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HBT01 Change×Collect

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HBT01 Change×Collect: 179 cards
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HBT01-156 A New Resignation, Aoi Member (Logicalist)  VC  search
HBT01-116 Acrobat Step, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  VR  search
HBT01-165 ALCA Naien Branch Gate  VC  search
HBT01-044 Ancient Sagecraft Tactics  search
HBT01-I01 Angel's Gospel, Nina (∞TR) Member (Tranceunion)  ∞TR  search
HBT01-111 Aoi Iroha My Logicalist  VC  search
HBT01-100 Argument Developer Paradox  search
HBT01-024 Aroma Relaxation Paradox  search
HBT01-152 Arrow in the Moonlight, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  VR  search
HBT01-144 As Strong as Can Be, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  VC  search
HBT01-078 Ascertaining Intimacy, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-109 Ashley Bradbury My Logicalist  VC  search
HBT01-071 Astronomical Observation​ Tactics  search
HBT01-118 Barrier of Affection, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  VC  search
HBT01-125 Basking in the Sun, Aisha Member (Foreigner)  VC  search
HBT01-148 Beautiful Courtesan, Enki Member (Foreigner)  VC  search
HBT01-096 Bomber, Mahiro Tactics  search
HBT01-070 Bonds Beyond Master and Servant Tactics  search
HBT01-017 Breath of Divine Will, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-087 Bursting Lightning, Thor Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-136 Calculated Slash, Salt Member (Foreigner)  VC  search
HBT01-147 Captivating Sensuality, Enki Member (Foreigner)  VC  search
HBT01-013 Cheering Party of Love, Venus Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-032 Childhood Vow, Rosa Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-014 Chivalric Heart, Michael Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-026 Clairvoyance of Guiding Light, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
HBT01-S05 Clairvoyance of Guiding Light, Yukari (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HBT01-054 Class Committee Member, Yayoi Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-034 Clattering Blender, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-140 Cosmic Drive Paradox  VC  search
HBT01-029 Covenant Registration, Lion Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-161 Crescent Detonation Paradox  VC  search
HBT01-023 Crusade Beat Paradox  search
HBT01-163 Crystal Beach at Night Gate  VC  search
HBT01-075 Demolish Thunder, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
HBT01-S10 Demolish Thunder, Aoi (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HBT01-036 Development of New Types, Shiita Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-083 Diffuse Mine, Mahiro Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-112 Dignified Heavenly Dragon of Electricity Formation, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  VR  search
HBT01-091 Dignified Sweeping Victory, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-012 Dismissal Undyed by Feelings, Nina Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-057 Distant Peak, Yayoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-051 Dreaming of the Future, Yayoi Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
HBT01-S09 Dreaming of the Future, Yayoi (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HBT01-030 Dreamy Mood, Lion Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-060 Early Morning Training, Yayoi Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-045 Eavesdropping Detected! Tactics  search
HBT01-145 Elegant Oversized Sleeves, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  VC  search
HBT01-066 Elegant Young Woman, Yayoi Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-016 Entangling Ivy, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-033 Enveloping Gratitude, Lion Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-053 Exploring the Ocean Floor, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-128 Facilitate Shower Paradox  VC  search
HBT01-135 Faerie Ring, Shiita Member (Foreigner)  VC  search
HBT01-042 Far-Seeing Eye, "Lotus Fragrance" Sennyo Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-138 Fighting Trance Tactics  VC  search
HBT01-040 Fill with Smiles, Lion Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-021 Final Barrier Tactics  search
HBT01-065 First Step to Aspiration, Yayoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-035 First-Time Uniform, Lion Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-114 Flower Garden Blessing, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  VR  search
HBT01-018 Fragrant Flower, Tia Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-079 Function Test, Mahiro Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-082 Gate Analyzer, Selen Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-050 Genius of Great Effort, Yayoi Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
HBT01-S08 Genius of Great Effort, Yayoi (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HBT01-008 Gentle Angel, Amor Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-098 Giant Leap Paradox  search
HBT01-069 Goddess of Glittering Stars, Astraea Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-072 Grapple Arms Paradox  search
HBT01-073 Grateful History Paradox  search
HBT01-007 Guiding the Evacuation, Tamaki Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-149 Heart-Racing Horror House Tactics  VC  search
HBT01-055 Hectic Battle Situation, Ashley Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-158 Hero to Children, Pino Member (Foreigner)  VC  search
HBT01-011 Holy Dress, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-129 Honey Embrace Paradox  VC  search
HBT01-097 Hopeless with Tech Tactics  search
HBT01-037 Innocent Running About, Waffle Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-092 Intellectual Curiosity, Mahiro Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-028 Intersecting Fates, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-081 Inventor, Mahiro Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-120 Invitation to Dreams, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  VC  search
HBT01-056 Kung Fu Master, Qipao Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-151 Last Survivor Paradox  VC  search
HBT01-020 Late-Blooming Cherry Blossom Tactics  search
HBT01-121 Letter from Kyoto, Tamaki Member (Logicalist)  VC  search
