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SD46: 11 cards
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CP01 Mogami Shunta Nexus  Promo  search
X01 The BlueThunderGodKing Blitz-Tiger-Z Spirit  X Rare  search
5 The NinthThunderclap ThreeSacredHorses Byerley-Dark-Z Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
X02 The RedThunderGodKing Revol-Tiger-Z Spirit  X Rare  search
X03 The SteelThunderKing Igridios-Z Spirit  X Rare  search
6 The SteelThunderKnight Licospiros Spirit  Common  search
7 The SteelThunderKnight Tigrigoreus Spirit  Rare  search
2 Thunder-Z-Gibbon Spirit  Common  search
3 Thunder-Z-Grizzly Spirit  Common  search
4 Thunder-Z-Hippogriff Spirit  Common  search
1 Thunder-Z-Puma Spirit  Common  search
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