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X Booster Set 3: Overturn! Thunder Empire!

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X Booster Set 3: Overturn! Thunder Empire!: 132 cards
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X-BT03-0107 "Demonic Rock Mech Trooper" Dra-gollum Monster  Secret  search
X-BT03-S002 "Demonic Rock Mech Trooper" Dra-gollum Monster  Secret  search
X-BT03-0109 "Shuten Demonic Deity" Kid Ibuki Monster  Secret  search
X-BT03-BR03 "Shuten Demonic Deity" Kid Ibuki Monster  BR  search
X-BT03-S003 "Shuten Demonic Deity" Kid Ibuki Monster  SP  search
X-BT03-0042 Apocalypse Knights Brigade, Pale Riders Monster  search
X-BT03-0011 Arc Dragon Sword, Dracross Item  RR  search
X-BT03-0083 Arc Dragon, Bariballo Monster  search
X-BT03-0054 Armorknight Reborn Mummy Monster  search
X-BT03-0062 Art of Shadow Stitching Spell  search
X-BT03-0092 Black Arc Dragon, Dartyelle Monster  search
X-BT03-0008 Black Arc Dragon, Riverpain Monster  RRR  search
X-BT03-0067 Black Arc Dragon, Rolldice Monster  search
X-BT03-0039 Black Crest Dragon, Ladyzie Monster  search
X-BT03-0105 Black Crest, Gale Emblem Item  Secret  search
X-BT03-0069 Black Dragon, Nam Monster  search
X-BTOU-0069 Black Dragon, Nam Monster  search
X-BT03-0071 Black Provoke Spell  search
X-BT03-0073 Blacksand Castle Spell  search
X-BT03-0089 Blue Fiend, Kid Kuma Monster  search
X-BT03-0093 Bone Labor, Vendetta Monster  search
X-BT03-0059 Camouflage Ninja, Getazaemon Monster  search
X-BT03-0015 Celestial Deity of Misty Dew Water, Nanase Monster  RR  search
X-BT03-0095 Cestino Spell  search
X-BT03-0020 CHAOS Alberion Monster  RR  search
X-BT03-0003 CHAOS Basili-gollum Monster  RRR  search
X-BT03-0091 CHAOS Defetus Monster  search
X-BT03-0022 CHAOS Rising Flare Monster  search
X-BT03-0066 CHAOS Terrorizer Monster  search
X-BT03-0007 CHAOS Vydallur Monster  RRR  search
X-BT03-0072 Collapsing Roar Spell  search
X-BT03-0036 Connect Ninja, Tomonoshin Monster  search
X-BT03-0036X Connect Ninja, Tomonoshin Monster  search
X-BT03-0065 Dark Black Arc Dragon, Zem Sevens Monster  search
X-BT03-0041 Death Tallica Servant Monster  search
X-BT03-0096 Demon Slay Battle Aura "Bind" Spell  search
X-BT03-0061 Demon Way, Fresh Blood Nectar Spell  search
X-BT03-0070 Doll Strings Spell  search
X-BT03-0013 Double Rock Mech Trooper, Orth-gollum Monster  RR  search
X-BT03-0049 Dragon Knight, Georgios Monster  search
X-BT03-0076 Dragon Knight, Naotora Monster  search
X-BT03-0050 Dragon Knight, Todo Monster  search
X-BT03-0046 Dragon Lord of Far East, Blade the Emperor Monster  search
X-BT03-0078 Dragonic Chaos Spell  search
X-BT03-0103 Earlbow "SD" Monster  search
X-BT03-0004 Earth Cluster Demonic Rock Palm Item  RRR  search
X-BT03-0002 Edward the CHAOS Monster  search
X-BT03-0057 Eradication Spear, Skypierce Item  search
X-BT03-0001 Execute Officer, Quadrangle Monster  RRR  search
X-BT03-0019 Execution Ground Spell  RR  search
X-BT03-0082 Explo-gollum Monster  search
X-BT03-0063 Exquisite Sword, Crane Princess Item  search
X-BT04-0002 Fable of the Sword Sage Spell  search
X-BT04-0001 Fabricated Sword of the King, Armas Replica Item  search
X-BT04-0003 Fabricated Sword of the King, Caladbolg Replica Item  search
X-BT04-0006 Fabricated Sword of the King, Dainsleif Replica Item  search
X-BT04-0004 Fabricated Sword of the King, Eckesachs Replica Item  search
X-BT04-0005 Fabricated Sword of the King, Mistilteinn Replica Item  search
X-BT04-0007 Fabricated Sword of the King, Nagelring Replica Item  search
X-BT03-0075 Fervent Blacksmith, Rechthoek Monster  search
X-BT03-0045 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Blowout Hammer Fuad Monster  search
X-BT03-0021 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Ice Spear Merak Monster  search
X-BT03-0058 Flash of Purple Arc, Hyojuro Monster  search
X-BT03-0051 Frenzy Bear-gollum Monster  search
