search
HTD02-017 Nina Alexandrovna My Logicalist  TD  search
HTD02-G001 Pillari Academy (Evening) Gate  TD  search
HTD02-G005 Pillari Academy Arena Gate  TD  search
HTD02-G002 Pillari Academy School Route Gate  TD  search
HTD02-G004 Pillari Academy Shirakaba Dorms Gate  TD  search
HTD02-G003 Pillari Academy Shrine Gate  TD  search
HTD02-015 Please Marry Me Paradox  TD  search
HTD02-012 Proud Archangel, Michael Member (Foreigner)  TD  search
HTD02-013 Rescue from the Rampage Tactics  TD  search
HTD02-004 Shield of Dawn, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  TD  search
HEB02-045 Sound of the Ocean Wind, Wigo Member (Foreigner)  search
HTD02-010 Timid Cupid, Amor Member (Foreigner)  TD  search
HTD02-007 Transfer Student, Nina Member (Logicalist)  TD  search
HEB02-043 Upstream, Mana Member (Tranceunion)  search
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