HBT01-006 Life at the Academy, Nina Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-052 Like the Wind, Yayoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-064 Lion's Twinkle, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-102 Liones Yelistratova My Logicalist  VRR  search
HBT01-106 Liones Yelistratova My Logicalist  VC  search
HBT01-G002 Liones Yelistratova Gate  SCR  search
HBT01-058 Lively Motion, Yayoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-115 Lovely Spiral, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  VR  search
HBT01-110 Mahiro Kyobashi My Logicalist  VC  search
HBT01-139 Marvel Explode Paradox  VC  search
HBT01-049 Mischievous Tentacles, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
HBT01-S07 Mischievous Tentacles, Ashley (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HBT01-067 Momentary Rest, Qipao Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-089 Monitoring the Airspace, Selen Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-132 Mushroom Cannon Shell, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  VR  search
HBT01-101 Nina Alexandrovna My Logicalist  VRR  search
HBT01-104 Nina Alexandrovna My Logicalist  VC  search
HBT01-G001 Nina Alexandrovna Gate  SCR  search
HBT01-047 Oriental Exorcism Paradox  search
HBT01-019 Out of Bounds, Amor Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-086 Overnight Cramming, Mahiro Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-041 Palias Shield, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-122 Perfect Counter-Measure, Nina Member (Logicalist)  VC  search
HBT01-039 Persistent Glimmer, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-038 Petals in the Snow, Lion Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-157 Pluck the Flowers, Lotta Member (Foreigner)  VC  search
HBT01-004 Power to Serve the Gods, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-113 Prayer of Hope, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  VR  search
HBT01-095 Preparing for Battle, Selen Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-002 Pretty Guardian, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
HBT01-S02 Pretty Guardian, Tamaki (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HBT01-123 Pride of the Dragon Family, Xiaolin Member (Foreigner)  VC  search
HBT01-119 Purring Whirlwind Foot, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  VC  search
HBT01-141 Rainbow Melody, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  VR  search
HBT01-090 Record Crushing Defeat, Mahiro Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-022 Relation Manual Paradox  search
HBT01-080 Reliable Existence, Aoi Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-133 Review and Prepare, Yukari Member (Logicalist)  VC  search
HBT01-130 Riot Meteor, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  VR  search
HBT01-142 Rising Expectations, Ashley Member (Logicalist)  VR  search
HBT01-025 Rose of the High Peak, Lion Member (Tranceunion)  TR  search
HBT01-I04 Rose of the High Peak, Lion (∞TR) Member (Tranceunion)  ∞TR  search
HBT01-046 Royal Garden Paradox  search
HBT01-074 Sancto Clearly Paradox  search
HBT01-088 Scattering Mines, Selen Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-061 Scepter Staff Technique, Qipao Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-093 Searching for Foreigners, Mahiro Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-009 Sensing a Disturbance, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-062 Sherry of the Foam Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-084 Sincerity Holding Fast, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-077 Sky Diver, Mahiro Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
HBT01-S12 Sky Diver, Mahiro (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HBT01-048 Sleepy Wild Paradox  search
HBT01-094 Soldier of Pure Love, Brynhildr Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-003 Sorrowful Sky, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
HBT01-S03 Sorrowful Sky, Nina (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HBT01-143 Sparkle Round, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  VC  search
HBT01-063 Sparkling Jelly, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-127 Speak with My Fists Tactics  VC  search
HBT01-134 Special Affection, Yukari Member (Logicalist)  VC  search
HBT01-015 Spreading Love, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-153 Steeped in the Setting Sun, Aoi Member (Logicalist)  VR  search
HBT01-059 Stella Cluster, Ashley Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-155 Strengthful Archer, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  VC  search
HBT01-010 Striking Whip of Admonition, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-164 Subspace Gate  VC  search
HBT01-005 Successive Victories, Tamaki Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-150 Sudden Good Fortune Tactics  VC  search
HBT01-154 Support Arrow, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  VC  search
HBT01-146 Talk to the Winds, Ashley Member (Logicalist)  VC  search
HBT01-105 Tamaki Yurine My Logicalist  VC  search
HBT01-068 Tipsy, Qipao Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-160 Tokimeki Metropolis Tactics  VC  search
HBT01-162 Tornado Disco Paradox  VC  search
HBT01-124 Total Care, Cure Member (Foreigner)  VC  search
HBT01-099 Tragic Melancholy Paradox  search
HBT01-131 Tropical Flower, Yukari Member (Tranceunion)  VR  search
HBT01-126 True Value of the Electric Dragon Tactics  VC  search
HBT01-085 Twilight Flash, Aoi Member (Tranceunion)  search
HBT01-027 Twin Sword Wild Dance, Lion Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
HBT01-S06 Twin Sword Wild Dance, Lion (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HBT01-076 Twinkle Saber, Mahiro Member (Tranceunion)  RR  search
HBT01-S11 Twinkle Saber, Mahiro (SR) Member (Tranceunion)  SR  search
HBT01-117 Under the Blue Sky, Tamaki Member (Logicalist)  VR  search
HBT01-031 Uneasy, Yukari Member (Logicalist)  search
HBT01-137 Unforeseen Summoning Tactics  VC  search
HBT01-043 Upper Class, Rosa Member (Foreigner)  search
HBT01-159 Vow to Pass Over Dimensions Tactics  VC  search
HBT01-108 Yayoi Tachibana My Logicalist  VC  search
HBT01-107 Yukari Nanahoshi My Logicalist  VC  search
HBT01-103 Yuko Morigaya My Logicalist  VRR  search
HBT01-001 Angel's Gospel, Nina Member (Tranceunion)  TR  search
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