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BS47: 135 cards
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25 Berry Swallow Spirit  Common  search
99 Binding Horus Spell  Rare  search
1 Bladra X Spirit  Common  search
RV003 Boerte Salkhi Magic/Burst  Common  search
RV006 Burst Fist Magic/Burst  Common  search
98 Capricorn Hole Spell  Common  search
CP07 Clash King Dan Nexus  Promo  search
101 Closed Gemini Spell  Common  search
RV001 Critical Burst Magic/Burst  Common  search
17 Death Nightwalker Spirit  Common  search
RV004 Dimension Sword Magic/Burst  Common  search
52 Fuurin X Spirit  Common  search
13 Gas Turtle Spirit  Common  search
62 Godseeker GrandseaPirate Bandous Spirit  Common  search
79 Godseeker HieroglyphCavalry Spotter-Sheneut Ultimate  Rare  search
29 Godseeker SkyBird Bathura Pheasant Spirit  Common  search
94 Horus' Sky Temple Nexus  Common  search
58 Medium Phynx Spirit  Common  search
RV005 Moonlight Punish Magic/Burst  Common  search
70 Pirate Ship Hydra Spirit  Common  search
96 Poseidon's Grandsea Temple Nexus  Common  search
102 Punishment Poseidon Spell  Common  search
88 Queen Demon-God Brave  Rare  search
RV002 Round Table Knights Magic/Burst  Common  search
92 Sacred Beast Demon-God Brave  Common  search
97 Sagittarius Draw Spell  Rare  search
90 Steel Demon-God Brave  Common  search
59 The Angelia Madiel Spirit  Common  search
9 The BeautifulDragonWarrior Hyacinthus Spirit  Rare  search
33 The BladeBeastQueen Medea Spirit  Rare  search
CP03 The BlueSkyHero Kung-Wolf Spirit/Burst  Promo X  search
CP04 The CharismaHero Mibrock-Braver Spirit/Burst  Promo X  search
16 The ClownDoll †Diki-Diki† Spirit  Common  search
18 The DancerDoll †Rumlet† Spirit  Common  search
X05 The DarkStones ImaginaryBeastDeity Kirynx Spirit  X Rare  search
X05a The DarkStones ImaginaryBeastDeity Kirynx Spirit  X Rare  search
CP01 The DragonHero Sieg-Yamato-Fried Spirit/Burst  Promo X  search
28 The EdgeBeast Neckifox Spirit  Common  search
84 The EgytianAngelia Asetiel Ultimate  Rare  search
82 The EgytianAngelia Maibel Ultimate  Rare  search
83 The EgytianGreatAngelia Maatel Ultimate  Master Rare  search
X01 The EmperorBeastKing Z Spirit  X Rare  search
X01a The EmperorBeastKing Z Spirit  X Rare  search
93 The GrandseaArmor Gun-Poseido Brave  Common  search
66 The GrandseaBeast Sea-Gryphon Spirit  Common  search
X06 The GrandseaBeastEmperor Great Ocean Spirit  X Rare  search
X06a The GrandseaBeastEmperor Great Ocean Spirit  X Rare  search
67 The GrandseaGolem Coral-Golem Spirit  Common  search
61 The GrandseaPirate Dwarfdus Spirit  Common  search
63 The GrandseaPirate GreenhornCaptain Dolphillippos Spirit  Master Rare  search
72 The GrandseaPirate GuestGeneral Sharkrestos Spirit  Common  search
73 The GrandseaPirate Gunner Pseudorcus Spirit  Rare  search
68 The GrandseaPirate Gunner Sujinovion Spirit  Common  search
69 The GrandseaPirate MightyFencer Bandiogenes Spirit  Common  search
64 The GrandseaPirate MischievousBoy Kamarinos Spirit  Rare  search
65 The GrandseaPirate ShipDoctor Max Spirit  Common  search
75 The GrandseaPirateShip Charybdis Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
10thX02 The Grandwalker Dan Nexus  X Rare  search
X07 The Grandwalker Horus Nexus  X Rare  search
XX03 The Grandwalker Kei Nexus  X Rare  search
XX02 The Grandwalker Manaka Nexus  X Rare  search
X09 The Grandwalker Poseidon Nexus  X Rare  search
X08 The Grandwalker Thoth Nexus  X Rare  search
35 The HeroBeast Captain-Jason Spirit  Master Rare  search
91 The HieroglyphBirdArmor Ibis Bird Brave  Common  search
81 The HieroglyphCavalry Ace-Arquive Ultimate  Rare  search
80 The HieroglyphCavalry Cavalry-Ahnejeu Ultimate  Master Rare  search
X04 The HieroglyphMachineDeity Jehutic-Thoth Ultimate  X Rare  search
X04a The HieroglyphMachineDeity Jehutic-Thoth Ultimate  X Rare  search
44 The HieroglyphSoldier Airman-Jeiath Spirit  Common  search
49 The HieroglyphSoldier Commander-Nejem Spirit  Common  search
51 The HieroglyphSoldier Fortress-Neseni Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
39 The HieroglyphSoldier Gunner-Iuaht Spirit  Common  search
