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G Extra Booster 2: The AWAKENING ZOO

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G Extra Booster 2: The AWAKENING ZOO: 98 cards
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G-EB02-059 Adorable Balinese Great Nature  search
G-EB02-007 Amazing Professor, Bigbelly Great Nature  RRR  search
G-EB02-058 Animal Clip Lesser Great Nature  search
G-EB02-022 Anthurium Musketeer, Nikla Neo Nectar  RR  search
G-EB02-Re2 Application Researcher, Ponbelly Great Nature  RRR  search
G-EB02-064 Approval Frigate Great Nature  search
G-EB02-042 Artemisia Musketeer, Kiara Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-008 Artistic Ocelot Great Nature  RRR  search
G-EB02-S04 Artistic Ocelot (SP) Great Nature  SP  search
G-EB02-S03 Astute Professor, Bigbelly (SP) Great Nature  SP  search
G-EB02-018 Automatism Koala Great Nature  RR  search
G-EB02-048 Bad Luck Star Megacolony  search
G-EB02-032 Bicolor Baku Great Nature  search
G-EB02-069 Black Rose Musketeer, Verneri Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-026 Black Spear Mutant, Bolg Wasp Megacolony  search
G-EB02-034 Body Faction, Maox Great Nature  search
G-EB02-038 Bond Protector Musketeer, Antero Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-033 Bootcamp Cymric Great Nature  search
G-EB02-074 Cirsium Musketeer, Umbra Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-010 Collective Blooming Maiden, Kera Neo Nectar  RRR  search
G-EB02-S06 Collective Blooming Maiden, Kera (SP) Neo Nectar  SP  search
G-EB02-044 Coma Mutant, Silk Sleeper Megacolony  search
G-EB02-S10 Correction Scientist, Delibelly (SP) Great Nature  SP  search
G-EB02-097 Cruel Dragon Kagerō  RRR  search
G-EB02-039 Cumulative Maiden, Purcell Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-067 Cyclamen Musketeer, Favila Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-035 Diligent Assistant, Minibelly Great Nature  search
G-EB02-071 Dragon Seed Shooter Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-096 Dreaming Jewel Knight, Tiffany Royal Paladin  search
G-EB02-028 Elegant Mutant, Twilight Madder Megacolony  search
G-EB02-098 Endless Flare Dragon Kagerō  search
G-EB02-060 Errand Somali Great Nature  search
G-EB02-065 Essayist, Yapon Great Nature  search
G-EB02-006 Evil Governor, Darkface Gredora Megacolony  RRR  search
G-EB02-S02 Evil Governor, Darkface Gredora (SP) Megacolony  SP  search
G-EB02-024 Feather Wall Mutant Deity, Morphosian Megacolony  search
G-EB02-023 Fencing Master Mutant Deity, Anguish Sword Megacolony  search
G-EB02-Re3 Flower Garden Maiden, Mylis Neo Nectar  RRR  search
G-EB02-004 Flower Princess of Four Seasons, Velhemina Neo Nectar  GR  search
G-EB02-016 Honorary Professor, Chaverite Great Nature  RR  search
G-EB02-S09 Honorary Professor, Chaverite (SP) Great Nature  SP  search
G-EB02-031 Immortality Professor, Sankalpa Great Nature  search
G-EB02-030 Immortality Professor, Vairagya Great Nature  search
G-EB02-013 Ink Defense Mutant, Black Weevil Megacolony  RR  search
G-EB02-S08 Ink Defense Mutant, Black Weevil (SP) Megacolony  SP  search
G-EB02-005 Intimidating Mutant King, Darkface Alicides Megacolony  RRR  search
G-EB02-S01 Intimidating Mutant King, Darkface Alicides (SP) Megacolony  SP  search
G-EB02-072 Kaluna Musketeer, Elma Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-020 Lantana Musketeer, Rozeeta Neo Nectar  RR  search
G-EB02-S11 Lantana Musketeer, Rozeeta (SP) Neo Nectar  SP  search
G-EB02-025 Light Horn Mutant, Dangerous Horn Megacolony  search
G-EB02-050 Machining Bagworm Megacolony  search
G-EB02-012 Machining Beat Atlas Megacolony  RR  search
G-EB02-S07 Machining Beat Atlas (SP) Megacolony  SP  search
G-EB02-051 Machining Killer Ant Megacolony  search
G-EB02-047 Machining Leafy Megacolony  search
G-EB02-045 Machining Princess Megacolony  search
G-EB02-014 Machining Snow Wing Megacolony  RR  search
G-EB02-029 Machining Tardigrade Megacolony  search
G-EB02-053 Machining Treehopper Megacolony  search
G-EB02-052 Machining Visaliness Megacolony  search
G-EB02-019 Maiden White Lily Musketeer Captain, Virginial Cecilia Neo Nectar  RR  search
G-EB02-076 Marigold Musketeer, Rachele Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-057 Matrix Code Zebra Great Nature  search
G-EB02-054 Megacolony Battler G Megacolony  search
G-EB02-027 New Face Mutant, Little Dorcas Megacolony  search
G-EB02-003 Omniscience Dragon, Balaurl Great Nature  GR  search
G-EB02-011 Oppression Mutant Deity, Machining Despot Megacolony  RR  search
G-EB02-049 Outstanding Mutant, Promularva Megacolony  search
G-EB02-063 Part-time Researcher, Iguano Great Nature  search
G-EB02-062 Pearl Whit Chihuahua Great Nature  search
G-EB02-073 Planting Maiden, Ozu Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-066 Poinsettia Flower Maiden, Grennel Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-068 Promotion Maiden, Lipset Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-009 Ranunculus of Phantasmic Blue, Ahsha Neo Nectar  RRR  search
G-EB02-S05 Ranunculus of Phantasmic Blue, Ahsha (SP) Neo Nectar  SP  search
G-EB02-075 Red Poppy Musketeer, Marinetta Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-041 Repeated Cultivation Maiden, Leslie Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-017 Revision Scientist, Delibelly Great Nature  RR  search
G-EB02-037 Sacred Tree Dragon, Breakweather Dragon Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-094 Sanctuary Archer Royal Paladin  search
G-EB02-095 Sanctuary Guard Arc Royal Paladin  RRR  search
G-EB02-043 Sansan Mango Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-Re1 Scissor-shot Mutant, Bombscissor Megacolony  RRR  search
G-EB02-021 Seeding Maiden, Tierney Neo Nectar  RR  search
G-EB02-S12 Seeding Maiden, Tierney (SP) Neo Nectar  SP  search
G-EB02-036 Sitter Bobtail Great Nature  search
G-EB02-061 Stationery Hero Great Nature  search
G-EB02-092 Stealth Dragon, Ungai Nubatama  search
G-EB02-070 Stokesia Musketeer, Daphne Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-070EN Stokesia Musketeer, Daphne English Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-015 Super Honorary Professor, Meilleur Chatnoir Great Nature  RR  search
G-EB02-055 Talented Rhinos Great Nature  search
G-EB02-002 Toxin Sickle Mutant Deity, Overwhelm Megacolony  GR  search
G-EB02-056 Trickle British Great Nature  search
G-EB02-040 Valkyrie of Reclamation, Padmini Neo Nectar  search
G-EB02-046 Vulgar Blister Megacolony  search
G-EB02-001EN Zeroth Dragon of Death Garden, Zoa Zoo  ZR  search
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