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Booster 21: Code:Samsara - Seed of Rebellion

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Booster 21: Code:Samsara - Seed of Rebellion: 129 cards
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B21-038 A Step to Hope, Sarnas Z/X  search
B21-020 Alexander and Mikado, Undoubted Bonds Event  search
B21-092 All-Out Cheers! Were-Lurus Z/X  search
B21-080 Almotaher and Yachiyo, Mutual Bonds Event  search
B21-117 Almotaher and Yachiyo, Mutual Bonds Event  search
B21-046 Alpamayo's Follower, Chopicalqui Z/X  search
B21-042 Angel of Dungeon, Cachot Z/X  search
B21-044 Angel of Imprisonment, Detenue Z/X  search
B21-043 Angel of Silentness, Silence Z/X  search
B21-064 Apparition of Nothingness, Wraith Z/X  search
B21-085 Bewitching Graceful Blade, Kusafuji Z/X  search
B21-016 Black Wolf of Yakan, Dakini Z/X  SR  search
B21-036 Brass Steersman, Rupert Z/X  search
B21-009 Brave Princess of Bell Sound, Tsuruhime Z/X  search
B21-010 Broad-Minded Brave King, Alexander Z/X  search
B21-070 Bursting Wail, Schuren Z/X  search
B21-002 Charming Princess of the Split Table, Guinevere Z/X  search
B21-097 Chief Butler of a Twistful Trap, Eudi Z/X  search
B21-090 Chirp of Spring, Were-Horonis Z/X  search
B21-008 Concealed Clearstone, Phenacite Kentro Z/X  search
B21-094 Creative Chef, North Pole Z/X  search
B21-022 Crimson Longsword, Synchrotron Z/X  search
B21-103 Crimson Lotus-Bladed Slaying Deity, Synchrotron Z/X Extra  HR  search
B21-126 Crimson Lotus-Bladed Slaying Deity, Synchrotron Z/X Extra  HR  search
B21-075 Cursed Sword of Hatred, Cursed Soul Z/X  search
B21-041 Dark Shield, Artesonraju Z/X  search
B21-053 Dark Shield, Helen Z/X  search
B21-018 Demon of Transformation, Zagan Z/X  search
B21-067 Destroyer of Civilization, Violence Gorilla Z/X  search
B21-065 Devil of Corruption, Corruptio Z/X  search
B21-063 Devil of Hollowness, Nonsolidum Z/X  search
B21-066 Devil of Hostility, Hostili Z/X  search
B21-071 Devil of Thundering Roar, Tonet Z/X  search
B21-047 Distant Love, Fierte Z/X  search
B21-113 Divine Progenitor of Pride, Lucifer Z/X  Z/XR  search
B21-050 Dream Eater Holy Beast, Aura Tapir Z/X  search
B21-096 Dry Leaves Lizard, Orange Lizard Z/X  search
B21-023 Electric Typhoon, Rastaban Z/X  search
B21-074 Empress of Silent Anger, Ira Z/X  SR  search
B21-083 Eternal Blessed Sleep, Fukujuso Z/X  search
B21-110 Eveline Z/X Extra  CR  search
B21-060 Execution of Divine Punishment Event  search
B21-039 Fate-Liberating Blade, Cyclotron Z/X Extra  search
B21-100 Feuille and Soma, Thorn-Cutting Bonds Event  search
B21-059 Fierte and Asuka, Eternal Bonds Event  search
B21-077 Flickering Light Trap, Killsect Z/X  search
B21-013 Fortress Craftsman, Citadel Z/X  search
B21-051 Four Archangels of the End - Azazel the Divine Scythe Z/X  search
B21-104 Four Archangels of the End - Metatron the Divine Flame Z/X  HR  search
B21-127 Four Archangels of the End - Metatron the Divine Flame Z/X  HR  search
B21-049 Four Archangels of the End - Sandalphon the Divine Melody Z/X  SR  search
B21-027 Galactic Dance, Bootis Z/X  search
B21-079 Gentle Journey, Banshee Z/X  SR  search
B21-048 Godfather, Curl Z/X  search
B21-091 Gold Cleaver Ant, Death Paraponera Z/X  search
B21-068 Gulping Bear Trap Z/X  search
B21-078 Headhunting Clothesline Z/X  search
B21-006 Howling Dogman, Kobold Z/X  search
B21-088 Imitation Wasp Spy, Mimicry Syrphi Z/X  search
B21-101 Invigorator of Chaos, Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X Extra  HR  search
B21-124 Invigorator of Chaos, Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X Extra  HR  search