43 The HieroglyphSoldier Sargeant-Meshua Spirit  Common  search
38 The HieroglyphSoldier Shielder-Jenes Spirit  Rare  search
40 The HieroglyphSoldier Trooper-Arje Spirit  Common  search
CP06 The IronHero Saigord-Golem Spirit/Burst  Promo X  search
CP02 The KnightHero Swordius-Arthur Spirit/Burst  Promo X  search
3 The LaurelDragon Daphne Dragon Spirit  Common  search
CP05 The LightHero LunaArk-Kaguya Spirit/Burst  Promo X  search
60 The MadamGoddess Taweret Spirit  Master Rare  search
24 The MakaiKnight Desmodios Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
21 The MakaiTactician Inogelatu Spirit  Common  search
22 The OgreBlade Death Espada Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
X02 The OgreBladeEmperor Death-Sire Spirit  X Rare  search
X02a The OgreBladeEmperor Death-Sire Spirit  X Rare  search
10thX01 The OverdeityShineDragon Sagittowurm-Nova Spirit  X Rare  search
55 The PentanKaiser ~All is Lost Again~ Spirit  Common  search
20 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac DarkStarFish Piscegalliot Spirit/Burst  Common  search
14 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac DemonStar Stein-Goyle Spirit  Common  search
71 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac EarthStarSoldier Libraiva Spirit  Common  search
8 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac FlameStarBeast Sagittarius-Dragon Spirit  Rare  search
57 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac HolyStarMage Geminic Spirit  Common  search
42 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac IceStarBeast Leozard Spirit  Common  search
74 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac IronStarKnight Scoritter Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
56 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac LightStarPrincess Virginia Spirit  Common  search
27 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac SephirothStarBeast Sephiro-Sheep Spirit  Common  search
5 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac ThunderStarBeast Drag-Taurus Spirit  Common  search
46 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac WaterStarMachine Aqualysner Spirit  Rare  search
31 The RebornStarTwelveZodiac WindStarWarrior Cancemurai Spirit/Burst  Common  search
85 The SandseaBrawler Yazeed Ultimate  Rare  search
86 The SandseaBrawlKing Crocokses Ultimate  Rare  search
47 The SevenSisters Celaeno Spirit  Common  search
37 The ShelledKnight Kanter Spirit  Common  search
XX01 The SixShieldsDragonDeity Hiyoku Spirit/Burst  X Rare  search
32 The SkyBird Armingo Spirit  Common  search
26 The SkyBird Nilebird Spirit  Rare  search
89 The SkyBirdArmor Falcom Brave  Common  search
77 The SkyBraver Jet-Eagle Ultimate  Master Rare  search
34 The SkyBraver Jet-Falcon Spirit  Rare  search
36 The SkyBraver Kem-Kite Spirit  Common  search
76 The SkyBraver Smn-Bird Ultimate  Rare  search
30 The SkyBraver V-Turn Spirit  Common  search
X03 The SkyPhoenix Har-Achte Ultimate  X Rare  search
X03a The SkyPhoenix Har-Achte Ultimate  X Rare  search
78 The SkyUnrivaled Aneb-Vulture Ultimate  Master Rare  search
23 The SnakeWingKing Mencobra Spirit  Rare  search
7 The SpearbeakDragon Spearheadphodon Spirit  Common  search
50 The SteelKnight Firogados Spirit  Common  search
41 The SteelMaiden000 Orthia Spirit  Common  search
48 The SteelMaiden009 Aspasia Spirit  Master Rare  search
45 The SteelPaladin Stefanos Spirit  Master Rare  search
19 The SwordEmperorDoll †Enchante† Spirit  Master Rare  search
11 The ThunderBeastEmperor Thunder-Z-Liger Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
54 The TwoHeadedSacredBeast Aker Spirit/Burst  Common  search
10 The VolcanoheadDragon Volcaphallusaurus Spirit  Common  search
15 The Wandering Bonesnake Spirit  Common  search
12 The WingedDragon Blablaster Spirit  Common  search
95 Thoth's Hieroglyph Temple Nexus  Common  search
6 Thunder-Z-Horse Spirit  Rare  search
4 Thunder-Z-Okapi Spirit  Common  search
2 Thunder-Z-Wolverine Spirit  Common  search
100 Totenbuch Dream Spell  Common  search
53 Wenet Spirit  Common  search
87 Z Demon-God Brave  Common  search
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