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X2 Booster Set 1: Buddy Legends

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X2 Booster Set 1: Buddy Legends: 86 cards
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X2-BT01-0017 Abygale, "Armed Howl Bringer" Impact Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0061 All Dragons Go To Heaven Spell  search
X2-BT01-0026 Arc Particles Ghoul Deity, Gojinmaru Monster  search
X2-BT01-0004 Ardent Heavenly Crystal Dragon, Athora Alexand Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0011 Armorknight Cougar "A" Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0012 Artist of Shadowform, Silhouette Olivar Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0052 Backfeeding Source Spell  search
X2-BT01-0070 Bal Dragon, "Bal-Buster Grandbolt!" Impact Monster  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0001 Batzz's Protection, "Dragonificator" Gao Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0032 Black Crest Dragon, Vidor Nove Monster  search
X2-BT01-0064 Black Dragon, Dies Monster  search
X2-BT01-0029 Bladewing Raven Monster  search
X2-BT01-0065 Bone Router, Grazia Monster  search
X2-BT01-0072 Buddy X Cross Spell  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0040 Contrition Healing Spell  search
X2-BT01-0068 Deity Meteorarms, Azavoarl Monster  search
X2-BT01-0034 Deity Sword of Creations, Aqulta Gwaneff Item  search
X2-BT01-0023 Delusion Butterfly-gollum Monster  search
X2-BT01-0044 Demon Lord's Armor Spell  search
X2-BT01-0024 Dogged Demon Lord, Asmodai Monster  search
X2-BT01-0054 Dragomemoria - Dragon's Reminiscence - Spell  search
X2-BT01-0060 Dragon Life Inherit Spell  search
X2-BT01-0028 Dragon's Temper Spell  search
X2-BT01-0036 Dragonarms, Swobit Monster  search
X2-BT01-0014 Duel Sieger, "Centurion" Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0042 Dysautonomia Spell  search
X2-BT01-0020 Eventual Star Deity Dragon, Zodiac Nohva Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0047 Evil Spirit of Bevar-Asp Spell  search
X2-BT01-0056 Executioners' Lance, Gehenna Gretsch Item  search
X2-BT01-0022 Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum "SD" Monster  search
X2-BT01-0027 Fist Emperor of Manliness, Burn Nova Monster  search
X2-BT01-0063 Freaky Strength Girl, Hikiko Monster  search
X2-BT01-0053 From the Brink of Death Spell  search
X2-BT01-0071 Future Fangs, Barlbatzz Future Cross Monster  Secret  search
X2-BT01-BR01 Future Fangs, Barlbatzz Future Cross Monster  BR  search
X2-BT01-S001 Future Fangs, Barlbatzz Future Cross Monster  SP  search
X2-BT01-0073 Future Force, "DX" Item  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0074 Future Sword, Jackknife "Granthese" Item  Secret  search
X2-BT01-S002 Future Sword, Jackknife "Granthese" Item  SP  search
X2BT01-BR02 Future Sword, Jackknife "Granthese" Item  BR  search
X2-BT01-0031 Golden Apples Custodian, Ydun Monster  search
X2-BT01-0038 Heavenly Claws, Raikiri Item  search
X2-BT01-0007 Heavenly Specter, Yamigedo Mikazuchi Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-BR04 Heavenly Specter, Yamigedo Mikazuchi Monster  BR  search
X2-BT01-0059 Humanoid Beast, Yaejako Monster  search
X2-BT01-0005 Ice Dragon of Rebirth, Roi Miserea Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0078 Into the Future... Spell  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0077 Jackknife Statue Spell  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0075 Jackknife, "Genesic Batterizer!" Impact Monster  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0009 Jackknife, "Glanzend" Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0019 Karuna Cycle Emperor, Miserea Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0015 Knight of Daybreak, Neoswadel Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0003 Mark of Atonement, Azi Dahaka Daeva "SYS" Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0002 Mark of Transgression, Azi Dahaka "SYS" Monster  RRR  search
X2BT01-BR03 Mark of Transgression, Azi Dahaka "SYS" Monster  BR  search
X2-BT01-0039 Mera Blade Inazuma Monster  search
X2-BT01-0025 Mikazuchi Follower, Glasya Labolas Monster  search
X2-BT01-0018 Mobile Specialist Chassis β, Casablanca Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0030 Omni Lords' Loyal Knight, El Quixote Monster  search
X2-BT01-0016 One Who Leads Spell  RR  search
X2-BT01-0069 Overturn Armordragon, Drum Bunker Dragon Monster  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0010 Overturn Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0076 Purgatory Knights Liberator, Orcus Sword Dragon Monster  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0051 Purgatory Knights Reborn, Crossbow Dragon Monster  search
X2-BT01-0037 Purgatory Knights Reborn, Holy Grebe Dragon Monster  search
X2-BT01-0050 Purgatory Knights Reborn, Silver Staff Dragon Monster  search
X2-BT01-0013 Rampaging Evil Demon, Akuro-oh Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0043 Ricky on the Ban Monster  search
X2-BT01-0046 Rules of the Depths Spell  search
X2-BT01-0035 Second Darkhero Hideout Spell  search
X2-BT01-0033 Spawn of the Demonic Dragon, Abyssgate Monster  search
X2-BT01-0066 Special Weapon, Virus Buster Spell  search
X2-BT01-0045 Spica Virgo Monster  search
X2-BT01-0006 Super Sun Deity Dragon, Balle Soleil Dios Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0067 T18: Sturgeon Monster  search
X2-BT01-0021 Thunderflash Swordsman, Billion Rapier Monster  search
X2-BT01-0055 Titanic Violent Dragon, Zargilragne Monster  search
X2-BT01-0058 Tome of Sorcery, Almandel Item  search
X2-BT01-0062 Trap Up Spell  search
X2-BT01-0048 Uniform Warrior, China Frill Monster  search
X2-BT01-0041 Voice of the Blade Spell  search
X2-BT01-0008 White Supreme Dragon Deity of Creations, Gaen Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0008E White Supreme Dragon Deity of Creations, Gaen Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-S003 White Supreme Dragon Deity of Creations, Gaen Monster  SP  search
X2-BT01-0049 Winning Wing Item  search
X2-BT01-0057 Witch of Ruination, Cathy the Devastator Monster  search
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