X-BT03-0043 Gale Impulse Spell  search
X-BT03-0106 Gale Impulse Spell  search
X-BT03-0005 Giant Tanuki Monster  RRR  search
X-BT03-0052 Gliding Swall-gollum Monster  search
X-BT03-0014 Ground Alpha Spell  RR  search
X-BT03-0009 Guardian Cavalry Dragon, Glittoneah Monster  RR  search
X-BT03-0026 Guardians? Executioners? Or Worse?! Impact  search
X-BT03-0024 Haven's Gift Spell  search
X-BT03-0034 Heavenly Vengeance, Full-equip Kannon Monster  search
X-BT03-0037 Hidden Dark Arms, Yobigatana Item  search
X-BT03-0033 Ibuki's Right-hand Man, Kid Ibaraki Monster  search
X-BT03-0110 Ibuki's Right-hand Man, Kid Ibaraki Monster  Secret  search
X-BT03-0079 Impartial Beast, Garrdias Monster  search
X-BT03-0012 Impartial Cane, Fabulous Rod Item  RR  search
X-BT03-0048 Impartial Dragon, Monochrome Dragon Monster  search
X-BT03-0068 Impartial Knight, Justlaw Monster  search
X-BT03-0030 Iron-Legs Casu-Gollum Monster  search
X-BT03-0094 Landmine Jailer, Izmine Monster  search
X-BT03-0032 Lynx-eyed Military Deviser, Keiganryu Monster  search
X-BT03-0064 Moonlight Secret Katana, Kirameki Item  search
X-TD03-0009 Nice Thunder! Spell  search
X-BT03-0077 Offerings for the Thunder Emperor Spell  search
X-BT03-0010 Operative, Sphere Monster  RR  search
X-BT03-0102 Overturn Black Death Dragon, Abygale Monster  Secret  search
X-BT03-BR02 Overturn Black Death Dragon, Abygale Monster  BR  search
X-BT03-S004 Overturn Black Death Dragon, Abygale Monster  SP  search
X-BT03-0006 Overturn Ninja, Tsukikage Monster  RRR  search
X-BT03-0047 Papa Panda Monster  search
X-BT03-0111 Proto CHAOS Machina, Geargod VIII Monster  Secret  search
X-BT03-S005 Proto CHAOS Machina, Geargod Vlll Monster  SP  search
X-BT03-0040 Purgatory Knights, Ringblade Dragon Monster  search
X-BT03-0055 Raiding Fal-Gollum Monster  search
X-BT03-0081 Ramming Ultra Grunt, Dogon Monster  search
X-BT03-0086 Rock Crushing Style, Highblood Quake! Impact  search
X-BT03-0098 Saint Holy Sword Dragon Monster  Secret  search
X-BT03-0056 Sandstorm Catana Palm Item  search
BT03-0018 Sealed Black Crest Dragon, Elgod Monster  RR  search
X-BT03-0018 Sealed Black Crest Dragon, Elgod Monster  RR  search
X-BT03-01040 Sealed Black Crest Dragon, Vidor Nove Monster  search
X-BT03-0016 Secret Scroll Spell  RR  search
X-BT03-0087 Shikigam Ninja, Kunoichi Keika Monster  search
X-BT03-0074 Skill Binder Spell  search
X-BT03-0084 Stone Purge Spell  search
X-BT03-0023 Sun Envoy, Mera Ciel Monster  search
X-BT03-0044 Sunken Seabed Ruins Spell  search
X-BT03-0085 Terror! The Dangerous Mummy Man Spell  search
X-BT03-0017 Thunder Bone, Spark Gallows Monster  RR  search
X-BT03-0097 Thunder Emperor Dragon, Barlbatzz Monster  Secret  search
X-BT03-BR01 Thunder Emperor Dragon, Barlbatzz Monster  BR  search
X-BT03-S001 Thunder Emperor Dragon, Barlbatzz Monster  SP  search
X-BT03-0025 Thunder Emperor's Dragon Shield Spell  search
X-BT03-0099 Thunder Emperor's Dragon Shield Spell  search
X-BT03-0101 Thunder Emperor's Fangs Flag  Secret  search
X-BT03-S006 Thunder Emperor's Fangs Flag  SP  search
X-BT03-0035 Thunder Sky Ninja, Byakuya Monster  search
X-BT03-0028 Thunderbolt Fighting Dragon, Demongodol Monster  search
X-TD03-0005 Thunderstorm Armorknight, Ogre Monster  search
X-BT03-0080 Thwackdrill Monster  search
X-BT03-0100 Turbulent Thunder Spear X Tempest Ulti-Buster! Impact  RR  search
X-BT03-0038 Unclean Demonic Dragon, Jahi Baligah Monster  search
X-BT03-0088 Vagrant Dragon, Semimaru Monster  search
X-BT03-0027 Violent Thunder Evil Demon, Tyrant Demon Monster  search
X-BT03-0029 Violent Thunder, Armorknight Cerberus Monster  search
X-BT03-0053 Violent Thunder, Armorknight Eagle Monster  search
X-BT03-0108 Voracious Wolf-gollum Monster  search
X-BT03-0090 Watchful Eyes Spell  search
X-BT03-0031 Where The Souls Fuse Spell  search
X-BT03-0060 White Dew Blade Beast, Murasamemaru Monster  search
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