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Battle Spirits Dash Deck: Sword of Beginnings

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Battle Spirits Dash Deck: Sword of Beginnings: 19 cards
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SD06-016 Burst Wall Magic/Burst  Uncommon  search
BS33-079 Diamond Wall Spell  Common  search
13 Grandraw Magic/Burst  Common  search
14 Igneet Flame Spell  Common  search
8 The AncientDragonCaptain Solkattu Spirit  Common  search
7 The AncientDragophant Mammo-Raga Spirit  Common  search
15 The CreatorDragon Generator Dragon Spirit  X Rare  search
11 The DivineGlove Gaundret Brave  Common  search
12 The DivineRingStaff Riga-Shakti Brave  Common  search
4 The FirelanceDragon Teel-Maanam Spirit  Common  search
5 The FourFistDragon Mudra Spirit  Common  search
16 The GrandDeitySword Aramandi Brave  X Rare  search
17 The Grandwalker Brahma Nexus  X Rare  search
2 The HermitDragon Shloka Spirit  Common  search
3 The IronclawDragon Narti-Yadarni Spirit  Common  search
6 The LavashotDragon Jatis-Waram Spirit  Common  search
9 The RoaringDragon Ma-Sheed -Humanoid- Spirit  Rare  search
1 The SmallAncientDragon Scharla-Chrot Spirit  Common  search
10 The SwordanceDragonEmperor Ma-Zain -Humanoid- Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
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