B21-123 Iriuda Orondo Player  CVR  search
B21-035 Irregular X, CyberRex the Elecdragon Crusherblade Z/X  SR  search
B21-109 Jack Baker Z/X  CR  search
B21-093 Leaping Green Ivy, Vine Locust Z/X  search
B21-086 Lethal Compounder, Sawagikyo Z/X  search
B21-005 Liquid Medicine Craftsman, Potion Z/X  search
B21-015 Lone Bow of Retribution, Gandiva Z/X  search
B21-007 Lovebird or Premonition, Kunzite Aix Z/X  search
B21-107 Lucas Baker Z/X  CR  search
B21-106 Luxuriant "Affection", Ishtar" Z/X Extra  HR  search
B21-129 Luxuriant "Affection", Ishtar" Z/X Extra  HR  search
B21-108 Marguerite Baker Z/X  CR  search
B21-032 Martial Arts Union, Argentum Z/X  search
B21-034 Mass Production Type Thrusting Machine, Breach Z/X  search
B21-095 Myriad-Stab Fiercenail, Were-Tiger Z/X  SR  search
B21-119 Nanao Shishishima Player  IGR  search
B21-056 Nightmare Who Tells Ill Omen, Kashi Brum Z/X  search
B21-122 Nina Shitori Player  CVR  search
B21-111 Overlord of Heaven and Earth, Oda Nobunaga Z/X  Z/XR  search
B21-082 Pensive Funeral, Manjushage Z/X  search
B21-025 Piercing Justice, Io Z/X  search
B21-055 Powerful Yell☆Motets Z/X  search
B21-004 Pure Corundum, Corundum Gecko Z/X  search
B21-011 Red-Scaled Fish Soldier, Merman Z/X  search
B21-102 Resentful "Anastasis", Nanaya" Z/X Extra  HR  search
B21-125 Resentful "Anastasis", Nanaya" Z/X Extra  HR  search
B21-024 Resolution Union, Kiyomizu Z/X  search
B21-028 Restraint Machine, Manacles Z/X  search
B21-072 Resurrected Twilight, Crepus Z/X  search
B21-019 Reversal Auralite, Auralite Koala Z/X  search
B21-062 Rookie Nursing Assistant, Catherine Z/X  search
B21-057 Sacred Beast of Water's Curse, Aura Kelpie Z/X  search
B21-054 Sage of Underground Mall, Manul Z/X  search
B21-112 Schuster FPGA, Atlas Z/X  Z/XR  search
B21-073 Sentiment Resonator, Almotaher Z/X  search
B21-116 Sentiment Resonator, Almotaher Z/X  search
B21-118 Sera Kurashiki Player  IGR  search
B21-121 Shana Sakurakoji Player  IGR  search
B21-105 Silver Claw of the Calamity Storm, Almotaher Z/X  HR  search
B21-128 Silver Claw of the Calamity Storm, Almotaher Z/X  HR  search
B21-058 Silver Royal Retainer, Somali Z/X  SR  search
B21-037 Snatch Squad, Alnilam Z/X  search
B21-026 Snatch Squad, Miapla Z/X  search
B21-099 Spy of False Rumor, Hozuki Z/X  search
B21-031 Squad Leader, Sargas Z/X  search
B21-017 Squirming Mercury Stone, Cinnabar Frog Z/X  search
B21-033 Stardust Melody, Colt Z/X  search
B21-001 Sturdy Fang of Loss, Damascus Liger Z/X  search
B21-014 Swallowflight Flash Sword Art, Sasaki Kojiro Z/X  search
B21-076 Swallowing Monstrous Fish, Megamouth Z/X  search
B21-081 Swaying in the Night Wind, Susuki Z/X  search
B21-003 Sworn Sister-Seeking Shooting Star, Sudarshana Z/X  SR  search
B21-040 Synchrotron and Nanao, Human-Machine Bonds Event  search
B21-087 Thorn-Splitting Shoulders, Feuille Z/X  search
B21-012 Thrusting Amphibole, Actino Dimor Z/X  search
B21-098 Top Idol, Verbena Z/X  SR  search
B21-089 Tough Komuso, Ashitaba Z/X  search
B21-084 Toward the Distant Reunion, Hemerocallis Z/X  search
B21-029 Transformed Optical Illusion, Ennium Z/X  search
B21-061 Trap-Opening Pit Z/X  search
B21-030 Unbound Sword, Al Dhanab Z/X  SR  search
B21-115 Vesparose and Kisara, Blindly Obedient Bonds Event  search
B21-045 Voracious Holy Beast, Aura Gulon Z/X  search
B21-114 Wasp Soldier Queen, Vesparose the Merciless Z/X  search
B21-052 White Phoenix of Holy Wings, Phosflamme Z/X  search
B21-021 Wind-Cutting Windsong, Mily Z/X  search
B21-069 Witch of Silver Shoes, Dorothy Z/X  search
B21-120 Yachiyo Kamiyugi Player  IGR  search
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