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BS42: 126 cards
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89 Attack! The Pirate Ship Greedog Nexus  Common  search
45 Blizstar-Eagle Spirit  Common  search
90 Boundaries of the Wind Blade Magic/Burst  Common  search
92 Co-op Barrier Spell  Common  search
93 Dream Wave Spell  Common  search
21 Exoknight Dragon Spirit  Common  search
39 Hammakop Spirit  Common  search
79 Horned Dragon Mountain Nexus  Common  search
86 Mad Tea Party Nexus  Common  search
30 Muzorilla Spirit  Common  search
95 Pirates' Trump Spell  Common  search
14 Puppet Soldier Spirit  Common  search
94 Quick Draw Spell  Common  search
RV09 The Angelia Olifia Spirit  Common  search
60 The Angelia Rumiel Spirit  Rare  search
RV10 The ArcAngelia Raraphael Spirit  Rare  search
RV08 The ArmoredSacred Walhalance Spirit  Rare  search
29 The BanditChief Higekoga Spirit  Common  search
34 The BlackBeastKing Cox-Garreau Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
50 The BraveShineAngelia Jiniel Spirit  Common  search
5 The BraveShineBeast Climbing-Margay Spirit  Common  search
10 The BraveShineCannonbull MeltBuffalo Spirit  Common  search
64 The BraveShineHero BlueBlaze Spirit  Common  search
67 The BraveShineHero Lightning Spirit/Burst  Common  search
RV04 The ChopSword Shadowslicer Spirit  Common  search
102 The ClownDeity Lady-Frankelly Spirit  X Rare  search
103 The ClownDeity Polluc&Castar Spirit  X Rare  search
97 The DarkPyroxeneSixGeneral DeathVioletDragonGodDaimezak Spirit  X Rare  search
98 The DarkPyroxeneSixGeneral HundredSwordBushin Gogmazan Spirit  X Rare  search
15 The DeathVioletBridage Bonehead-Drago Spirit  Common  search
19 The DeathVioletBridage DeathribDragon Spirit  Common  search
23 The DeathVioletBridage Tanzanite-Bone-Dragon Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
16 The DeathVioletBridage ZombieDragon Spirit  Common  search
84 The Desolated Rocky Mountains Nexus  Common  search
2 The DinosaruAlliance Dromaeo Spirit  Common  search
6 The DinosaruAlliance PinnedSkinAmperosa Spirit  Common  search
11 The DinosaurAlliance ThunderBladeElectrosaurus Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
RV01 The DinosaurPrincess Jura Spirit  Common  search
88 The Dragon Emperor's Pirate Crew Hidden Harbor Nexus  Common  search
65 The DragonEmperor'sPirateCrew HelmsmanBigMouth Spirit  Common  search
63 The DragonEmperor'sPirateCrew NavigatorRabu Spirit  Common  search
69 The DragonEmperor'sPirateGang Vice-CaptainAozack Spirit  Rare  search
80 The Drifting Spire in the Night Sky Nexus  Common  search
8 The ElectrifyBoulderDragon DynamoDragon Spirit  Common  search
RV12 The FlameLizard Cthughma Spirit  Common  search
82 The Floating Jade Black Castle Nexus  Common  search
RV06 The GreatKing Blacktaurus Spirit  Rare  search
83 The Green Holy Relic Nexus  Common  search
33 The HundredSwordClan ArmoredMothCurmax Spirit  Rare  search
35 The HundredSwordClan BodyguardSabigasa Spirit  Common  search
36 The HundredSwordClan TwinkleBladeMiyama Spirit  Rare  search
28 The HundredSwordClan VagabondBenikami Spirit  Rare  search
27 The KingBeastTribe BambooDokodo Spirit  Common  search
18 The KnowledgeLorekeeper WiseSnake Spirit  Common  search
37 The LanceWarrior Hundingle Spirit  Common  search
22 The MakaiOfficer Drosmuba Spirit  Common  search
20 The MysteriousLorekeeper Alaneia Spirit  Common  search
40 The NobleArmsQueen Siegelinde Spirit  Rare  search
SJ17-09 The NobleArtillery Toul-Bjorn Spirit  Promo  search
44 The NobleColonel Officer-Ehren Spirit  Common  search
99 The NobleFinalArm Ra=Illuzeon Spirit  X Rare  search
74 The NobleGun Rebellion Brave  Common  search
43 The NobleOfficer Eta-Major Spirit  Rare  search
