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X Climax Booster 1: Strongest Batzz Awakened ~Red Thunder Emperor~

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X Climax Booster 1: Strongest Batzz Awakened ~Red Thunder Emperor~: 91 cards
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X-CBT01-0051 Apprentice Underling, Robo Mecha Shin Monster  search
X-CBT01-0065 Arc Crystal Dragon, Mimosa Monster  search
X-CBT01-0078 Arms Bomber Spell  Secret  search
X-CBT01-0026 Asmodai Onstage! Spell  search
X-CBT01-0002 Awakened as Thunder Emperor, Batzz Monster  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0022 Battlefield Blitz, Brokenline Monster  search
X-CBT01-0011 Batzz the Spirit Item  RR  search
X-CBT01-0017 Black Arc Dragon, Gentlegee Monster  RR  search
X-CBT01-0059 Black Arc Dragon, Teegas Monster  search
X-CBT01-0060 Black Reduce Spell  search
X-CBT01-0101 Cosmic Evolution Spell  RR  search
X-CBT01-0021 Crystal Crescent Greaves Item  RR  search
X-CBT01-0057 Deflection Spell  search
X-CBT01-0031 Deluge of Life Spell  search
X-CBT01-0048 Demon Lord's Deputy, Vineah Monster  search
X-CBT01-0064 Deploy Impact Canceller! Spell  search
X-CBT01-0006 Destructive Sword of the King, Trishula Item  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0025 Devil Reverse Spell  search
X2-BT01-0001 Divine Protection of Batzz, "Dragonification" Dragon Fang Monster  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0010 Divine Sword Dragon, Saint Glory Sword Dragon Monster  RR  search
X-CBT01-0023 Dragon Knight, Nikola Tesla Monster  search
X-CBT01-0052 Dragon Soul Infusion! Spell  search
X-CBT01-0066 Dragonarms, Diversion Monster  search
X-CBT01-0067 Dragoner Wings Spell  search
X-CBT01-0012 Fallen Angel of Rebellion, Rucifiel Monster  RR  search
X-CBT01-0029 Famous Katana, Kogane-chidori Item  search
X-CBT01-0039 Guru Bunbuku Monster  search
X-CBT01-0038 Guru Bunbuku, Serious Mode! Monster  search
X-CBT01-0004 Hellheaven Dragon, Hellrend Heavens Monster  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0033 Illegal Counter Spell  search
X-CBT01-0061 Impartial Warrior, Justihope Monster  search
X-CBT01-0020 J. Star Ring Item  RR  search
X-CBT01-0076 Jackarms J Arsenal Monster  Secret  search
X-CBT01-0069 Jupiter Barrier Spell  search
X-CBT01-0054 Knight of Tender Love, Philia Monster  search
X-CBT01-0055 Knight of Thunder Tale, Nils Monster  search
X-CBT01-0041 Lifelong Service, Bone Gramps Monster  search
X-CBT01-0027 Magnetism Ninja, Magnetojiro Monster  search
X-CBT01-0008 Overturn Battleship, Satsuki G. Monster  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0003 Overturn Demon Lord, Asmodai Monster  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0035 Prepare For Sortie! Spell  search
X-CBT01-0068 Prism Order Spell  search
X-CBT01-0009 Provenance Crystal Dragon, Athora Adamant Monster  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0015 Pulse Headgear Item  RR  search
X-CBT01-0062 Quinq Lada II, Assault Frame Monster  search
X-CBT01-0034 Quinq Lada II, Broadsword Frame Monster  search
X-CBT01-0018 Quinq Lada II, Command Mech Monster  RR  search
X-CBT01-0063 Quinq Lada Operated Fixed Artillery Monster  search
X-CBT01-0100 Radiant Ray Heavenly Crystal Dragon, Athora Alexand Monster  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0001 Red Thunder Emperor's Awakening Spell  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0001C Red Thunder Emperor's Awakening Spell  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0007 Reverse Black Eddy, Abygale Asyl Monster  RRR  search
X-CBT01-SP03 Reverse Black Eddy, Abygale Asyl Monster  SP  search
X-CBT01-0032 Robo of Urban Legends, Hanako WC Monster  search
X-CBT01-0049 Searchlight Spell  search
X-CBT01-0049J Searchlight Spell  search
X-CBT01-0030 Secret Sword, Waves-Splitting Arc Fangs Impact  search
X-CBT01-0005 Seeker of Superior Strength, Duel Jaegar Monster  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0102 Selection of Athora Spell  RRR  search
X-CBT01-0075 Shining Dragoner, Jackknife Monster  Secret  search
X-CBT01-BR02 Shining Dragoner, Jackknife Monster  BR  search
X-CBT01-SP02 Shining Dragoner, Jackknife Monster  SP  search
X-CBT01-0079 Shining Punisher!! Impact  Secret  search
X-CBT01-0028 Spider Thread Art Spell  search
X-CBT01-0077 Star Dragoner, Dimenzion E. Monster  Secret  search
X-CBT01-0036 Star Ocean Envoy, K22: Vonnegut Monster  search
X-CBT01-0058 Throne On! Go! Hanako WC Impact  search
X2-BT01-0026 Thunder Drop Ghoul Deity, Gojinmaru Monster  search
X-CBT01-0072 Thunder Emperor's Descendant, Cross Jr. Monster  search
X-CBT01-0071 Thunder Emperor's Descendant, X Jr. Monster  Secret  search
X-CBT01-0046 Thunder Emperor's Fan​, Leilong Item  search
X-CBT01-0047 Thunder Emperor's Fist, Drapunch Item  search
X-CBT01-0045 Thunder Emperor's Formation Spell  search
X-CBT01-0044 Thunder Emperor's Orders Spell  search
X-CBT01-0043 Thunder X Wall Spell  search
X-CBT01-0019 Thunderstar, Birkeland Monster  RR  search
X-CBT01-0042 Tiny Ice Dragon, Glacon Monster  search
X-CBT01-0013 Top-Rank Ninja, Mangetsumaru Monster  RR  search
X-CBT01-0037 Tractor Beam Spell  search
X-CBT01-0024 Turbulent Thunder Shock, Roaring Dragon X Tempest Wave! Impact  search
X-CBT01-0070 Turbulent Warlord Dragon, Barlbatzz Dragoroyale Monster  Secret  search
X-CBT01-BR01 Turbulent Warlord Dragon, Barlbatzz Dragoroyale Monster  BR  search
X-CBT01-SP01 Turbulent Warlord Dragon, Barlbatzz Dragoroyale Monster  SP  search
X-CBT01-0074 Turbulent Warlord Fist, Dragrrumble Item  search
X-CBT01-0016 Twin-fanged Knight, Versellia Monster  RR  search
X-CBT01-0014 Unequaled Immortal Chief, Duel Jaeger "Gaia Bust" Monster  RR  search
X-CBT01-0053 Unmatched in All Seas, Birth of a Chief! Impact  search
X-CBT01-0040 Vortex Noble, Spirallel Monster  search
X-CBT01-0073 Warlord Crimson Thunder Wave Spell  search
X-CBT01-0050 Wealthy Chief, Million Dollar Kin Monster  search
X-CBT01-0056 Yellowbat Monster  search
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