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Ancient Nights

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Ancient Nights: 67 cards
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ACN-086 Absolute Awareness Spell  Common  search
ACN-115 Ahriman, Malicious Eye in the Dark Resonator  Common  search
ACN-030 Apprentice Beast Tamer Resonator  Common  search
ACN-059 Aqua Rifle Mermaid Resonator  Common  search
ACN-031 Archaeopteryx Resonator  Uncommon  search
ACN-032 Beast Den on Mt. Hoelle Addition  Uncommon  search
ACN-033 Burning Awakening Chant  Common  search
ACN-001 Conjure Constructs Chant  Rare  search
ACN-002 Crippling Light Chant  Super Rare  search
ACN-121 Dark Night Butterfly Chant  Common  search
ACN-156 Darkness Magic Stone Magic Stone  No Rarity  search
ACN-034 Demon Watcher Resonator  Uncommon  search
ACN-035 Devil's Advocate Chant  Uncommon  search
ACN-036 Dino-Rush Chant  Common  search
ACN-003 Discovery Chant  Common  search
ACN-037 Dragon Call Chant  Rare  search
ACN-038 Dragonoid Martial Artist Resonator  Common  search
ACN-039 Environmental Researcher, Fabre Resonator  Rare  search
ACN-040 Eruptiphant Resonator  Rare  search
ACN-041 Explorer on Mt. Hoelle Resonator  Common  search
ACN-042 Fiend Fire Chant  Super Rare  search
ACN-043 Fire Dragon's Egg Resonator  Common  search
ACN-157 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone  No Rarity  search
ACN-044 Flame Style Chant  Uncommon  search
ACN-045 Flying Drill Chant  Common  search
ACN-046 Food Supply Chant  Common  search
ACN-126 Frayla Ruler  Rare  search
ACN-004 Gem Beast Resonator  Uncommon  search
ACN-005 Gem Blade Emerald Resonator  Uncommon  search
ACN-006 Gem Minister Garnet Resonator  Rare  search
ACN-007 Gem Trader Resonator  Common  search
ACN-047 Gourmet Chef, Sherry Shera Resonator  Rare  search
ACN-008 Heavy Arms Panda Resonator  Common  search
ACN-048 Hell Flame Chant  Common  search
ACN-049 High Speed Chant  Uncommon  search
ACN-050 Hoelle Pig Resonator  Common  search
ACN-051 Hoellesaurus Resonator  Common  search
ACN-009 Jewel Bullet Chant  Rare  search
ACN-010 Jewel Protection Chant  Common  search
ACN-011 Jewel Shield Chant  Common  search
ACN-012 Jewel Sword Chant  Common  search
ACN-013 Jeweler of Sasaru Palace Resonator  Uncommon  search
ACN-052 Kaim, Demon of Vice Resonator  Super Rare  search
ACN-159 Light Magic StoneWater Magic Stone Magic Stone  No Rarity  search
ACN-014 Light of Transmigration Chant  Uncommon  search
ACN-015 Magic Light Warrior Resonator  Common  search
ACN-016 Magic Shield Warrior Resonator  Common  search
ACN-017 Magic Sword Warrior Resonator  Uncommon  search
ACN-053 Master of Faithful Beasts Resonator  Uncommon  search
ACN-018 Orphica, Dancer in the White Mist Resonator  Super Rare  search
ACN-019 Panda Acrobat Resonator  Common  search
ACN-020 Pandora Ruler  Rare  search
ACN-076 Princess Shaela's Attendant Resonator  Common  search
ACN-021 Profitable Transactions Chant  Uncommon  search
ACN-054 Red Cap Resonator  Common  search
ACN-022 Reduction Chant  Common  search
ACN-023 Sacred Temple of Light Addition  Uncommon  search
ACN-055 Stone Tongued Basilisk Resonator  Common  search
ACN-025 Summon Magic Warriors Chant  Uncommon  search
ACN-056 Two-Horned Almiraj Resonator  Uncommon  search
ACN-026 Ultimate Magic Warrior, Gear Atmos Resonator  Rare  search
ACN-057 Vanish in Fire Chant  Rare  search
ACN-151 Variant Wing Rider Panda Resonator  Common  search
ACN-027 White Cat of Sasaru Palace Resonator  Common  search
ACN-028 White Raven Resonator  Common  search
ACN-160 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone  No Rarity  search
ACN-029 Wing Rider Panda Resonator  Common  search
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