42 The NobleOrder Al-Reflection Spirit  Rare  search
38 The NobleOrder E-N09 Spirit  Common  search
85 The NobleOrder Headquarters Nexus  Common  search
46 The NobleValkyrie Grimmgerde Spirit/Burst  Common  search
41 The PatrolWarrior Convatour Spirit  Common  search
RV11 The Pirate Raccorsair Spirit  Common  search
77 The Pirate'sSpeargun Zeroy-Shooter Brave  Master Rare  search
71 The PirateGodKing Greedog-Pirate Spirit  Master Rare  search
101 The PirateUnionGeneral Forge-Low Spirit  X Rare  search
70 The PirateUnionVice-Captain Longnose Spirit  Rare  search
CP03 The PyroxeneTwelveGem DecemberEndGod Chronodec Spirit  X Rare  search
CP01 The PyroxeneTwelveGem JanuaryPrimalGod Dianus Spirit  X Rare  search
CP01a The PyroxeneTwelveGem JanuaryPrimalGod Dianus Spirit  X Rare  search
CP02 The PyroxeneTwelveGem NovemberMoonPrincess AllSoulsKagura Spirit  X Rare  search
RV05 The Queen Antreine Spirit  Common  search
78 The RadiantStar Lanieker Nexus  Common  search
81 The Reopened Hole in the Empty Sky Nexus  Common  search
RV07 The Sacred Laevateinn Spirit  Common  search
RV03 The SevenShogun Beldegaulle Spirit  Rare  search
72 The ShelledGun Kuwaga-Shima Brave  Common  search
CP06 The SixTwinkleGuard BeastKingEar Pookses Spirit  X Rare  search
CP04 The SixTwinkleGuard Dinosaur Edwick Spirit  X Rare  search
CP05 The SixTwinkleGuard MakaiLorekeeper Deal Spirit  X Rare  search
CP07 The SixTwinkleGuard NobleSergeant WG-7 Spirit  X Rare  search
CP09 The SixTwinkleGuard PirateUnionChief Kevin Spirit  X Rare  search
CP08 The SixTwinkleGuard WonderAngelia Meliel Spirit  X Rare  search
17 The SnakeWarrior Feraga Spirit  Common  search
RV02 The StarEmperorDragon Meteorwurm Spirit  Rare  search
76 The ThreeHeadedGun Greed-Lock Brave  Rare  search
66 The ThreeHeadedPirateGang Engray Spirit  Common  search
68 The ThreeHeadedPirateGang Pitbull Spirit  Common  search
62 The ThreeHeadedPirateGang Rottweiler Spirit  Common  search
54 The TwinkleAngelia Creshiel Spirit  Common  search
75 The TwinkleDragon'sBayonet Gun-Balmung -Gun Mode- Brave  Master Rare  search
3 The TwinkleStarDragon ChondriteDragon Spirit  Common  search
4 The TwinkleStarDragon RedSprite Spirit  Common  search
7 The TwinkleStarDragon SpiculeDragon Spirit  Common  search
1 The TwinkleStarDragon Star-Bladra Spirit  Common  search
96 The TwinkleStarDragonEmperor MoebiusDragon Spirit  X Rare  search
12 The TwinkleStarEighthApostle Proteus Spirit  Rare  search
13 The TwinkleStarFirstApostle Asgardia Spirit  Master Rare  search
9 The TwinkleStarTenthApostle Desdemona Spirit  Rare  search
32 The TwinkleWingsBird Distica-Eagle Spirit  Common  search
25 The VanityDeityGeneral TerozuDragon Spirit  Common  search
73 The WindGodGun Behexostrike Brave  Rare  search
24 The Wonderdragon Jabberwocky Spirit  Master Rare  search
61 The WonderGodKing Hanuslem Spirit  Master Rare  search
100 The WonderKing Siegfried-MadHatter Spirit  X Rare  search
26 TheDeathVioletBridage WhiteEngimaDragon Spirit  Rare  search
91 Wild Storm Spell  Common  search
87 Wonderland Nexus  Common  search
51 Wonderland Alice Spirit  Master Rare  search
58 Wonderland Bandersnatch Spirit  Common  search
52 Wonderland CheshireCat Spirit  Common  search
48 Wonderland Dum&Dee Spirit  Common  search
56 Wonderland HeartKnightJack Spirit  Common  search
31 Wonderland MarchRabbit Spirit  Common  search
59 Wonderland RedQueen Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
57 Wonderland Trump-Griffon Spirit  Common  search
49 Wonderland TrumpTroops Spirit  Common  search
55 Wonderland WhiteQueen Spirit  Common  search
47 Wonderland Whyte​? Rabbit Spirit  Common  search
53 Wonderland Yamane Spirit  Common  search
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