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Battle Spirits Premium BOX: The Divas' School Festival

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Battle Spirits Premium BOX: The Divas' School Festival: 11 cards
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BSC18-28 Diana-Fleur [Parallel] Spirit  Uncommon  search
BSC16-22 Ryune-Mato [Parallel] Spirit  Uncommon  search
BSC28-13 The AcademyUniform Fongneena [Parallel] Spirit  Master Rare  search
BSC28-23 The AcademyUniform Jeanne-Dranies [Parallel] Spirit  Rare  search
BSC28-X1 The AcademyUniform Noah-Fleur [Parallel] Spirit  X Rare  search
BSC28-01 The AcademyUniform Rei-Ohba [Parallel] Spirit  Master Rare  search
BSC28-28 The AcademyUniform Rias-Urovorun [Parallel] Spirit  Rare  search
BSC16-X3 The Diva Trickster [Parallel] Spirit  X Rare  search
PB18-X02 The SchoolFestivalPrincess Diana-Fleur Spirit  X Rare  search
PB18-X03 The SchoolFestivalPrincess Fongneena Spirit  X Rare  search
PB18-X01 The SchoolFestivalPrincess Rei-Ohba Spirit  X Rare  search
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