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Trial Deck Vol. 1: Shadow Legion

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Trial Deck Vol. 1: Shadow Legion: 21 cards
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DB-TD01-020 Adraste's Disdain Spell  search
DB-TD01-004 Althaine Blessing Spell  search
DB-TD01-008 Bladedance Rogue Creature  search
DB-TD01-001 Bountiful Angel Creature  search
DB-TD01-017 Carbuncle Imp Creature  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-014 Cavalier Nosferatu Creature  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-015 Crowd Surfer Creature  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-021 Curse of Niflheim Banner  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-016 Death Metal Rotter Creature  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-019 Death Trap Spell  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-007 Goblin Madcap Creature  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-009 Goblin Toestabber Creature  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-003 Goldleaf Hunter Creature  search
DB-TD01-012 Lady Valistra, Bloodlines Tormented Creature  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-010 Pyroblast Spell  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-006 Ravian, Battlefield Shrieker Creature  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-005 Shield of Logres Banner  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-011 Standard of Tauris Banner  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-002 Sunscale Sage Creature  search
DB-TD01-013 Undying Executioner Creature  Fixed  search
DB-TD01-018 Wandering Apparition Creature  Fixed  search
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