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X Special Series 4: X Duel Chest

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X Special Series 4: X Duel Chest: 54 cards
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X-SS04-0046 All According To My Volition Spell  search
X-SS04-00080 An Unexpected Helper, Takosuke Monster  search
X-SS04-0005 Arc Crystal Dragon, Athora Monster  search
X-SS04-0003 Arc Deity Dragon Lord, Duel Sieger Monster  search
X-SS04-0012 Arc Hammer Knight, Brontes Monster  search
X-SS04-0001BR Barlbatzz the Lightning Monster  BR  search
X-SS04-0001R3 Barlbatzz the Lightning Monster  RRR  search
X-SS04-0018 Batzz Stone, Thunder Emperor's Augite Spell  search
X-SS04-0021 Black Arc Splints Spell  search
X-SS04-0004 Black Wings of Thunder Emperor, Abygale Monster  search
X-SS04-0027 CHAOS Breastcorona Monster  search
X-SS04-0032 CHAOS Champion Lord Monster  search
X-SS04-0030 CHAOS Death Tallica Monster  search
X-SS04-0033 CHAOS Deathgaze Monster  search
X-SS04-0028 CHAOS Gilquine Monster  search
X-SS04-0031 CHAOS Jesterra Monster  search
X-SS04-0037 CHAOS Kalvados Monster  search
X-SS04-0040 CHAOS Mach Braver Monster  search
X-SS04-0039 CHAOS Orser Kleinz Monster  search
X-SS04-0048 Chaos Shooter Item  search
X-SS04-0035 CHAOS Stregia Monster  search
X-SS04-0041 Chaos Wall, Healing Barrier Spell  search
X-SS04-0038 CHAOS Zodiac Monster  search
X-SS04-0045 Chaotic Pain Spell  search
X-SS04-00090 Clashing Arc Dragon, Gaelcorga Monster  search
X-SS04-0049 Directive Code: Forced Reboot Impact  search
X-SS04-0042 Externally Controlled Chaos Guided Missile Spell  search
X-SS04-0043 Forced Summoning: Shalsana Spell  search
X-SS04-0036 Ladis the CHAOS Monster  search
X-SS04-0006 Lone Wing of Thunder Knights, Thunder Halberd Monster  search
X-SS04-0015 Loud Voice Spell  search
X-SS04-00110 Meravolt Dragon Monster  search
X-BT04PURPLE Mini Geargod Purple Monster  search
X-BT04RED Mini Geargod Red Monster  search
X-SS04-0029 Oniseer of Autodeity, CHAOS Ibuki Monster  search
X-SS04-0019 Overpowering Arc Dragons Spell  search
X-SS04-0002 Overturn Chief, Duel Jaeger Monster  search
X-SS04-0044 Population Reduction Spell  search
X-SS04-0026BR Proto Deleter, Geargod ver.088 Monster  BR  search
X-SS04-0026R3 Proto Deletor, Geargod ver.088 Monster  RRR  search
X-SS04-0016 Secret Dragon Life Exhalation Spell  search
X-SS04-0034 Sentry of Autodeity, CHAOS Dra-gollum Monster  search
X-SS04-0013 Storm Summoning Fullfool Monster  search
X-SS04-0050 The Chaos Flag  search
X-SS04-0020 The Fighters' Oath Spell  search
X-SS04-0007 Thunder Emperor's Chum, Saint Holy Sword Dragon Monster  search
X-SS04-0025 Thunder Emperor's Fangs Flag  search
X-SS04-0022 Thunder Pike, Vajra Demon Slay Item  search
X-SS04-0017 Thunder X Goodbye! Spell  search
X-SS04-0014 Thunder X Tri-Guard Spell  search
X-SS04-0023 Thunderstroke, Keranols Item  search
X-SS04-0024 Turbulent Thunder Sword, Rupture X Tempest Slash! Impact  search
X-SS04-0047 Watchsword of Autodeity, CHAOS Laevateinn Item  search
X-SS04-00100 Zappy Ninja, Denkuro Monster  search
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