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Royal Rumble

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Royal Rumble: 90 cards
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61 "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan Superstar Card  Premium Rare  search
85 A Good Old-Fashioned Mugging Trademark Finisher / Action  Ultra Rare  search
49 A Technical Shoot Mid-match Action  Common  search
23 Always Have a Plan B Reversal  Uncommon  search
08 Ankle Breaker Strike  Rare  search
41 Argue With Tony Chimel Pre-match Event  Common  search
06 Armed & Dangerous Strike  Uncommon  search
74 At-Ten-HUT! Reversal  Premium Rare  search
33 Backed by Eric Bischoff Action  Uncommon  search
34 Backed by Theodore Long Action  Uncommon  search
77 Because the Fans Demanded It Pre-match Feud  Ultra Rare  search
02 Big Splash in the Corner High Risk  Uncommon  search
73 Boot Camp Match Pre-match Stipulation  Premium Rare  search
60 Break It Out, Break You Down, Breakin' Rules, Breakin' Ground Mid-match Action  Rare  search
53 Chain Barrier Mid-match Action / Action  Uncommon  search
40 Chain Reaction Pre-match Event  Common  search
28 Chained Aggression Action  Common  search
17 Entangle in the Ropes Submission  Common  search
26 Everyone Wants to Watch Women Wrestle Action  Common  search
27 Everyone Wants to Watch Women, Period Action  Common  search
20 Face Stretch Submission  Rare  search
37 Face the Music Action  Rare  search
14 Fall-away Suplex Grapple  Rare  search
30 Feel the Fire Action  Uncommon  search
05 Fisticuffs Strike  Common  search
78 Flurry of Finishers Mid-match Trademark Finisher  Ultra Rare  search
57 Future Considerations Mid-match Action  Rare  search
75 Gimme Ten, Maggot! Action  Premium Rare  search
35 Grab the Mic Action  Rare  search
16 Hair Pull Submission  Common  search
04 Handcuffed Strike  Common  search
54 Heat Barrier Mid-match Action / Action  Uncommon  search
69 Hollywood Leg Drop Trademark Finisher  Premium Rare  search
67 Hollywood's Big Boot Strike  Premium Rare  search
22 How Many Do You Need? Reversal  Common  search
65 Hulkin' Up Reversal  Ultra Rare  search
86 I Know Cool ... And You're Not Cool Action / Reversal  Premium Rare  search
64 I Live for My Hulkamaniacs... Action  Ultra Rare  search
39 I Waited Long Enough Action  Rare  search
81 I Will Not Die Reversal  Premium Rare  search
46 It's Getting Hot in Here Pre-match Event  Rare  search
18 Key Lock Submission / Submission  Uncommon  search
87 Kokubetsu Reversal  Premium Rare  search
38 Let the Heeling Begin Action  Rare  search
47 Let's Get It On! Pre-match Event  Rare  search
48 Managed by Lita Pre-match Manager  Rare  search
80 Never Back Down - Never Quit Reversal  Premium Rare  search
29 No Pain, No Chain Action  Common  search
84 On Your Home Turf Pre-Match Venue  Ultra Rare  search
24 Once is Enough Reversal  Rare  search
66 Original <WWE logo> Icon Action / Reversal  Premium Rare  search
42 Product Endorsements Pre-match Event  Common  search
50 Quick Poke Mid-match Strike/Strike  Common  search
59 Ready to Fight Mid-match Action  Rare  search
71 Real American Cobra Clutch Trademark Finisher/Reversal  Ultra Rare  search
44 Restart the Match Pre-match Event  Uncommon  search
01 Roundhouse Kick High Risk  Common  search
09 Running Clothesline Strike  Rare  search
68 Say Your Prayers & Eat Your Vitamins Action  Premium Rare  search
12 Scoop Slam Grapple / Grapple  Uncommon  search
70 Sgt. Slaughter Superstar Card  Premium Rare  search
45 Sit Right Here and Bide My Time Pre-match Event  Uncommon  search
11 Slam Grapple  Common  search
10 Slingshot Into the Ring Post Reversal  Common  search
51 Small Concealed Foreign Object Mid-match Action  Common  search
31 Sparks of Glory Action  Uncommon  search
19 Take Your Own Medicine Submission  Uncommon  search
21 Technical Body Lock Submission  Rare  search
07 Technical Drop Kick Action  Uncommon  search
15 Technical Slam Action  Rare  search
03 Technical Tope Action / High Risk  Rare  search
83 The Heat Seekers Superstar Card  Premium Rare  search
76 The Home Team Superstar Card  Premium Rare  search
72 The Motor Pool Pre-Match Venue  Premium Rare  search
88 The Proper Punch Strike  Premium Rare  search
58 The Sex, the Gods, the Freaks, the Frauds Mid-match Action  Rare  search
79 The Shhhhh Chop Strike / Strike  Premium Rare  search
82 The Whole Dam Show Action  Premium Rare  search
13 Thunder Bulldog Grapple  Uncommon  search
56 Too Hot to Handle Mid-match Action  Uncommon  search
32 Underestimated Prowess Action  Uncommon  search
43 Unrelenting Assault Pre-match Event  Uncommon  search
52 USA! USA! USA! Mid-match Action  Common  search
90 Violent Vendetta Action  Ultra Rare  search
55 Volley Barrier Mid-match Action / Action  Uncommon  search
25 Volley Call Action  Common  search
89 We're Not Mexicans ... We're Mexicools! Action  Premium Rare  search
62 Whatcha Gonna Do, Brother? Pre-match Event  Ultra Rare  search
63 When Hulkamania Runs Wild on You! Mid-match Action  Ultra Rare  search
36 You Feeling Lucky? Action + Action  Rare  search
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